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Monday 8 April 2013

I hosted the #NorthMeetUp Beauty Bloggers Event!

Hey everyone! Ah, so seriously, I am still so overwhelmed whilst writing this. But, yesterday, Sunday 7th April officially goes down as one of the best days of my life. Back in February I decided that I wanted to give something back to the community, so I set a tweet to see if anyone would attend a Northern event, and was overwhelmed with the hundred and something responses that I got. I asked everyone where they could travel to, and 95% of people said Manchester, so Manchester it was. I got to work, and like a lone wolf, started emailing anyone and everyone I knew to find sponsors for the event. And sponsors did I get. Wow. I am blown away by the companies who helped to make this event possible. On this photo you can see an array of beautiful candles etc from Amara, John Frieda prizes, Make Believe Beauty Prizes, John Lewis Prizes and more .. I can't wait for you to see the photos...

I made around 65 goodie bags, all of which went! I bought some pretty pink bags and some ribbon to put around all of the handles, but this ran low on supplies and only ended up on half the bags boo. 

My house has been like a shop for the past few weeks.

DermaV10 also kindly sent some of their own goodie bags to my house.

I turned the conservatory into my office and got to work packing the bags, with lots of help from my Mum. Most people went away with 4 goodie bags each, one of mine, a Derma V10 goodie bag, a Soinfashion goodie bag and an Arbonne goodie bag. 

We had the beautiful VIP Mezz section of Revolution Bar, DeansGate Locks. The party planners at Revolution are fantastic and helped me with any need on the day, including supplying yummy prosseco, which quickly went! So many bloggers came that Revolution kindly also let us use the downstairs section of the bar as well, which actually worked out great as it meant that we had beauty stations downstairs. I had eye brow technicians, fake tanners, nail artists and make up artists. Not to mention Blanx toothpaste who were there to show off their incredible LED light product.

Crazy amount of goodie bags behind the prize-filled bar.

Left: Me and Charlotte from http://atrendimadeearlier.blogspot.co.uk and Charlotte Lewis from lurchhoundloves.com | Middle: Me and the lovely Bryony Dodds from the-life-edit.blogspot.co.uk and then me and the gorgeous Victoria from inthefrow.com, one of my favourite blogs. So amazing to meet these lovely girls, finally!

Big hair day...

Everyone looked absolutely fabulous, we particularly loved these gorgeous shoes worn by Laura Hyatt of heroineinheels.blogspot.co.uk, such a gorgeous girl!

Capital FM were kind enough to run give aways to win Bruno Mars and Mcfly tickets, they also supplied us with a red carpet paparazzi area.

Talks throughout the day included Xen-Tan, Glam Glow and Kiel from Arbonne. A few other people decided not to talk because of the noise, but instead were around to mingle just because it was such a noisy venue and a lot more people turned up than expected! We had Blanx toothpaste, Soinfashion and more upstairs.

The lovely Tahila from Ilah brows came along with her great brow sets and mascara, offering everyone complimentary eye brow kits. She also came along with a great nail technician who was on hand to make everyones hands look their best.

The lovely Natalie from Xen-tan came to do a talk about Xen-tan and glam glow, she's such an inspiration and I love her and what she stands for, she also represents two of my favourite brands of all time, as you all know, Xen-tan and Glam Glow.
I was lucky enough to have three of my all time favourite make up artists on hand on the day. They're all amazing at special effects make up and normal make up, so it was great to have them giving out tips throughout the day, experimenting and showing people what they can do! Please do have a look at their Facebook pages/YouTube channels.

Megan Bulmer | @meganbulmer, Anchal:  |  I Abi:

Some of Anchal's beautiful work. The make up artists are seriously talented. 

Megan showing off her amazing special effects talents.

Emma and Celeste from Celeste Arnold hair came to offer everyone hair consultations, free Neal and Wolfe hair goodies and a complimentary cut and blow dry in their Manchester salon! Not bad ey?

Here is the lady herself giving everyone some great advice.

