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Tuesday 9 August 2022

The Best Restaurants In New York - Where To Eat In New York - New York Restaurant Guide

Ad affiliate throughout - Hello hello, it’s time for an updated 2022 guide to the best restaurants in New York. I have been to NYC almost 10x now and I am always asking for local recommendations from friends, taxi drivers, concierges, you name it. I pride myself on finding the best restaurants in New York and always do so much research before my trips in the hopes that I can find you the best restaurants to visit on your NYC trip. I really hope this guide will help you when it comes to planing your next New York trip. Remember, you could live in New York for 10 years and still not eat at every single restaurant, it really is the foodie capital of the world, there are so many places I still need to try and add to this list. So here it is, my guide to the best places to eat in New York and all of my favourite restaurants for breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner and everything in between! There is a restaurant for everyone in New York on this guide. Bookmark this post as I will update it on future trips.

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Some advice on eating in New York... It was definitely easier to get into places pre-pandemic in NYC but most places in New York do get booked up in advance or don't take reservations. I would definitely advise checking online to see if you can book, or ask your hotel concierge {our hotel concierge at the Langham 5th Avenue was amazing}, or if you use something like AMEX {sign up for your card using my referral link and we both get mega points!} My best advice is heading to somewhere an hour before you get hungry and wait in line to avoid disappointment/grumbling tummy {or put your name down then go for a drink nearby}. We genuinley plan our whole New York itinerary around where we want to eat for the day, that's how seriously I take my restaurants in New York. I like to fit as many in as possible when back in my favourite city. My favourite areas for food are the more local areas, such as East Village, West Village and Soho. I actually find Times Square area the worst for food and prefer to find local hidden gems. I've separated this blog post into sections for ease, but remember somewhere that's expensive to one person may be affordable to another and vice versa, most of these restaurants you can make affordable depending on what you order {alcohol is always expensive in the US} and remember that in New York they add tip and tax onto the end of the bill which always hikes the price up in restaurants, you generally end up paying 35% more on top with tax and tip.

To see these restaurants in motion, check out my New York vlogs on YouTube.  Watch my most recent NYC travel vlog with lots of the best restaurants below.  

Jack's Wife Freda


Waverly Inn - Good for Brunch / Lunch / Dinner - I've always been told this is a great place for dinner, however I ended up going for brunch and oh my gosh it was incredible! I would definitely say go for a weekend brunch vs a dinner. The restaurant is absolutely gorgeous and has the best vibe in there. I went with my friend - we were walk ins and even though it was heaving they were more than happy to accommodate us. I would suggest booking though so you get a good table. The venue is utterly stunning, a charming spot in West Village and it gives me Hampstead Heath vibes inside. Get the fries, the pancakes and the mac + cheese. They also do a $150 off the menu truffle mac and cheese if you're feeling boujee. The staff were so friendly and the brunch was just what we needed! I would 100% recommend booking - I think we got lucky with our walk in. Epic American upscale dining and hearty dishes. 

St Ambroeuse - Good For Breakfast / Brunch / Lunch / Dinner -  They have a few dotted around but we went to Soho - This gorgeous Milanese restaurant serves a great breakfast / brunch and Milanese {think vodka pasta, yumyum} lunch and dinner. We went for breakfast but next time will do lunch as the lunch menu is phenomenal and I'd argue better than the breakfast. For my Gossip Girl fans, you may recognise this hotspot as Blair and Serena ate here too! We managed to get a walk in but I would suggest reserving.

Sadelles - Soho - Good For Breakfast / Brunch - Owned by the owner of Carbone so you know it's going to be good, this is a celebrity and ‘if you know you know’ hot spot. They also have one in Paris and both are phenomenal: think amazing bagels, famous French toast and divine pancakes. They also do epic salads for lunch. I’d suggest coming here for one of the best brunches of your life. We managed to get a walk in but I would suggest reserving as it gets so busy.

Butler Bake Shop - Various locations - Good For Breakfast / Brunch / Coffee / quick pastry - If you’re looking for a gorgeous coffee shop {that happens to serve brunch too} this spot is utterly divine. The staff were incredibly sweet to us and they do seasonal specials like their grapefruit spritz on hot days, or freshly baked hot cross buns for Easter. They also do an epic avocado toast. We did a walk in. 

