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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Do you want to go to the seaside?

Easter and bank holidays mean one thing to me, lots of food and lots of family time. Family are the most important thing in the world to me, so when they told me that we were going to spend Easter Monday at the seaside, I couldn't resist tagging along and jumped at the chance. Like a little bubbly blonde 5 year old, I put on my ugliest winter coat, fluffiest scarf, 4 pairs of gloves (I am the coldest person in the world), scruffy Ugg boots and braved the British weather. After reading Zoella's recent blog post entitled: 'sometimes we need to escape' I got a sudden urge to just get out of my village, get out of the city and absorb some real fresh air. I do live in a teeny tiny village in the country, but i'm constantly working, stressing, running backwards and forwards and just never relaxing. So, whilst going to the British seaside wasn't much like a trip to Sydney, it still did feel incredible to, as Zoe puts it, escape...

Most 19 year olds spend their bank holiday weekend hungover, but I felt like an over-energized Duracell bunny.

Ear muffs at the ready. (Thanks Primarni, £3.00 well spent - trust me, the North of England is COLD.)

We spent a bit too much money on the slots, small time gambler over here. My whole family surrounded this roulette table and we just swarmed the machine with 2 pence coins. Let's just say we didn't win much... I spent most of my day trying to win Monsters Inc teddy bears on the grabber machines, but again, no such luck.

'No Mum, you're not having any of my ice cream, I will eat it all, I promise!'

 'Yeah look at me, stuffing my face with ice cream and you can't have any'. (Most attractive photo ever...)

But what a delicious ice cream it was. (The Harbour Bar in Scarborough do the most incredible ice creams in the WORLD. If you ever visit Scarborough and don't buy an ice cream from here, you should be ashamed. I highly recommend the chocolate and vanilla twist, with two flakes, a large chocolate cone and extra multi-coloured sprinklings. My Brother however, would recommend the lemon sorbet twist. Whilst my Grandad, always goes for the neopolitan.

The ice cream defeated me. And I quote my Mum: 'I told you that you wouldn't ever finish it all, never in your life have you ever finished a whole ice cream'. Damn it. I need a boyfriend to come and gobble all the left overs up for me. Poor effort from me here on the ice cream eating front.

Ahoy mi harty.

The sea was very choppy.

A trip to the British seaside without fish and chips is like going in the shower and not expecting to get wet. You just HAVE to buy fish and chips at the seaside, even if my Grandparents insisted that I had bought too large a portion (which I did, my eyes are too big for my stomach.) You only live once.

It got brighter throughout the day.

My new bag is officially my favourite thing in the whole wide world. Thank you Zara for being so fabulous and supplying me with a look-alike Celine which didn't cost £2000. 

Next stop, utopia.

Just when I thought the day couldn't get any better, I found a secret and magical Fairy garden. I'm a sucker for anything fairy taley/utopic/romantic/magical. So yeah, I suppose for a few moments, I did feel like I was maybe on a real life set of a Disney film. Imagine if a guy took you on a date to this little garden? I just think I'd die with happiness and cuteness and squeal, a lot. Ah, it's the simple things in life. C'est parfait. I could definitely cope with being proposed to here... a little enchanted garden. Cute. I hope my future husband is reading this.

The day came to a close and I had to leave my pretty little sanctuary and *gasp* go back to real life. No more running around chasing fairies in a magical garden, no more eating ice creams by the sea...

I made sure that my bunny rabbit wasn't left at home, because bunnies deserve affection and trips out too.

Home time came around really quickly. It was weird just not thinking about anything all day and it really de-stressed me and made me realise that hopefully, the next time I write a beach themed blog post, it will be somewhere that is 30 degrees and I will be staying there for at least a week. All that was missing throughout my day was a lovely boy to hold my hand along the beach. Maybe next time? But seriously, you can't beat the British country side or sea side. I feel alive. Oh I do, like to be, beside the seaside.

Ciao, Lots of love, Em x
How do you feel about your nearest seaside/country side? Do you like the beach or are you a city person?

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  1. My boyfriend and I are planning on going to the beach this weekend and doing a lot of these things!
    He lives up even further North than Scarborough, so I'll have to wrap up nice and warm like you! haha

    Emily x -

    1. I reaaally did wrap up warm hehe! Eeekk thats so cute going with the boyf! so jel! xxx

  2. Ahh I love Scarborough and Filey is so cute too, glad to hear you had a good time xxx

  3. My granddad lives in Scarborough and I go all the time! It's so cute and lovely, I have so many memories there. Glad you enjoyed it! :) x

  4. looks cold!

  5. I use to go to Scarborough so often as a child and growing up, wish i'd known about those ice creams they look epic!

  6. Great post Em! I love the magical fairy land, it's so cute. Loving your new bag too!


    1. hehe, i'm such a keen disney lover! thanks babe xxx

  7. Lovely photos, the fairy garden is so adorable xxx

  8. looks like you had a great time and that ice cream looks yum!

  9. Aww what a lovely post Em! I've been to Scarborough a couple of times and I loved it. Whitby is amazing too!
    Megan xxx

    1. Thank you honey, yep I loveee the British seaside eek! Whitby is fab too! xxx

  10. It looks like you had a lovely time! That icecream looks amazing too!!! :) XOXO~Emily

  11. great photos Em!


  12. It looks like you had such an amazing time!!! Fish and chips AND ice cream--yum!! Thanks for sharing all of your lovely photos.

  13. I love Scarborough, went there last year :) it's the cutest little place ever.

    Hope you had a lovely easter.

    Sally x

  14. Looks soo nice, bet it was nice to just relax too! And that little fairy garden thingy looks so cute!

    1. Thank you it was! Hehe it was SO cute xxx

  15. This post was g-aw-geous =) But you gotta tell me [ cause I'm a Yank ;) ]
    what's the green sauce on your fries??

  16. i love the beach signe <3

    xxx Zari

  17. The photography in this is amazing!

  18. Hi!
    I'm following you (numero 2548) and I hope you'll come to see my blog too ^_^

    Many kisses!

    p.s. WONDERFUL pictures!

  19. Aww I love this post, such a perfect day out xx

  20. I love Scarborough, I went last Sunday wish I'd have known about those ice creams! That fairy garden is amazing, so cute! Nic xx

  21. This was such a lovely to post to read and the pictures were lovely too! Last summer I went to Brighton with my mum and dad and had such a lovely, perfect day :)


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