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Sunday 10 May 2015

The Bahamas; Visiting Nassau; Sandals Royal Bahamian! Pt 1!

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If you didn't already know (serious sunshine spam on my Instagram @emshelx right now - sorry) - I am currently in the Bahamas! I'm excited to show you how I spent the first few days of my trip today! Sorry it's a little bit late, serious wifi issues and I have so much content, it's taking me a little while to get through! The Bahamas is a country I've always wanted to visit, it's kind of embarrassing but ever since I watched Mary-Kate and Ashley's Holiday In The Sun (they basically ran around the Bahamas for a full film) it's always been on my travel wish list. Cringey but true, the Bahamas has always appealed to me. Recently, that dream came a reality and I'm excited to share it with you...

We were picked up from the airport by the most beautiful car; a bright white Rolls Royce. 

Our first stop was Sandals Royal Bahamian Hotel. We chose to spend the first part of our trip here. I've always wanted to stay at a Sandals resort as I've heard some amazing things. Let's just say getting picked up by a Rolls Royce and handed champagne on arrival certainly exceeded my expectations. The driver was hilarious, charming and funny - he taught me about the Bahamian way of life; 'chilling and grilling' is how they roll and he also told me to take things slow and relax. It was a very lovely journey indeed. 

Sandals royal bahamian

UK fashion blog

We got straight onto the private beach; calm, beautiful and relaxing. 

I wore my favourite new cover-up ever. Online by Motel

By day, we relaxed around the resort

took in the beautiful blue ocean

Sandals BahamasSandals Bahamas review
and admired the beautiful surroundings.

It was a very good day when I found a cabana with all you can eat cake underneath. 

We wandered along the vast pier - I wore my favourite new dress (only £20 online here!)

In the distance, we spotted an island...(keep an eye out for an island post very soon)

By night, we dined at some of the most delicious restaurants - as most of you know, I 100% believe in getting out of resorts and seeing the 'true' country - but, we chose to kick back for our first few nights and the restaurants at Sandals are epic (and all included) - if you're someone who does love resorts, seriously - there's food porn on ever corner.

Two-piece online here -> (top, skirt). 

lipsy swimsuit

The next day was pretty cloudy...

Swimsuit online here.

so we decided to take a walk

Sandals online here (my precious, shiny, beauts) 

I put my pretty new playsuit on - it's a Michelle Keegan one! Online here.

We stopped for some chips with spinach and artichoke dip - cooked to perfection. 

sandals resort bahamas
Determined not to let a tropical storm ruin our day, we sat in the beautiful hot tubs around the resort for the rest of the day before getting changed for dinner. We met the loveliest people. 

floral flared trousers

The Beatles stayed in one of these gorgeous pastel houses and I well and truly fell in love with the beautiful gardens. I can see why so many people get married here (over 700 weddings a year!!!).

Very fittingly, I wore my flared floral trousers (online here) with my new white crop top (online here). 

It was that very evening, that I tried my favourite drink ever - a rosemary fizz with a hint of gin. I've never tried something so refreshing and delicious (and I don't even like gin). 

Over the next few days, the sun got it's hat on

Kaftan; Topshop. Sunglasses; H&M

We filled up every morning with the most beautiful breakfasts; Sandals have an amazing restaurant called Baccarat which is basically a heavenly place, amazing views, amazing service and amazing food. You'd pay a lot for it back home that's for sure. I could have sat here all day.

triangl bikini
I whipped off my kaftan for the occasion. It was time to get my tan on. 

neon triangl bikini

uk travel blog

triangl bikini girl
I wore my Triangl bikini - Missguided do similar and affordable ones here though. This top is identical and so nice. 

Even though it was cloudy, I still managed to get a little bit burnt on day one (excuse the red face) - it's the kind of heat that's dangerous because when it's windy you think you're not getting burnt. Lesson learnt. Don't do this. Keep reapplying your suncream! 

Clouds in the Bahamas come and go. They're pretty though so it doesn't really matter and honestly, you're thankful for a little bit of shade. 

the bahamas travel guide

sandals the bahamas

We'd spend our evenings sitting by fire pits, telling old stories and sipping on juicy daiquiris 

Sandals hotel review the bahamas
whilst the sun would set right before our eyes. 

motel rocks santorini two piece

My fave two-piece finally got an outing.

Online here and here

In the Bahamas the drinks keep flowing 

I'm really not a big drinker, but hand me a pretty cocktail with a sea view and I'll be a happy bunny. 

We watched the ocean for hours


Instagramming away of course (make sure you come and say hello - @emshelx).

When dinner was served, it was one of the best yet - shrimp, steak and scallops. 

Jack opted for the fish. 

missguided curve hem dress

(Dress online here)

More evenings passed, watching the sunset, relaxing in the jacuzzis and laughing with new friends over drinks. I can't believe how quickly the time went. What I loved about my first few days at Sandals was the calm, comfortable and friendly atmosphere - everyone said hello, you were always looked after and you were never bored (oh plus they serve afternoon tea every afternoon - hello freshly cooked scones! - The Bahamas has ties with Britain because of it's history and I love that Sandals truly celebrates this with it's beautifully historical buildings and story - a pub inside the resort was actually broken down and brought over from Britain because the owner loved it so much!!!). Sandals is truly a beautiful, luxurious resort and I would highly recommend staying there.

But, you know me, relaxing in a resort didn't last for long, I like to get out and about too (I'm fine with staying in resorts but as mentioned in my top travel tips post - if you can, you should try get out of the resort too) which is why, for the next few days... it was time to get off our sun loungers, out of the amazing jacuzzis and time for some serious exploring! I'll be telling you all about that, in my next few blog posts.

Where next? Let's just say, we managed to get onto that beautiful island in the distance...

Have you ever been to the Bahamas? Did you ever watch Mary-Kate & Ashley's Holiday In The Sun? Have you heard of Sandals? Are you going away anywhere nice this year? 

Lots of love, Em x

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