As you can see, she has styled a range of celebrities hair. She even said she liked my hair, yay!

Emma, author of Get Rich Blogging Zoe Griffin from http://livelikeavip.com and Celeste.

Again, me and Zoe, the lovely author of Get Rich Blogging.

Keil from Arbonne supplied us all with some incredible products. 

Here are just a handful of the lovely girls who came! 

The bloggers went away with some gorgeous Anne Semonin goodies, the beautiful Nikki Wilson kindly sorted this out for us, so thank you!

Cupcakes made by the gorgeous Lauren from cherrylovesit87.blogspot.com - thank you so much!

Here is what most of the bloggers all went away with! Some people got different things as some brands sent 30 of some items, whilst some sent 55, and so on, but hopefully everyone was happy with their goodies. Most girls should have gone away with at least 3 goodie bags!

Amazing sugar free sweets from Bittersweet.

Gorgeous bits and bobs from Dr. Organic.

The lovely Burt's Bees. The Authentic Cocktail company supplied some seriously cool cans but I didn't want to give these out at a bar, so instead I just gave them out to the girls at the end.

My favourite brand, Xen-tan.

Lee Stafford kindly supplied products, SkinMed kindly supplied Fillast lip balm for the event...

I gave away these gorgeous candles, and other beautiful gifts from Amara, which is now my favourite website for all things home, arhh I need every candle from there.

Amazing Neom candles were given out as prizes throughout the day, also from Amara.

HollieDollie and Bellus Jewellery kindly gave everyone jewellery and discount codes. And yes, that is tea pigs in the corner, tea pigs for everyone!

Derma V10 gave us lots of goodies including fake tan, a tanning mit, day cream, lipbalm, moisturiser and more. Also in the corner there some Neal and Wolfe shampoo and some Anne Semonin goodies.

I have an obsession with Popchips ever since getting them in my Cosmopolitan Blog Awards goodie bag, they're so healthy yet taste so yummy, so we had these in the goodie bags and lots out on the day for people to nibble on.

Dr.Hauschka (sold in Harvey Nichols) bronzers were in most of the goodie bags.

The bloggers got some lovely Anne Semonin treats!

Basically what each blogger went away with, some went away with more if they won the numerous giveaways, including Neom candles, Boohoo vouchers, Make Believe Beauty sets, Murad Skin sets and more. I had around 40 prizes to give away.

Calcot Manor items are incredible, you can also see The Body Shop lip glosses were in the goodie bags.

Ah Keil from Arbonne gave us some gorgeous goodie bags, I cannot wait to review these products, you can look at the website here, but basically, they're incredible swiss products made with like, the best ingredients.  such good products.

SheSaidBeauty kindly supplied us with little goodie bags, including RedKen products and a Stylfile.

Ah my favourite things, gorgeous Washi! Skin Polishing kits.

Most people will have got some Elemis goodies in their bag, including a 15% off voucher.

Murad supplied quite a lot of these for give away prizes!

ah thank you Revolution for my pomegranate vodka.

I love these Calcot Manor items that were in the goodie bags.

I can't wait to use these eyelash curlers from TheVintageCosmetic Company.

This is hands down the best skin product i've ever used for spots, a full review will be up asap.

I just want to say a huge thank you to all of the girls who came and made this happen. Also, the incredible make up artists, brands who spoke, a few of my lovely friends who popped down to support me, my family who have supported me from day one, the generous brands who included items for the goodie bags. It was great to bring an online community together, in the flesh I suppose. I still can’t get over the turn out, over 70 people which is just insane and probably makes this the first and biggest Northern blogger-organised event yet. 

It would be impossible to list all of the brands who supported this event, so I hope that you can see them through the photographs. There are some fantastic blog posts flying around already about the event, and the hashtag on twitter, #northmeetup was going wild and actually trended on the day! How exciting, I think we created history that day. We probably also drank Revolution dry of their incredible 2 for 1 cocktails. I’m still speechless to be honest when it comes to the event, it just goes to show, that a lot of hard work really does pay off when you see so many girls with smiles on their faces, I wish I could have spoken to you more but I was running around like a headless chicken making sure everyone was happy. It was just incredible to see everyone chatting about things we all love, and seeing everyone get on. If anyone would like any high res photos please email me [email protected] and I’ll send you some! Again, a massive thanks to the incredible brands featured in the photos who made this possible, oh and Krispy Kreme for delivering us doughnuts throughout the day!