Two Hands - Various - Best Brunch Spot! - I would say this is the best brunch spot in NYC, this is an Aussie owned cafe and you can tell: the most amazing, seasonal brunch and the best avocado toast I have ever had. I went to the Tribeca one but I believe they have a few now. It really is the best! I would go here every day! We just did walk in but it gets super busy on weekends.

Jack's Wife Freda - Various locations, West Village is my favourite - Really, this is one to be saved for brunch but they do an amazing lunch too so if you go for brunch, you can usually choose between both menusJack's Wife Freda is a neighbourhood, local, family run restaurant serving modern twists on old school favourites, think eggs, salads, fresh juices {the watermelon juice is divine!}, fried chicken, steak - honestly, they serve SO many things but it's one of my favourite restaurants in the world because it's so warm and welcoming! The story behind the restaurant is also lovely too. You can get walk ins but you can also reserve. 

The Butcher's Daughter - Various locations - If you watched my recent LA vlog you'll see we went to the LA Butchers Daughter a few weeks ago and it was AMAZING. I would say The Butchers Daughter is similar to Jack's Wife Freda in the sense that it's famous for it's epic brunch but it's an absolute must visit {particularly if you like healthier / veggie food}. I always go here for breakfast in New York and I just love it every time. If you want lunch or dinner here, I love their cauliflower pizza and vegan mac and cheese! I've never had to reserve but there's usually a line so better to do so to be on the safe side if you can. 

Blue Bottle Coffee - They're popping up everywhere now {even in San Fransisco} but if you just want an affordable avocado toast, it's really good and really affordable here. It's more of a quick dine option so you wont have to spend loads of time / money here. We actually got it to go once too.

Maman NYC - Similar to the above, you can either have a really cute dining experience {cuter venues than Blue Bottle} - they have really nice interior, OR you can do a quick grab and go but their coffee and avocado toast BANGS. So good. We always went to the Tribeca one but they've popped up everywhere now!

Sadelle's NYC


Black Seed Bagels - Great for Lunch / Quick Bite - Another great option, Black Seed Bagels are located all over NYC so you're never too far away from one! Get the everything bagel with BLT and thank me later. Make sure you get it toasted - exquisite. These guys were so sweet, I told them how much we loved bagels back in the UK but how they definitely were not as much of a thing as they are in New York and they gave proper freezer bags so they'll keep and I can take some home. So kind! 

Leons Bagels - Great for Lunch / Quick Bite - Bagels are so distinctly New York and also a great option if you want a cheap, grab it and go lunch! I'm a cinnamon raisin girl, whereas Matt is an onion kind of guy so we normally end up getting two (with cream cheese of course) and then share them as we wander down the streets. Honestly their everything bagel was so good with bacon in though, I wanted two. These were my absolute favourite bagels in the WHOLE of NYC. 

Russ And Daughters - There will be a huge line so go in, grab a ticket with a number on then go get a coffee for 15 or walk the block {or go to the other counter and buy a coconut macaroon whilst you wait outside} honestly this spot is AMAZING. They're famous for LOX bagels... I don't like fishy fish so instead went for an everything bagel, toasted with cream cheese, lettuce and tomato. Honestly my second choice best bagel in NYC. It's a famous institution so worth going. 

Tacombi -
Various Locations Throughout New York, I like Elizabeth Street - If you’re a taco fan, you will find no shortage of them in NYC and a great place to eat them is in one of the Tacombi restaurants. I mean, it's not going to blow your mind like Mexican food in California {or Mexico} but it's a good one to tick off in NYC. This Mexican restaurant started it’s life serving tacos out of a VW van in Yucatan and became so successful that the owners decided to open several restaurants. The one we visited was in Elizabeth Street in what looked like a disused albeit Insta-Worthy garage. Inside the atmosphere is really busy and hectic with waitresses and waiters buzzing around all over the place to serve their amazing tacos and quesadillas. My Mum loves this spot, it's really fun and quirk.y The menu I would say it quite limited, it's basically chips and dip (by chips I mean nacho chips), guacamole and tacos so if this is your kinda jam, you'll love it. It's super affordable too and a great sharing place. This is the place to go if you want a fun night out with great food and a great atmosphere.  Takes reservations. 

