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Friday, 12 April 2013

Burberry Velvet Foundation and Sheer Powder Review

Ahhhhhh. Burberry. It's always a nice day when you've got some Burberry in your life, I am absolutely infatuated with Burberry's no.304 lipstick, if you follow me on instagram you'll have seen numerous photos of me kissing the screen and flaunting the beautiful shade of red. More plum actually. But anyway, it's pretty lush when all is said and done, and i'm 100% not finished trialling out Burberry's beauty range yet. So, after testing their immaculate velvet lipstick, next on my list is their face products. Burberry foundation anyone? Yes please. Who could oblige? Not me that's for sure. Burberry, is always a good idea... (in my opinon anyway, and i'm sure you'll agree after reading this review)...

The packaging alone of this Burberry powder makes it one of my favourite products. I'm such a sucker for nice packaging, and boy is this nice. I love how understated, simple and classy these Burberry products look, they scream Burberry with the pattern on the top but in such an understated, simple and designer fashion. The simplistic logo on the side of this tight compact case really highlights how classy Burberry are as a brand. This is the kind of compact that you want to be seen carrying in your handbag.
This gorgeous little compact comes complete with a matching dust bag/case to keep it clean and shiny, and within that case, you will find this beautiful little Burberry brush. Erm, how simple? Yet beautiful. Again, I'm a sucker for packaging and for me, this is just simple and perfect. Simplicity is the essence of good design no? I don't want to use this brush, it looks too pretty. I haven't used the brush yet because it is only small and I do prefer to use a massive face brush (highly recommend Real Techniques) but for travelling, this is ideal. I think this is the perfect city girl compact. The mirror is the perfect size too.

Inside of the compact is just as delicious. This Burberry sheer powder (shade no.1, porcelain) looks too pretty to touch. But, lucky for me, I have used it for the past week, every day and the pattern hasn't even changed on it! I expected that with one brush stroke, the beautiful Burberry pattern would dissolve and become blended into the rest of the powder and resemble just a normal powder, but nope, it's still there looking as fresh as ever. The powder gives a great sheer satin finish, and really does absorb shine. I researched this product on the website and it has 'absorbent spherical polymers and micronised powders' to leave the skin feeling soft, supple and shine free. I really have noticed how soft it makes my skin feel, and so many people have complimented my new make up look whilst wearing these Burberry products. I do believe that you get what you pay for, and this compact case is extremely sturdy, looks great in your make up bag, but what's even better, is how incredible it looks on your skin. I'm all for matte finishes.

Next up is Burberry's Velvet Foundation in shade no.206, and to say that I am in love would be an understatement. I have tried pretty much every foundation on the market, be that high end, low end... and i'm sorry to say this, but you seriously do get what you pay for (this is £36.00). I will be re buying this over and over again. This foundation creates the look that I have been wanting for years.  That 'yes i'm wearing make up but look how flawless it looks-look'. They say that Burberry Velvet Foundation gives the skin 'a soft-focus velvet finish that lasts all day. Inspired by the iconic trench coat, its lightweight, breathable texture gives gentle protection from the natural elements.The innovative oil-free formula uses wild rose extract to hydrate the skin and effortlessly combines long wear with extreme comfort'. For me, I feel like this foundation gives the most incredible glow to the skin, it makes my skin look dewy but not too dewy, it just gives off such a fresh, Summer-friendly look. I feel beyond radiant when wearing it. My Mum has complimented it day after day and exclaimed her love for how fresh it makes my skin look. Even my older Brother stopped to ask what i've changed with my face and exclaimed that 'wow it looks sick!' sick as in, brilliant. To say that I am in love with this foundation would be wrong, because I am besotted, I adore this foundation. It's easily the best foundation i've ever used.  

It almost feels like a moisturiser when you apply it to the skin, it is so smooth and just glides on. You literally need one teeny weeny pump to cover the whole face. I do like medium/heavy coverage, this foundation is so perfectly build-able, I also find with this foundation, even though it is light weight and moisturising, you still really don't need to apply much at all, which means that this little beauty will hopefully last me forever. I really haven't noticed that this falls off my face, like many other foundations, because it looks so fresh and dewy, you'd expect that with that, it would just slide off the face, but for me, it really doesn't. It is sooo long wearing it's immense. I went on a spa trip yesterday, sat in hot saunas, steam rooms and incredibly, this stayed on my face throughout that. Amazing!

This is just such a yummy, glowing foundation. I would highly recommend that you go and buy it, now. I'm not sure if it's even meant to look like this, I don't know if this is what Burberry were going for with their Velvet foundation, but whatever this has done to my skin, I hope that it never stops. This is easily the most magical foundation that I have ever worn and trust me, I've worn them all. As you can see above, it's shiny and pretty and it just blends so effortlessly. Eek. I am so happy that I came across this foundation.

What's not to love about a product with the most divine and understated packaging, which also works so incredibly as well? I love you Burberry. Next on my list, Burberry sheer fluid foundation, i'd love to compare these two. Mmm and hopefully I will get my hands on their Bright Plum lipstick. Yep. Official Burberry obsessor over here.

Lots of love, Em x
Have you ever used Burberry make up?

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  1. Looks so lovely. Don't think I have ever tried Burberry make up at all but this foundation is tempting me x

  2. It's great seeing someone love a product so much, especially if it makes YOU feel amazing! I'm still hunting for my perfect base and this packaging alone is uber tempting.
    Megan xxx

    1. Hehe I am a keeno, yep it just looks pretty xxx

  3. Such a gorgeous shade, I haven't tried any of the Burberry Makeup yet. They aren't available in Malta. But I think it's something i will definitely check out when i move to London in June!

    Stefy ♥ x
    Fashion + Beauty

  4. love the sleek blunt packaging!
    - xx

  5. Oh my gosh em, why did I read this! I now NEED this!! Eeek! Xxx

  6. I love Burberry but so out of my price range!
    After reading your brilliant rave review I might have to save up some pennies!
    Now following you :)

    Sophie x

    1. Yeh it's a shame but for a treat it is more than worth it xxx

  7. Ohh these look so lovely! Havent tried any Burberry cosmetics as yet but i'd absolutely love too. Deffo going to check out some new goodies :D

    Sophia Meola | A Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog


  8. These both sounds INCREDIBLE.

    Definitely on my birthday wishlist!

    Emily x -

  9. The packaging for this looks amazing D: I need to try their products asap! x

  10. Burberry makeup just looks so gorgeous, the packaging is amazingg:) x

  11. love your blog!

  12. That foundation is calling my name. I'm gonna have to wait till I get my next student loan and have a splurge


    1. Aaahhhhhhh wish i got a student loan haha :( x

  13. Howdy,,
    Im supported u in bigblog excahnge and voted for ya,,
    would like u drop into my blog

    -Greeting from Indonesia-

  14. You are so right about Burberry! Next to Chanel, it is my fave! Your North Meetup event looked fabulous! Wish I were in the UK to attend~ Congrats!!!

    Lauren at adorn la femme

  15. I love Burberry too, one of my favorite brands.


  16. I adore Burberry makeup! <3 I really want to try their Velvet Foundation how haha, you made it sound lovely! :) xx

  17. Hey, great post love :)

    I've just posted a new giveaway where 3 winners will be chosen. Please check it out and enter for fun :)


  18. Oh i absolutely love Burberry beauty makeup!! It is like my treasure trove. I hope you will enjoy my Burberry posts on my blog too ^___^

    UK Beauty Blogger



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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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