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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Travel: Titanic Spa Huddersfield Review

(Photo from theguardian/google images)

Titanic Spa in Huddersfield is somewhere that I've wanted to visit for quite some time now. I often look at their website and just dream about a spa break at the luxurious and Celebrity favourite spa destination. When I mentioned this to my spa-savvy Brother, he told me how he was swayed not to visit, because of bad trip advisor reviews, however, when he got a too-good-to-be-true offer through into his mail box (usually they do over night stays, 3 course deals, treatments and a spa trip all for around £100 per person), he couldn't say no. All he has done since is rave about Titanic Spa, which proves that actually,  you shouldn't always trust things like trip advisor. So I am going to give you my honest (as per) opinion of this new luxury spa, I feel that I need to be honest so that hopefully, the management will see my comments and maybe build on my feedback and strive to achieve better. 
Read on to see my thoughts...

Driving to the Titanic Spa is like a holiday in itself. One minute you're on a motorway, the next, you take a right turn into heaven. For country girls, this is seriously a dream come true. You drive through the pennines, which are basically gorgeous hills, trees and just general greenery. You drive on the smallest country roads, high up on hills so that you can see all the tiny villages beneath. And then, there it is, nestled away within the beautiful countryside; Titanic Spa, which looks like an old mill/factory. I would love to go on a date here with a boyfriend, simply to have a gorgeous spa break and then walk around the idyllic setting that the spa lies within. I do think that the setting is perfect, you are away from the hustle and bustle, you really are in the country, deep within the country. You feel relaxed the minute you drive through this perfection.
 My own little photo of the beautiful scenery. 

On arrival, we were greeted at reception. My Mum immediately pointed out that she felt it was rude that our bags weren't taken from us. Maybe if we did stay over night, they would have shown us to our room first so that we could place our heavy bags upstairs, but kindly, the assistant did show us around, but we were finding it difficult carrying our heavy, bags, it would have been nice if she let us put them down somewhere/in a locker first, which could have been easily done. This is minor, but for my Mum who is older than me, she just wanted to put down her bags. The tour was a really nice touch and  much needed, as the Spa would probably be quite confusing without it. We opted for the heat and ice experience, which meant that we could use the hot and cold room, and basically go through the elements (heat and ice) for a sensory experience. I do wish that we got the chance to stay over night, as I feel I would have been able to review the spa on a whole then, but at least I can tell you about my evening session.
The exterior of the old mill/factory

My pretty Victoria's Secret gym bag enjoying the scenery.
The sign to the different lounges. I loved the little touch of these relaxing candles below.

The twilight evening runs from 6-9pm on evenings, you get champagne, canapes and the use of basically everything, which is great. This costs £45.00 per person. Me and my Mum came straight from a shopping trip, so we were starving by the time we arrived. We arrived at 5.30pm and the lady at reception was more than happy to show us around and get us started on our experience even though we were a little bit early. We asked if we could grab some lunch/early dinner and she said of course. We got into our cosy robes and slippers and walked to the restaurant area. There were no menus anywhere, we didn't see one menu throughout our time there, which was a shame because we would have liked to have stayed for dinner as well after our experience. We asked a waitress what we could have for lunch and she said 'oh only cupcakes, crisps, bread or soup'. I wasn't feeling well anyway so felt that I needed a healthy yet hearty meal. I settled with some ciabatta bread, I could have eaten 5 of them I was so hungry. My Mum went for the soup. The waitress wasn't impressed that we'd arrived early, the till point was right next to our table, and my Mum was really offended because the waitress kept referring to us as 'two twilights' 'who have arrived early' at the top of her voice. 'We've got two twilights in early, yep'. We could hear their personal opinions about boyfriends and just general personal conversations, which seemed unprofessional. I do understand that staff are just normal people and I feel that it's probably quite difficult for them to remain professional because of the way that the till/serving area is set out as it almost faces the customers at the table.

My Mum's soup with which was actually really yummy. 

The food arrived very nicely presented. Unfortunately, my glass was very dirty and did have a hair in it.
Our early canapes arrived, much to the waitress's annoyance, how dare two twilights turn up half an hour early, she made us aware that we weren't very welcome by bellowing about this at the top of her voice. Whilst these canapes were delicious, I just don't understand why you'd ever give someone three canapes, (we got 3 per person). I just felt that it was a bit pointless, surely you'd give someone at least 5? We were starving, thank god we ate the bread, or we would have actually passed out.

Now, onto the spa. Our moods were slightly dampened by the rude service by the waitress, who would put a false accent on every time she came over to speak to us, but I do need to point out that every other member of staff that I came across was smiley and beyond polite. We were instantly relaxed when we went into the quiet room. It really was amazing. A gorgeous room full of bean bags, bean bags within booths, bean bags inside a hole in the ground, it was just epic, I will remake this in my house one day. Me and my Mum fell asleep in here for about half an hour, it really did relax us. It was just so comfy,  like nothing I've ever experienced before, my Mum said she would book a holiday in that room if she could.