Time Out Market - Dumbo, BrooklynThis is a newer addition to New York and one I can very much get on board with. I accidentally stumbled across the Time Out Market when I was walking around the Brooklyn Bridge Dumbo area and it's basically an indoor market (perfect on colder days too) filled with a variety of street food stalls, oh and the best cookie dough you'll ever try {if it's still there}. Every vendor in there has been personally taste-tested and approved by local food experts, so they pride themselves on being a market bursting with New York's yummiest bites! It's great if you're after a quick snack or want to keep it a little cheaper than eating at a sit in restaurant, plus you can try SO many different fab spots in one go too. Walk in, no reservation needed. 

Chelsea Market - Meatpacking - Chelsea market is FULL of foodie places, it's such a good spot to walk around - whether you're after street food nibbles, sit down ramen, take away tacos or a full Italian feast.I usually just walk around, browse and then see what I fancy but there are so many options in here when it comes to food! I would go to Mokbar or Los Tacos.

Yama Ramen - Times Square - This place is great if you're looking for a hidden, locals only lunch place. If sushi and ramen is your thing, this is for you. No frills, crazy busy, it's all about the food! It's full of locals grabbing their ramen for lunch in-between meetings, I'd say you really feel like a local here! Don't expect good service but expect quick, affordable ramen and great lunch specials, full of locals. 

Shake Shack - Various locations but my favourite is in Madison Square Park - I know we have Shake Shack in London but hear me out, there's nothing like having a Shake Shack whilst sat watching dogs in the park. I love Five Guys and Shake Shack but I've gotta say, you've got to have a Shake Shack burger with cheese fries whilst sat in the park in New York, it's just a must do plus, it's affordable too! It's great for dog spotting, people spotting and Madison Square Park is gorgeous to sit in.

By Chloe - Various locations By Chloe do really good vegan food to take out or quickly eat in, it's a casual vegan restaurant but it's very 'insta' and actually all their dishes are amazing, for meat eaters or vegans. I love their artichoke dip with chips, their Thai salad and their guac burger. Their mac and cheese is also delicious. This is great if you're in the area and looking for a really quick, affordable but vegan lunch OR, a vegan cookie/cupcake! 

Bond St Sushi NYC


Gemma at The Bowery Hotel - Good for Lunch / Dinner - It's my dream to one day be able to stay at The Bowery, truly the coolest hotel but until that moment comes I'm happy to dine in their restaurants! Tried this out on a whim if I'm being honest and had a really really lovely time there. Originally they seated us in not the best spot but I politely asked if we could move and they were so lovely about it! We got a much nicer table - so always worth checking. The food was gorgeous Italian and the setting was great. Super rustic and authentic. 

Bar Pitti - Good for Dinner / Lunch - A little bit of a IYKYK spot, that is until, Bella Hadid was spotted leaving there recently but I must say although it was good! Not my favourite. If you happen to be in Greenwich and walk by then by all means you're going to have a good meal, but I wouldn't go out of my way to go here specifically. Still a good option to keep tabs on if you're in the area! 

Carbone - Good for Luxury Dinner - Guys, I don't know how I did it. When I say I had an alarm on my phone to go off so I can log on and try and get a reservation... I've had that alarm set for every time I go to New York and this time it finally paid off. I managed to get a res! 
I was worried it would be overhyped but I'm here to say it's categorically not. The Vodka pasta is unreal. The bread box is unreal. I just can't explain... I was also concerned the staff might be pushy and try to rush you off your table but they did no such thing! We were there for four hours and it was an utter delight! 

Antons - Good for Dinner / Lunch - Delicious, delicious pasta! If you're looking for a pasta fix then I would say come here. It's a bit more lowkey and IYKYK vibes, but we love that! I of course went for the truffle pasta and it was creamy and truffley in the best way. It's America so be warned, portion sizes are huge. But! You would have worked most of it off while walking around the city anyways. 

Ai Fiori - Good For Luxury Dinner - 5th Avenue - Mid-Town - This is one of the best dinners I have ever had. Go and get the set menu and you will be blown away. The level of detail, the service and every dish is just divine. It's an Italian / French twist on cuisine and the pasta is SO fresh, the meat is some of the best I have tasted and don't skip dessert: a work of art. This is fine dining that will actually fill you up {no small portions here} it really is worth every penny. Definitely reserve if you can! Our concierge at The Langham 5th Av helped us.

The Bowery - Gemma - East Village - Good For Dinner - Gemma at The Bowery is exceptional for pasta and it’s a hot spots for luxury dining. Another spot for incredible pasta and it has such a good vibe. Make sure you get a reservation. We actually sat at the bar and ended up having such a dreamy night of wine, pasta and inspiring chats with someone lovely sat next door to us. 

