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Friday 1 May 2015

May Wishlist!

Hello hello hello! May is here! I am lusting over so much stuff so I thought I best get to it. It makes me excited even just looking at this little collage because all the photos are so bright and pretty, can you tell I am in the mood for pretty things and Summer? Yup. Let's see what I'm lusting over this month!

1. Burberry trench - online here - If you follow me on Twitter (@emshelx) you'll know that I have a mild-okay, serious, obsession with Burberry. Not just their make up, but their clothes and bags too. I have had a Burberry trench on my lust list for years but it's only recently that I tried it on and fell in love. Let's just say, when I visited Chicago, I tried this jacket on way too many times because everywhere seemed to sell Burberry. This trench is easy to wear, versatile and just perfection basically. Speaking of Burberry, I also really wouldn't mind getting my hands on their new lipstick in coral pink too. The prettiest shade, ever.

2. Bumble and Bumble Mending Complex - online here - I am a huge Bumble and Bumble fan and haven't used their products for a long long time. My hair is crying out for some Bumble love and I have been looking at their new ranges this week. It's safe to say, they will be in my life in May.

3. Dior Nude Shimmer Summer Look - online here - I saw this in Sephora recently and completely fell in love. I have always loved Dior make up but haven't bought anything recently from there, I think that's probably about to change. This is just the most beautiful bronzer for Summer, ever. 

4. YSL Touche Eclat Blur Perfector - online here - I would be completely lying if I didn't say it was the beautiful compact case that caught my eye first, rather than the product inside. However, the product inside sounds pretty amazing too... YSL's Touche Eclat Blur Perfector is a multi-action (oh how I love multi-action products) powder-in-balm which acts like an invisible foundation (basically makes pores look smaller and generally smooths the skin) - I am a massive primer lover and primer addict actually so I think I 100% need this in my life.

5. Burberry SS15 Palette - online here - I think this is probably the most perfect palette I have ever seen in my life. As soon as I get back to the UK I am going to have to treat myself to this as I just can't take it's beauty any longer. 

6. Medium Leather Bowling Bag - online here - This is the last Burberry thing, promise! I really did have to hold myself back when writing this because my Burberry lust-list is way too long at the moment. As most of you will know if you follow me on social channels, this is the bag of my dreams. I cannot stop talking about it, looking at it and generally just falling in love every time I see it. If I bought it, *when I pluck up the courage to buy it* I would like it in black for day to day use, but in terms of fashion, I would like the pink one too because it's just so beautiful and easy going. Basically, both colours would be fabulous please haha.

7. ASOS Suede Skirt - online here - It's no lie that I am currently on the look out for the suede skirt of my dreams. I think suede skirts look so beautiful, easy to wear and just seem perfect for summer. I have fallen in love with so many recently, as well as the one above, I also love this one, and this one too. If only I could get all 3.

8. Mango Suede Shorts - online here - Keeping with the suede theme, I am loving these suede shorts. They are so beautiful and again, easy to wear. I think I need to invest in these as well as a suede skirt.

9. Fame and Partners Maxi Dress - online here - I have never heard of this brand before but stumbled upon them on ASOS, um, stop, look and stare - how perfect is this dress? I just need an occasion to wear it now! Summer garden party anyone?

10. AFRICA Two Piece - online here - And the two-piece obsession continues. I thought I would get over co-ords and two-pieces last year but no, it hasn't happened yet. I am obsessed with co-ords because you can literally throw them on and I guarantee your outfit will look on point. I love the print of this one! 

11. Topshop Premium Mules - online here - I am obsessing over mules at the moment and these are pretty much heaven when it comes to dream mules!

12. Pastel Lace Dress - online here - Remember my white lace dress post? I feel like I could fall in love with this dress as much as I fell in love with my white lace dress. I think this dress is so nice for Summer because of the beautiful colours, but more so, I absolutely LOVE the lace detail.

13/14. Alice Mcall Pink Crop Top - online here - Alice McCall is a designer I've heard of quite a lot recently - i was having a look at her pieces and fell in love with this cute little pink crop top (hello Summer) and mainly, these gorgeous mint shorts (number 14 on the photo) - they  look like the comfiest, but classiest shorts ever. I love the shape but I am obsessed with the colour, mint is literally my favourite go-to Summer shade!

15. Maria Black Rose Gold Heart Ring - online here - I am really on the look out for a nice ring at the moment that I can wear all day, every day - I do have a Pandora one but I'm kind of bored of it now. My Pandora ring is also silver and I think I'm more of a rose gold girl now. I fell in love with so many pieces from Maria Black's collection - particularly the amazing twirl earrings which are unfortunately sold out!

So there we have it, some food for thought in the run up to May! Do you like any of these bits? Do you have anything on your wishlist yet?

*This was in collaboration with Avenue 32 

Lots of love, Em x

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