I would love to organise another event in the future - lots of stress but SO worth it! I had such a good day. I can't wait to show you the video very soon! Lots and lots of love, Em x

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  1. Ahh Em was so nice to finally meet you yesterday! You did such a brilliant job at organising it.



  2. Looked amazing! Why do i live in Ireland!? x


  3. The event was truly incredible! You are a STAR for organising it, you pulled off such an incredible day, congratulations and thank you.

    Grace xxx


  4. Loved reading all of this and it looked like so much fun lucky girls! wish I could attend a meet up haha would be a great experience and so fun :) I cant wait to read your post on the spot skin treatment and Glam Glow is my fav mask love it D: the cup cakes look so yummy too! hope you had an amazing weekend! xx


  5. I absolutely loved this event. You did so well organising it! Well done, and thank you again :)

  6. It is absolutely amazing that you organized all of this and had such an incredible turn out! This looks like a fantastic event!

  7. Looks like it was absolutely stunning! You need to be an event planner!! xx

  8. You did a fantastic job, Em! It really was a great event. The products, the talks, the goodies, everything was perfect and it was so good to meet other bloggers :) Thank you xx

  9. Bloody hell Em, this looks amazing!! So many people turned up! Looks very professional and better than some PR events I've been to! You arranged such lovely goodies too! Wow! Come and arrange one dowo south haha well done xxx

  10. Wow, I am so impressed that you did this all yourself! Must have been a lot of work but it definitely seems to have been worth it, looks like an awesome day. Congratulations :)
    Mel x


  11. Great post, you got loads of fab pictures! It was great to finally meet you after loving your blog for so long, a shame you didn't have more time to chat but of course you were so busy making sure everything ran smoothly! None of us girls can thank you enough for organising all this, it really was amazing, I thoroughly enjoyed it despite being nervous, and I honestly don't know how you managed to pull it all off! It would be amazing to have another event in the future and of course to meet you again! xxx

  12. You did so well Em. I really enjoyed it. Very well organised and the goodie bags were amazing. Thank you for organising such a fantastic meet-up x x

  13. My gosh how exciting! Congratulations, your hard looked fab xx

  14. That is incredible you did so well!! xxx

  15. The event looked amazing! You did so well to organise it! X

  16. It was sooo good!

    I've done a blog post here:


    Thanks again!


  17. Great photos! your house looked crazy!xx

  18. wow looks like an amazing event that you put so much work into! congrats hun glad it was a sucess :) Charlie xx

  19. Em, I can't thank you enough for Sunday. The event was so amazing, you did extraordinary. I loved the entire day, and cant stop raving about it to everyone. It was amazing to get to finally meet you, and all the other bloggers. For you to be able to pull of something like this, you are an inspiration. Keep up you hard work, you'll go so so far

    You looked absolutely stunning by the way.

    Laura xxx

    PS Yay my feet got papped! :P

  20. Well done em! You need to be an event planner! Looks amazing and i have heard so man great things about the event x


  21. I'm so gutted I missed out on this, it looks like it was an amazing event. Such amazing goodie bags too! You must be so proud of yourself! Well done :)


  22. Looks like you all had an absolutely fantastic day! Sounds like you did a really good job Em, well done. Wow all those sponsors, crazy!! I hope you decide to host more events like this. I would love to be a part of one and experience a meet up like this. Your dress looks amazing too. Xx

  23. It was amazing, thank you so much for organising it all :) the goody bags were so good! Hopefully will get to chat to your more at other events :)