St Ambroeuse - Good For Breakfast / Brunch / Lunch / Dinner - Popping it here again as it's good for lunch / dinner too. Dotted around but we went to Soho - This gorgeous Milanese restaurant serves a great breakfast / brunch and Milanese {think vodka pasta} lunch and dinner. We went for breakfast but next time will do lunch as the lunch menu is phenomenal. For my Gossip Girl fans, you may recognise this hotspot as Blair and Serena ate here. We managed to get a walk in but I would suggest reserving. The dinner menu is great. 

Bond ST - Soho - Great For Luxurious Dinner - The best sushi spot I have been to in a long time, Bond ST is frequented by Kendall Jenner and GiGi Hadid so you know it's good. It's also on one of my favourite streets in NYC. Again, expect to line up so definitely get a reservation. We got SO lucky to get a walk in but had to wait an hour at the busy bar with a cocktail. You have to try the avocado rice it will change your life. We had the most phenomenal service and evening here. We actually sat on the chefs kind of bar area and it was such a lovely experience. It is incredibly expensive for small amounts of food so either grab a slice of pizza after or go for a special occasion. The chefs cook it in front of you if you sit at the sushi bar and we had such a wonderful date night. I will go back here every trip now. I cannot stop thinking about it. Definitely reserve if you can! 

Isle Of Capri - Upper East Side - Great For Affordable, Family Dinner - Isle Of Capri is a family run, local Italian restaurant and it is absolutely phenomenal. Apart from the hotel we stayed in {The Langham} this restaurant was probably the best service we had our entire time in New York: attentive, wonderful waiters - bread, olives, cheese to start and incredibly huge portion sizes without the price of other New York restaurants. The staff were genuinely happy to have us there and we had the most phenomenal dinner. They’re famous for their chicken parmigiana. Make sure you save room for their Tiramisu it’s phenomenal. I will 100% head back here. Such a warm, friendly and full-belly experience. 

TAO - Uptown and Downtown - If you’re looking for somewhere sophisticated but vibey, with a great atmosphere and excellent food you will be hard pushed to beat TAO. TAO is a boujiest Asian fusion restaurant {think Hakkasan or Novikov} and I've now eaten at both their NYC locations and their restaurants in Vegas and LA too. Now I'm always a bit funny with chains as I like to eat independent but TAO is a chain you NEED to try if you're into luxurious, Nobu style Asian food. I have eaten at both TAO Downtown and also TAO Uptown, it really depends who has space. My favourite one is the one by Chelsea Market as it has a huge buddah inside. Both are equally as good for different reasons (just take a jacket with you though as the venues are huge and my only bugbear is they can feel a touch cold). It’s fine dining Asian fusion food with a real variety of dishes from sushi to huge familiar sharing dishes such as Pad Thai (which is wonderful by the way). It’s definitely on the pricey side but at the same time you can make it reasonable by topping up on the noodle/rice dishes that are huge. My tip? Share everything on the table, grab a rice dish or a noodle dish to fill you up and don't leave without trying their veggies either, insane. It also turns into a club late at night! Reservations essential on weekends. 

Grand Central Oyster Bar - Grand Central Station - I took my brother here for his birthday because we fancied some champagne and oysters (as you do) and walked past this place in Grand Central and couldn't resist it, full of locals, heading onto trains before their commute, usually bankers, if you're lucky you might find a thousand dollar pearl in your oyster (one customer did two weeks after our visit!!!) it's very American, great service and very fresh oysters. I really loved this spot for people watching... plus you can tie it in with a visit to Grand Central Station. 

Cecconi's - Dumbo - It’s very hard to say which is my favourite restaurant in New York because I have really really enjoyed everywhere I’ve eaten. I've always been a bit 'meh' about going to Cecconi's when abroad because we have them in London but honestly, every experience in every country is different and the one in Dumbo is the best I've ever been to. The menu does differ from spot to spot and Cecconi's in Dumbo is located in Brooklyn Park, with the views of the Manhattan Bridge it os definitely in my top 10. Obviously if you're a Soho House member you can enjoy Soho House Dumbo above too which is the dreamiest rooftop pool. I think it helps that when we ate here we sat on the outside of the restaurant with a waterfront view of the Manhattan Skyline and an absolutely spectacular view of the Manhattan Bridge. Try and ask for an outdoor seat on your reservation if you can, it's just divine. This restaurant is a modern Italian with amazing hand made pasta, seafood dishes and something to suit all tastes. The atmosphere has a real buzz about it and the staff are really friendly. I'd say this is medium to high price range as the dishes are quite small but honestly, worth it for one of the best views in NYC. Reservations essential. 

