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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Life: Girls Night Out Facts

Hey everyone, so as most of you know I write about beauty but I’m also trying to my hand at more lifestyle posts after seeing the amazing  response that I got from my ‘how to over come bullying and bitching’ blog post. Read that here if you missed that. I was recently approached by Ladbrokes bingo with some funny and interesting statistics about Girls Nights Out, so I’ve decided to talk to you about them. Girls go out at any age, whether it’s 16 to under-age nights (I’ve been to a few in my time), or older ladies reliving their youth or celebrating just like the younger girls do. But, according to this survey 57% of women feel there is an age limit on going out in the town, this age being 27. I know so many 30+ year olds who often go out, so this shocked me. However, 70% of women apparently prefer girls nights in. I am actually the same...girls nights in or even a night in with your boyfriend, is basically the new going out.84% of women at some stage think that nights out just aren’t what they used to be so I’ve got some interesting statistics to show you about this and see if you agree...
But, what do girls apparently like doing on a night out? (All of these stats are from Ladbrokes Bingo - thanks guys)

Top 5 Activities
-     Chat (69%)
-     Film/TV (58%)
-     Takeaway (57%)
-     Pampering  (35%)
-     Designing Drinks(21%)

      I personally like to chat, over cocktails if I want to dress up, but I also like to host cocktail nights at my house, or just sit and watch a film – which never gets watched because we’re usually too busy chatting, as 69% of girls apparently are too haha.

Girls nights in
-       33% of women have planned a night out that turned into a night in
-       The ideal amount of women for a night in is 8 or under, only 9% would invite more.
-       The average amount of girls to invite for a night in is 5.
-       47% of women feel that dressing up for drinks at home has become trendier
-       33% of women get more excited about a night in
-       40% of women feel nights in can get outrageous
-       45% of girls don’t share “girls night” stories with anyone outside their circle
-       30% of women wouldn’t talk about the same topics if a man was around

Top 5 Special Occasion To have a Night In
-       Birthday (51%)
-       Hen Weekend (42%)
-       House Warming (39%)
-       Baby Shower (38%)
-       Promotion (26%)
Least Popular is Anniversary (10%)

So guys, unfortunately you’re not off the hook, 90% of women still want to go on a night OUT with you on their anniversary.

Top 5 Annoying Things On a Night Out
-       Expensive Drinks (64%)
-       Long Queues at the Bar (59%)
-       No toilet paper in Toilets (54%)
-       Paying for Entry (51%)
-       Long Entry Queues (49%)
Only 6% of women are bothered about their shoes breaking

Top 5 Conversation Topics
-       Sex/Relationships (37%)
-       Men (22%)
-       Holidays (9%)
-       Other Friends (9%)
-       Clothes (6%)
Least popular conversation topics is work (1%)

I agree with this, but i'd say that me and my friends talk relationships/men 80% of the time! I'm sure many of my readers conversation topics are often about beauty as well!

Girls night out facts by age range:

18-24s - Most Annoyed By Sore Feet: 52%Least Annoyed By Long Toilet Queues: 42%

25-30s - Most Annoyed By Expensive Drinks: 71%
Least Annoyed By Drinks Tipped on outfit: 37%

31-34s - Least Annoyed by Long Bar Queues: 57%

35-40s - Most Annoyed By Long Bar Queues: 64%Least Annoyed By Leering Men:  26%

I decided to include the age range statistics because I found them really interesting, it's funny yet odd that 30-34 are annoyed by long bar queues whilst aged 35-40s main concerns are long bar queues. I can sympathise with my category, the 18-24s as I also get annoyed by having sore feet. However, long toilet queues do also really annoy me. I think the reason students aren't annoyed by expensive drinks is because we tend to avoid the places that sell expensive drinks and go to student nights. I hope that you found this interesting, as I did. I'd love to hear your thoughts on it below.  

Do you fit into any of the above categories? Or, are you really against any of the categories?  Again, a big thanks to Ladbrokes Bingo for giving me these statistics. Lots of love, Em x

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  2. I love this haha! Nice to see posts like this

    Now following youuu

    1. Aw thanks hehe. Yeah a change but i like it:) xxx

  3. Oh these stats are super interesting! I definitely agree that an anniversary is not a night to stay in!

  4. Really loved this post and so true, I love a night out now and agai. But much prefer nights in with my friends or fiancé :).

  5. Haha that was quite interesting, I like a good girl's night in :)

    Emily x -

  6. I hate queuing up for a drink, drunk people bashing into me and not apologising and I especially hate arsey bouncers - aside from that I love going out! haha! Jen xx

  7. Great post Em, some of those made me chuckle!! I am loving nights in at the moment, I had a makeup might this weekend with a few girlfriends and ended up rolling home at 3.30am!!! Eeeekkk, think I talk far too much!



    1. Haha, some cool faacts huh! Ahhh I prefer nights in so much haha, talking loads is fine! xxx

  8. That is really nice and easy! My son would enjoy this!
    Girls night out beauty



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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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