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Sunday 3 May 2015

Stila Make Up Review; Brand Spotlight

Stila Make Up Review
Ah so another brand spotlight post from me today. I mentioned a little while ago that when it comes to beauty, you can expect a few more 'brand spotlight' posts from me, where I'll talk about a range as a whole, rather than just one product. I completely love reading other peoples beauty brand round ups and think it's a little more fun than doing single product reviews - I love writing single product reviews but at the moment, I am enjoying grouping things together because let's face it, some collections are too good not to write about the whole collection! Today, we're talking about Stila!

I was first introduced to Stila when I went to London back in February - I was lucky enough to be invited to a little consultation in Selfridges on Oxford Street (thank you team Stila!!!) where I learnt all about Stila. Before then, I had never used Stila really - just their lip glosses which I got to try when I used to buy Glossyboxes every month. I'd always been impressed with their lip glosses and I know bloggers absolutely rave about Stila so it has been incredible to be able to try the brand for myself over the past few months. I am now hooked and I'm excited to talk to you about some of my favourite pieces...

Stila One Step Corrector Tone Correcting & Brightening SerumStila One Step Corrector - Tone Correcting & Brightening Serum - If you read my blog often, you'll know that I am a massive fan of multitasking products - as much as I love to pamper, we just don't always have the time, plus, I'm usually rushing around airports so can't really always take a moisturiser, primer and serum with me. This is the answer; a stunning, tone correcting gel which brightens, fixes, corrects AND primes. Where can I sign up for a lifetime supply? 

Stila One Step Corrector - Tone Correcting & Brightening Serum swatch

The serum does colour correct because of the magical swirling colours, it's very clever actually haha. I was so impressed when I first put it on my hand. It completely brightens too - it makes my skin look so fresh and happy and it also makes my make up stay on longer - I think this gives me a much more flawless base than just applying foundation by itself. I love that this is a serum, brightener and primer all in one = happy Em.

Stila brightening and correcting swatch

I think it feels really nice and hydrating on my skin too and also feels kind to the skin. I'm such a fan of products that don't make me break out.

Stila Stay All Day Foundation and Concealer

Stila Stay All Day Foundation and Concealer - I absolutely love trying out new foundations and I was so excited to try this. I am always up for finding a new favourite foundation. I have been using this on and off for the past few months and it is designed to create a 'flawless finish' which surely is what we all want? This is oil-free, but I do feel like it looked quite oily on me after a long day. It's a high definition, high performance foundation which is meant to last all day and I can vouch for that - I just think it did go a little oily so I would recommend powder with it. This is a thick foundation, you don't need much to cover the whole face and it does give a nice 'make upped' flawless look - I would say it's full coverage. This is only £20 online here at FeelUnique at the moment too if you do want to try it. 

Stila foundation swatch

I love that this comes out on a spatula - on one hand it means you put too much on your face but on the other hand it means you can really scoop everything out. 

You get a concealer on the top of the foundation which is handy if you're travelling etc but I do feel like it isn't necessary. I haven't particularly used the concealer but I do think this is good for people who just want two in one. I love the little added extras with Stila products - they don't need to add this in but it is a really nice touch.

Stila Pomegranate Crush Lip & Cheek Stain

Stila Crush Lip & Cheek Stain Pomegranate
Stila Pomegranate Crush Lip & Cheek Stain - Out of all my Stila products this is the one I've used the least. I don't really like staining products - when it says it stains, this really does stain. It will stay on for as long as you want it to stay on. I personally just don't like things that stain but the colour is pretty perfect and it does feel really hydrating - I will probably wear this more throughout Autumn actually because of the shade. 

Stila Convertible Cheek Colour Coral
Stila Convertible Cheek Colour - Okay so this is easily my favourite Stila product. I adore this mainly because Cameron Diaz wears it and she always looks so effortless. Coral is one of my favourite colours and this gives the prettiest, daintiest and most perfect flush of colour for Summer. This is actually a lipstick and blush and I didn't realise you could use it as both. I would certainly say this gives a night bright, illuminated look. It just makes you look fresh and vibrant without being too bright - this actually works really nicely with the foundation too.

Stila BronzerStila Bronzer - I have to say I don't actually like this bronzer. I absolutely adore the small package - bronzers are usually so big and bulky and it's really nice to have such a teeny bronzer but unfortunately I just find this goes a little bit too dark for me and is way too glittery. I think this is more a bronzer to wear with a tan. I am quite weird with bronzers though and find it really hard to find the perfect shade for me. I also feel like I need a good, new bronzing brush too. 

Stila Stay All Day Brow Gel

Stila Stay All Day Brow Gel - This is an epic product from Stila and one really worth buying. One of the brow specialists at Stila, Oxford Street did my brows with this product and they looked amazing (even if I do say so myself!). This product comes with an amazing brush which is double ended, it has like a brow comb on one end and then a brush at the other - it's basically the only tool you need to make your brows neat and tidy with minimal work. I am quite lazy when it comes to my brows but I just put the tiniest bit of this on my brow and then comb it through with the brush - hello defined, happy brows! Easy peasy. 

You can buy the Stila range online here!

So there we have it! Do you like Stila? Have you ever used Stila? Do you like the look of any of these products? Have you used any of these products?

*These products were sent to me by Stila but as always, this is 100% my honest review and opinion.

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