The Standard Grill - Meatpacking - This is near the High Line and is one of the most divine dinners I've had. Think big, expensive New York steak restaurant, very Gatsby style, incredible decor, incredible cocktails and even better service. I love places that serve cocktails in rose gold mason jars. The Standard Grill is perfect if you're after a steak. Probably one of the best steaks you can get. I blogged about dinner at the Standard years ago if you'd like to read more! This is a divine luxury American grill. Reservations essential on weekends. 

Mercer Kitchen - Soho - The dark, hidden in the basement restaurant of the Mercer Hotel is praised by so many celebrities, Karl Lagerfeld's favourite apparently! It's a very 'fashion' restaurant, think oysters to start, fish for main or vegan burger, they do pizzas too of course. I had a divine dinner here, it's a really romantic setting and the service is amazing.  Reservations essential on weekends. 

Benemon - East Village - One thing I absolutely love about when looking for a restaurant is finding one that looks plain and ordinary on the outside but then on trying it I discover that it is out of this world. For me, Benemon falls in to this category. We were staying at an apartment in East Village and it was late but we were SO hungry, Matt did a lot of research and found this highly rated, hidden gem, well, hidden from tourists but the locals LOVE it. Expect to queue and expect to eat with the locals. The cuisine is Japanese and it serves a variety of dishes from small plates of yummy things to share through to larger comforting warming dishes through to salads. We ordered loads of dishes and shared them and they were all incredible, even potatoes with anchovies and I hate anchovies, but we ordered two portions because they were so good. It is very ordinary looking on the outside and you will often find you have a long wait so get there early if you don’t like queuing but believe me, even if you do have to wait you will love it. The service is phenomenal and the atmosphere is warm and friendly. I'd say the price range is mid-range here. The vibe is relaxed, good food for the soul. Walk in, usually a line, no reservations available. 

Izakaya Mew - Midtown - There's a reason this is ranked as one of the best places for Asian food in New York. We did a lot of research on this place and wow, people love it. This is the coolest under-ground Asian style tapas restaurant, it's huge inside but you'd only really know about it if you'd done your research! We had SO much sushi and so much nibbly, sharing Asian food so yep, it was basically the dream tapas situation but it's much more affordable than many Asian restaurants in New York. Walk in, usually a long line, no reservations available.

Eataly - Flat Iron and World Trade Centre - The fun of Eataly has gone for me a little now we have one in London but I used to say to people you can't go to New York and not stop via Eataly. Eataly is a HUGE Italian deli/supermarket/restaurant/cafe everything Italian under one roof. You'll see people grabbing focaccia from there, people having a wine and cheese night, people doing their grocery shop or people sitting in for pasta. I would highly recommend going in and sitting down with some wine, cheese and meat OR grab something from one of the counters to go and sit in the park and watch the world go by. The pizza slices and breads are divine. You could always make your very own picnic and enjoy it in the park opposite {the one by Flat Iron is really well situated for a park date!} I often just walk in here to use their free restrooms and have a wonder around and look at all the cheeses! I've personally always waited in line to eat but you probably can reserve. 

River Deli - Brooklyn - If you find yourself deep within Brooklyn, our local friends took us to the River Deli. It was a delicious, family run Italian restaurant {they say their favourite in NYC}. Cash only, old school but amazing to sit outside and soak up the atmosphere of the gorgeous Brooklyn streets.

- MILK BAR, for cookies / cereal flavoured ice cream - get the birthday cake truffles!! 
- CHIP NYC for hot NYC cookies - I love them second best to Levain! 
- LEVAIN Bakery for hot NYC cookies, better than CHIP this time round! 
- DO - for yummy cookie dough to go 

Rice to Riches - Soho -  Dessert - Who else loves rice pudding? I do and I can’t even tell you how much I screamed when I saw that an entire shop selling nothing but rice pudding exists in NYC. There is every time of flavour with amazing topping options too. It is such a quirky little place and the walls and tables all have funny messages to read. The rice pudding experience you will get here is like nothing you’ve ever done before! Take out, walk straight in. 