Photo from Google images.

After this, it took so much will power to walk away from this amazing relaxation room. Next, we went into the heat and ice experience. It's basically a large room, filled with loads of little rooms, each had a different experience. There were a mix of steam rooms, saunas, an ice cold plunge room, an ice room and more. I loved the ice cold plunge pool, I was too scared to go in at first, but after relaxing in the sauna for far too long, and imagining that I was on a beach in Dubai, I needed to cool off. Going from hot to cold is really relaxing, and I can see why so many people love this heat and ice experience. Another surreal part is the ice room, you literally smother your body in crushed ice. It's surreal, but it's so cold that it doesn't feel cold anymore, it tingles on your skin and feels amazing.

The ice cold plunge pool.

My favourite thing about the Twilight evening is the fact that it's a very quiet experience, there weren't many people there at all which made it so relaxing and easy. The steam rooms were just glorious and we basically had the spa to ourselves. There is also a swimming pool, which we also basically had to ourselves as everyone else was eating dinner. We wish we were! After swimming and exhausting the facilities, we went to use the gym. The gym was great, it was empty but full of great equipment.

We left Titanic Spa, after a wobbly start, feeling really relieved, relaxed and generally happy. Next time, I am wanting to go back and stay over night, I'd love to give the dinner menu a trial, I'd love to have a treatment and see how nice the treatment staff are (they seemed really girlie,polite and enthusiastic). I would like to see the apartments that you stay in, as I have heard that they are amazing, I would also love to go on a walk around the grounds, as this spa is set in the most unreal location. I think it's unfair to give a place a wholly bad review when I was only in the establishment for a matter of hours. I will try Titanic Spa again and hopefully, stay over night so that I can really have the full titanic experience. P.S, my top tip is to sign up to their newsletter, then you can get some really cheap over night deals. You can find out more information on the Titanic Spa website here.

Lots of love, Em x
Have you ever been to a spa? Have you tried Titanic?

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  1. It sounds like you would have a much better experience if it wasn't for the waitress/lack of menu! It drives me mad when staff are rude to customers, manners cost nothing! x

  2. what an insanely cool-looking spa! I love that it's not too typically 'spa' style, the latticed windows and red brick are so insanely beautiful! What a weird server -- she's probably one of those people who has no idea how far her voice carries!

    1. It was very cool! apart from the server xxx

  3. Looks like a great spa, but it's such a shame when the service has to ruin things (like on my recent trip). xxx

  4. What a shame about the rude lady, it's really not nice when one person can bring the whole experience down! Thank goodness for the bean bags though, chilling you out again :) I love the spa at center parcs; it's called Aqua Sana. I don't know if you've been but it is just the most lovely, relaxing place. They have water beds there which I always doze off on. Hopefully the rude lady won't be there and you'll be able to have an even better experience.
    Hope you're well?
    Laura xxx

    1. I know, so annoying but customer service really is everything! Haha i'm going to buy some for my new room, a chill out zone! Excited. Aaah never heard of it but going to research it now :p xxxx

  5. Great post, looks like a lovely spa :) x

  6. great spa,nice blog. Will be eagerly waiting for more.

    My Blog :- Nature Health Secrets

    And will love to hear from you. Would you like to follow each other?

  7. Such a beautiful place! I'm so impressed, those photos are fantastic! : )

  8. I went to Titanic Spa a few years ago with my mum - I think on a Groupon offer? We found it really hard to find! We went for a lunch time session & were provided with a small buffet for food which was really lovely, so it's really strange that they'd give you so little for an evening session in my opinion!
    I also had a facial while we were there & the staff were super lovely so I'd recommend going for a treatment too :)
    Sounds like you had a lovely time despite the rude staff! xo

    1. Awww groupon? exciting never seen them on there. Yeah i'd have loved to see real food as i reckon it's gorgeous! Aww I wanna go back and experience it properly! Thanks lovely xxxx

  9. All of those beanbags are such a good idea. Have you seen the Pinterest image of the beanbags shaped like pebbles?? It kind of reminds me of this. Def something to recreate in your home haha! X

    1. No but i'm gonna search it now! eek! thanks ;) xxxx

  10. Ooh Em you're an enabler, I've been eyeing this place up for bloody ages now but haven't booked it because I'm from London and the countryside makes me nervous (don't ask!) but after reading this I think I've got to bite the bullet and book a spa break - the spa experience you had sounds wonderful despite the rude waitress. Thanks for posting this, it was the push I needed to book xxxx

  11. My mum just got back last night! Probably like her 5th time there and she got upgraded to a deluxe apartment so she loved it haha. Def try stay and go on the walk my Mum recommends it x

  12. I would definitely recommend you go back and stay overnight. The rude wsitress must've been a one off and it's such a shame she brought the experience down for you! I went a few months ago and I can't wait to find an excuse to go back. The food is lovely and I recommend the 25minute mud treatment. So much fun!

  13. I always think that perhaps a director or producer will pluck me from the street while I am doing out weekly shop and make me a star.
    jewish girls



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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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