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Thursday 28 May 2015

Island Hopping In The Bahamas, Swimming With Sharks, PowerBoat Adventure Tour! Bahamas PT 4!

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Ah so this is my final Bahamas post - super sad times but I needed to do just one last post! It doesn't feel like I've been home for long - I'm already popping away again quickly so keep an eye out on my Instagram (@emshelx) for some exciting updates this week! On my final few days in the Bahamas we moved resorts as we wanted to move to Paradise Island. Let's go see some more of paradise! 
paradise island the bahamas
We decided to move to the Riu Hotel (there's one on paradise island) because we enjoyed staying there in Mexico and trusted it with it being a 5* - I didn't get many photos of the Riu because I was quite disappointed with it aesthetically, it was kind of like a time warp, it was very old fashioned but the beach was beautiful so here I am vlogging on the beach and you can see the hotel in the background (and see how perfect the beach is!)

Riu hotel bahamas

We walked miles around the beach from the hotel - I fell in love with all the houses

I wore my Triangl bikini top (similar and cheaper here) and my fave lace shorts which are from here.

We started our final mornings by strolling along this exact beach, dreaming of the beautiful mansions and prancing around. This area was so private, it was so lovely.

seafolly beach bag

I loved my Seafolly bag so much which I carried around most days but unfortunately the zip broke! It's from SimplyBeach.

uk fashion blog

Swimming near these rocks was perfection - so many big, tropical fish would just swim with you.

I sat by the shore, feet in the water, enjoying our last few days of Bahamas sunshine. I wore my favourite crochet crop top from LVNDR (only £10.99!) 

paradise island nassau

Paradise island is over a bridge from Nassau and it cost us a small fortune to get there with all our luggage in a taxi - I wanted to go there though because I wanted to visit the famous Atlantis - you know, the one Mary-Kate and Ashley stayed in on their Holiday in The Sun film haha!

It was lovely to walk around Paradise island but it wasn't that different, I'd just say the beach was longer and nicer and the water was deeper and just so beautiful!

One amazing thing about Riu hotels is the food - it's always amazing. We went to the steak restaurant that evening, naturally I went for steak and lobster with the yummiest sea food platter - I'm a changed woman, I love seafood now!

The desserts were pretty perfect too.

powerboat adventure tours bahamas
The following morning we got up bright and early to go on a powerboat tour. We really wanted to visit Exuma (another island) and had heard that this was the best tour to do so we paid to do it at the desk at the hotel. We jumped on the powerboat and travelled 38 miles to Exuma island. I wish I had more time in the Bahamas so I could have stayed at different islands rather than just do a day trip!
We hopped off the boat into the most perfect waters and fed some iguanas.

It was the most perfect island I've ever seen. 

triangl bikini

exuma bahamas

It took us 2 hours to get there but it was well worth it to see the real Bahamas

We practically had it all to ourselves

The boat was so fast and took us to our next destination though

We arrived at our private island for the day 

After a little while, the sting rays came out to play

I was far too scared to touch them

Then all of a sudden, we saw some sharks swim over

I was petrified

powerboat adventure tours bahamas

swimming with sharks bahamas

They put food on a rope and feed the sharks - I personally think it's a little bit mean but hey.

sharks in nassau

We went into the little hut and grabbed some cocktails

We got ready to snorkel - I didn't want to do it as I knew the water was shark infested but the instructor's told me they'd moved away 

they were wrong! We were miles out with a boat circling us and all of a sudden I saw two sharks swim past me, at least 5ft - I was petrified! 

As we ate lunch, the sharks hovered 

I never even imagined to see sharks so it was pretty crazy. 

Let's just say I preferred looking at them from the shore - swimming with sharks accidentally isn't for me!

I soon calmed down and the chef cooked up a fresh conch salad for us - you may remember me saying how much I love conch on my island life post 

we spent the rest of the day taking in this beautiful, calm and desolate island

I tried to do yoga on a rock and failed

troll beads travel bracelet

Throughout my whole trip, I didn't take this bracelet off - it's 100% my favourite bracelet ever. I was kindly gifted it by Trollbeads, they gave me it as a gift because they said they were inspired by the tropical feeling they get when I travel! I think it's so lovely - this is their tropical travel bracelet and perfectly, it's based on exotic conches! 

Every bead is handcrafted by talented designers - and therefore every bead is unique and made with the most delicate care which I absolutely love. You can get the bracelet online here. I've added a photo from their site of it above because my photos really don't show just how beautiful it is. I feel like it's so special because it's been to so many places with me now.
I'm gonna be holding a competition for you to win one too on my Instagram soon so keep an eye out.

I think it goes with absolutely everything and I still have it on right now.

We reluctantly headed back to the boat - it was time for a ride back to Nassau.

It was crazy to be on an open top speed boat going through only pure ocean for miles but it was so much fun. If you've watched my vlog you'll see how soaked I got!

We got back to the hotel and had lovely cocktails

an an insane Japanese meal (I told you the food at Riu is really good) but I felt so ill that evening so we headed to bed pretty early after a crazily amazing day! 

and that was it for the Bahamas - our next destination? Miami beach! Let's just say, I really didn't want to leave the Bahamas though! Make sure you watch my travel vlog below to see some more fun in the Bahamas!

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Lots of love, Em x

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