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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

YoSushi Review; Why It's Much More Than Just Sushi

Ah, a trip to YoSushi. Amazing, my flat mates cry. My best friend, adores sushi and everything about it. Me, not so much. I have a weird diet, whilst I love scampi, fish and chips, calamari, fish fingers and tuna, I'd never go near ew, 'real fish'. Weird, I know. But, when the new Trinity Leeds opened up it's doors to the masses, it would be rude not to visit YoSushi. From the outside, it just looks so exciting. The fully-glass bright orange shop just screams Japan. I've wanted to visit Japan for some time now, and YoSushi makes me want to do this even more. See how I, a non-fish eater, got on, in a seemingly fishy restaurant... Lets just say,  I dived right in, YoSushi, is so much more than fish.

I have visited YoSushi once before, me and my Mum were shopping and we fancied something different,  so we decided to trial the YoSushi in Selfridges, Manchester. We wouldn't have usually gone anywhere near sushi, we're not really the biggest fish eaters, and i've never even tried real sushi, but then we saw a bright purple sign that said 'We don't just serve fish!' How exciting. We've dreamt of sitting on those exciting bar stools and picking up bright coloured dishes and obviously, devouring them all. So when we saw that it wasn't all fishy, we jumped right in. Don't be disappointed, because we did actually try sushi. Having this exciting/scary experience made me want to go again, so lucky me, this Sunday, off I trotted with Jack, another 'i've never been to YoSushi-er'. I was excited to take him because like most people, he was both excited and fascinated by the bright plates which are on quirky conveyor belts around the restaurant. YoSushi really is a unique dining experience which beats all others.
We asked for a booth because whilst I don't mind sitting on the bar stools, we wanted something a little bit more cosy and intimate. The waiters attended to our every needs, and explained the whole system to us newbies. I still think i'm new to this whole cool way of eating.

Me above with my new Arbonne lipstick on, read about it here. So you want to see the food. Lets get to the exciting part.

 I wouldn't usually go for a cold salad, but this chicken salad was oozing with flavour. Unbelievably tasty.
Unlimited refills for £2.00 on Miso soup? Healthy and yummy, whats not to love.
Tehe, the katsu curry. I didn't dare go for the LARGE katsu curry as it was the size of my head and I don't have a big tummy, BUT this is filling enough for me. It's amazing.

We basically played sushi roulette, why not. Say a colour, and the next plate that comes that's that colour, you've got to grab it and eat it. Oh how civilised we are. Below you can see Jack trying his first sushi woop woop.

All in all, I LOVE YoSushi. It's yummy, scrummy and FUN. It's nice to go to a restaurant which is cool, chilled but still classy and seemingly high end. I am very impressed with the friendly, happy and quirky staff. But even more impressed with the delicious food. Favourite dish? Boring me, Katsu curry of course. Also, the miso soup is to die for.

Have you been to YoSushi? Do you eat sushi?
Lots of love, Em x

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  1. I actually ADORE Japanese food! I love love sushi! Cannot wait to try YO! Sushi, sadly we don't have one in The Lakes, we probably will in 20 years time! Ha. Love Xx

    1. I love Udon noodles best, mmm Japanese food is so good! Haha, I love Windermere in the lakes:) Fave place xxx

  2. I've been to the Trinity loads and I'm like I REALLY WANNA GO IN YO SUSHI and my friends are hahaha it looks so tasty!

    Alice ♥

  3. This looks so yummy, I go for exactly the same (the katsu curry and the miso soup). I once picked up the salmon skin sushi by mistake though - it was horrible (all crunchy and scaly).

    Looks like you had a lovely time though :) love the pictures, you look gorgeous! xx

    1. Haha :p the bessssttt ones! Ooopsss haha, I don't like sushi waa ;( Thanks babe xxx

  4. I went for the first time last month and absolutely loved it! Will be going again for sure! xxx

  5. I love Yo! Sushi, I'm so glad there is one in trinity as it means I can avoid walking through Harvey Nics what usually means I will end up buying make up I can't afford!

    1. Eeekkk haha I've never tried the Harvey Nichols YoSushi! xxx

  6. Sushi is my favourite food ever! My favourite dishes from Yo sushi have to be the hairy prawns and salmon! Lovely photos xx

  7. I love Yo!Sushi! It's so much fun eating there, my friends and I have played the conveyor belt roulette thing, too :D

    Jesss xo

  8. I totally love chicken Katsu and anything Japanese related for that matter lol. I even subscribe to candy Japan :), great review, xoxo.

  9. Love Yo Sushi! My fave place to eat in both the Trafford Centre and Manchester Arndale. Staff are so friendly - I love the whole experience. Blue Plate Mondays are fab!

  10. I might have to persuade my dad to take me to YoSushi at the weekend. I'm not sure he is the biggest fan of sushi but I'm sure he'd love the other food they do in there. I desperately want to try their katsu and i don't think i can walk past it in brighton once again without going in...


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