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Friday 15 May 2015

Behind The Scenes Shooting With Adidas & Exciting Announcement; #workit Summer Series!

Hello hello! I have some really exciting news today and most of you may have seen me announce this week on my Twitter/Instagram/Facebook but I wanted to tell you a little bit more about it! I have wanted to share this for so long so I am happy to finally be able to tell you my news! This Summer I will be teaming up with adidas for some really exciting things basically (super duper exciting)! But the best part? YOU, yes you reading now, can join me. At the end of this post, there's gonna be a way for some of you to get kitted out in adidas so keep reading!
First part of news; I have worked with adidas to co-create a bespoke workout to help me reach my Summer fitness goals... what are my goals? I'd like to think others can relate to my goals; to be confident in my body and to feel strong, toned and happy. I am happy with my body, but I would like to feel stronger get more toned and be a little more confident! 
Together, myself and adidas have created a tailored workout that will help me to achieve my fitness goals over a six week period, but the best thing is, people are going to be able to follow along (it's going to be shared on adidas channels and I'll share it too and then people can follow along!). You can watch my workout moves on the adidas Women's Facebook page - they will be revealed weekly (the first one went live yesterday woohoo so make sure you watch that one below to see what's coming!).

Ready to kick start your summer fitness program with Emtalks Blog?We're easing you in with a nice lunge, tag a mate to try it with today!

The idea is that each week a new move is going to go live, you can add it to your routine or if you're a total fitness newbie, at the end of the 6 weeks, you'll have load of moves to put together as a circuit which you can do a few days a week!
I spent two days in London shooting some exciting videos, lots of fitness moves and more which will all be revealed over the next few months so keep an eye out. I love you all so much though so had to take some behind the scenes photos for you! 

The studios were beautiful.

Checking out how everything looked with insanely talented photographer Nathan Gallagher (he's shot the likes of Rosie Huntington-Whitely, Rita Ora and more!) 

I worked with some amazing make up artists who made sure I was touched up and looking suitably sweaty all day - we went for very minimal make up, in fact, I had barely anything on because who wants to wear a full face of make up when working out?!

I enjoyed getting seriously active throughout the two days too! 

We were looked after throughout, with delicious snacks

I can't wait to tell you more about day 2 (I can tell you more in June), but for now, here are just a few photos as a little preview...

We finished the shoots of with delicious steak. Omm, it's a wrap!

I am really excited about the Summer Series #workit campaign, mainly because it's a way to encoure women across the UK (and my readers worldwide!!!) to try out fresh fitness moves and #workit! I am all for just moving and shaking; I always feel so good after a work out! 

*Get Involved* - In order to help motivate you though and to give something back to you, I'm going to be kitting a few of you out head to toe in adidas and you just need to follow my moves every week with me (add them all together and you've got a very nice and challenging work out) and let me know how you're feeling and how you're getting on with a few little progress reports back to me! If you'd like to get involved, leave your email address and a comment explaining why below! I'll choose by the end of next week!

I am so so excited for this and can't wait to keep sharing this exciting fitness journey with you all! Let's work it! 

Do you like adidas? Are you wanting to get fit this Summer? Do you like the sound of this?

Lots of love, Em x

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