  24. Thanks so much Emma I had an amazing time ! Muchos love ! xoxo

  25. Wish I lived in the North! Your goodie bag compiling skills are AMAZING!


  26. wow. Em - i'm actually speechless as to how amazing this is.. and you managed to organise all of this off your own back?! Wowzerss. You must have had one heck of a lot on your plate trying to juggle all of this - the photo of all the goodie bags in your house made me giggle! Bless you mum for helping you sort them all out :)

    Honestly, im jealous I dont live in the North haha
    and as always i have massive hair envy right now!

    well done for such a successful event and meet-up, you shoud be jolly well proud of yourself! x

  27. I was at deans gates locks on Sunday and I thought it looked busy! Looks like you all had a great time!x

  28. Looks like you organised an awesome event! You should organise blogger events for different parts of the country! :D xx

  29. I had the most amazing day ever and can't thank you enough for organising it! I wish I'd been able to get my hands on one of the derma vio bags but everything else I received was already so incredibly generous. Can't wait to get my post up over the week :) zx

  30. It was so lovely to FINALLY get to meet you, we must meet up again if your ever in Manchester :)

    The entire day was so amazing and lovely. Thank you so much for organising it :)


  31. Em! Thanks sooo much for hosting the event. It was amazing to meet you and I think we were all in awe of you and your amazing figure! I wished it could have gone on all day, was so sad when it ended (and knackered from all those goody bags!!!) Thanks to all the brands to for contributing! I can't wait for next time :)

    Paula ♥ | http://www.la-vida-fresa.com xo

  32. I am so, so jealous of everyone that attended the meet up. It looks like the most amazing day. I'm glad you've said that you would think about doing another meet up in the future, I will definitely be sure to make that one! It really does look like you did the most incredible job and that so many people had such a great day because of you. Well done Em!
    Laura xx


  33. This looks like it must have taken so much organisation - well done you!
    I would have loved to have come and met some fellow minded beauty people.

    Gold star for you! haha

    Emily x - prettypleaseprettyplease.blogspot.com

  34. Well done on organising this! I love the idea of blogger events!
    I've just properly got into blogging and am from up north, would've found this so fun :)


  35. your event looked amazing from your tweets but this is amazing! you should be really proud of yourself for organizing all of this! glad it went well and maybe one day you will do one a little further south - fingers crossed


  36. This looks and sounds like a fab meet up! Well done you for organising this. xox

  37. Oh wow looks like you done an amazing job. Looks like it was a fantastic meet up, would of loved to of gone if i lived closer. And WOW at those goodie bags haha x

  38. Em it was an amazing event! Thank you so much!

  39. Wowww, first off let me say you look seriously awesome...as does this event! Ive just moved to Sheffield so would love to know if you repeat anything like this in the future :)

    congrats on pulling off such a great event x


  40. Wow this looks amazing! The best meet up i've seen by far, if only I lived up north! Well done for organising this! xx


  41. This looks amazing! I've just started blogging and live 30 minutes from Manchester, hopefully will attend another in the future!:)


    1. Awww congrats and welcome to the blogging worrrrld! x

  42. Such a fantastic day and you have summed it up amazingly. Wish we could do it all over again. I loved meeting you finally babe, hopefully Ill see you again soon :) xx

    1. Aw thanks for coming was great to meet you lovely xxx

  43. congrats on organising such a fab event! looks like everyone had an amazing time! x

  44. I was in Italy when this took place, so im gutted that i missed out - i do hope you choose to do another one in the future!

    Well done for doing all this yourself, i wouldnt have known where to begin - you did amazingly, and its clear to see how much of a good time everyone was having in the photos too!

    Well done!
    Natalie xx

    1. Aw but Italy is worth it, I so badly want to go! Aw thank you :) so much x

  45. AMAZING ... wish i was back up north, miss it so much. looked like a great day :)

  46. Love the blog! :)

    Would really appreciate if anyone would check out my blog, would mean the world :)


    thanks! :)

    Kelly Lou xo

  47. I have never been to a blog event before, it looked fabulous! congratulations on everything working out so good, it really looked amazing.



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