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Saturday 23 May 2015

Novem & Knight Clothing Launch!

Earlier this week I headed to the Novem & Knight clothing launch in London. I was kindly invited by my lovely, talented friend Sammi. If you didn't already know, Sammi - a fellow blogger and friend, has been working really hard designing her new clothing brand, Novem & Knight. Novem & Knight is owned by Sammi & her boyfriend Jason and I thought I'd do a little post about the collection and about the night because hey, why not come drink some cocktails with me and look at beautiful clothes?

After a few cocktails, we headed downstairs to look at the capsule collection; I love Novem & Knight because all the clothes are extremely simple and wearable - they're wardrobe staples. I have my eye on the bardot stripe dress which has already sold out - it's perfect for beachy days with sandals or with a leather jacket and boots on a night out!
novem and knight
Novem & Knight is all about 'immaculate simplicity' and the products are cut and sewn in London meaning the quality is great, Novem & Knight was created so that the wearer can apply their own unique style to any piece because they're so versatile. Sign me up! 

It was great to catch up with so many of my lovely friends, including Victoria of course.

Naturally we hopped into the photobooth

I have a little obsession with photobooths

The cocktails were absolutely delicious

I love how clean the brand is.

I wore my new Summer shoes which I am obsessed with (you may have seen them on my Instagram @emshelx) you can get them here from Daniel Footwear.

Novem and Knight clothing launch

I also wore my new jumpsuit which is from ASOS, you can get it online here. I love it so much. I love how me and Sammi were matching haha. I've still got my Bahamas tan!

The venue was beautiful, it was at Ice Tank - I've never been before but it was SO clean and white and just stunning.

Sammi and Jason's speech was adorable.

novem and knight clothesThe venue was all white with the clothes sat on the wall whilst the Novem and Knight lookbook played in the background. 

Before I left, it was time for one more photobooth session, a how many bloggers can you fit into one photo booth kind of session.

So there we have it, a little look at our night. It was so lovely, thank you to Sammi and Jason for inviting me and you can check out and shop Novem & Knight right now online here

Have you heard of Novem & Knight? Do you like the look of the clothes? Do you love photobooths too?

Lots of love, Em x

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