Milk Bar - Times Square - We couldn't not grab one of these incredible twisted ice creams, even on a cold day! It's well worth the 15 minute walk up from Times Square. They're famous for their cereal ice creams! If you just fancy an ice cream though, the ice scream stalls on Ave Americas are always delicious too, just go to the vendor and get a soft serve with sprinkles and thank me later! P.S They also do amazing birthday cake truffles, you gotta try them. 

Chip NYC - West Village - We did a cookie taste test on my vlog and I think Levain bakery won the top spot this time round over CHIP NYC but I advise going to both and making your own decision! You HAVE to go to CHIP in NYC for the dreamiest New York cookies. They've now moved over to the West Village just opposite Bleecker Street Pizza so now you really can have your cake and eat it too! This is just a walk in place, I've never been on an evening but usually go mid-day! 

Magnolia Bakery - Various locations but I like Bleecker Street the best - Magnolia bakery is famous for many reasons and honestly, their cupcakes are divine so pretty please make sure you grab one before leaving New York! I love their birthday cake style one and their coconut one, I've tried a lot. They have a few dotted around now but the store on Bleecker Street is so beautiful. They are famous for their banana pudding so definitely grab that whilst walking down Bleecker. 

Levain Bakery New York


One of the best thing is pizza in New York and there are so many places fighting for the top spot so here are my top places to get pizza in New York. I personally think you're better off getting pizza slices because then you can try as many NYC hot spots as possible. This classes as a cheap eat because let's be honest, you can't go wrong with a $2 slice. If you follow me on my social media channels you will no doubt be abundantly aware that pizza is the love of my life (after Matt, my mum and my brother of course!). I literally love pizza and NYC is a great place to get the most fabulous pizza from places with reputations that have been established over years. I fully save myself for New York pizza now as I'm convinced nowhere else in the world does it like NY. Here is my breakdown of the best NYC pizza slices. 

- Joe's & Bleecker Street pizza are your best for cheap eats if it's pizza you're looking for - IMO I would say Joe's is better, but don't go to the one at Times Square, my pizza was cold! The original in Greenwich village is best. I personally suggest going on a walk and ticking both off at the same time as they're super close. 
- The four pizza places I love the most (so far because I will try many more in years to come ha) are Joe’s Pizza, Bleecker Street Pizza, Upside Pizza and Rubirosa. The most divine bases and toppings using the finest ingredients are available at all 3.
- Prince Town Pizza, Artichoke Pizza and Noalita pizza are also good ones for slices to grab and go
- Rubirosa is my absolute go to for sit down - the vodka pizza is SOMETHING else. Make sure you reserve. The pizzas are HUGE. 
- Johns on Bleecker is meant to be a good one for sit down & people love Grimaldi’s Pizza in Brooklyn… I had a really bad experience as my pizza was burnt but some people love it for sit down pizza, maybe I should give it another shot?  

For more in depth reviews of the best pizza restaurants in New York, I'd recommend reading my guide to the best pizza in New York because ultimately it depends what kind of experience you're after, if it's a dollar slice, a pizza pie, a sit down pizza or all three! That guide has you covered! 
Here are places we didn't get the chance to go to but were firmly on our list, we had heard rave reviews and either couldn't get a reservation, the line was too long or, we just didn't physically have room in our stomachs! {We ran out of time, so many restaurants, so little time} but they all come with exceptional local rankings / ratings and reviews so I trust they will be amazing. 

Cafe China - Mid-town - Phenomenal Shanghai cuisine. We tried so hard to get in here! 

Tonchin - Right by The Langham 5th Av - a Michelin starred ramen restaurant. Incredible reviews.

Ruby’s Cafe - Soho - Aussie inspired but they apparently do amazing pasta for dinner 

Planta - Near The Langham 5th Ave - Vegan sushi spot, apparently they do an all you can eat for $27 on a Monday and it’s meant to be phenomenal! 

Misi - Brooklyn - Famous for it’s whipped ricotta toast and honey, this is meant to be *the* Italian spot right now, we couldn’t get a reservation but apparently it’s incredible and affordable too.

Russ And Daughters - East Village and Brooklyn - Best For Grab And Go Bagels - This place is an institution, famous for their fresh salmon but the lines form for their incredible bagels to go! A great lunch spot if you can beat the line {it was SO long every time we walked past}

Isle Of Capri Chicken Parm

Silver top {similar here and here use EM15 for discount on the site} / white pants
The Langham 5th Ave

Lots of love, Em x

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