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Tuesday 9 August 2022

Charlotte Tilbury Mystery Box Review 2022 - What's Inside Charlotte Tilbury Mystery Box?

Ad affiliate throughout - I don't think I've ever seen beauty lovers come together as quickly as when there's a Charlotte Tilbury sale on. Charlotte Tilbury is one of my all time favourite brands, as you probably know if you read this blog I review the majority of Charlotte Tilbury products and 98% of the time, they hit the spot. Charlotte Tilbury is one of the few people with style and substance: a brand that looks beautiful BUT the effectiveness of her products are next level too. I love everything Charlotte Tilbury and I’m always super excited to see the launch of her annual mystery boxes. I could be wrong but I've seen Charlotte Tilbury mystery boxes three times now, I believe around Black Friday, Christmas sales and now, the first time I've seen her launch a summer mystery box. I bought myself a Charlotte Tilbury Mystery Box so you can see what is inside mine and figure out if you want to buy one yourself. If you are wondering what a Charlotte Tilbury Mystery Box is or What's Inside a Charlotte Tilbury Mystery box? You've come to the right place, I am going to show you what you get inside a Charlotte Tilbury Mystery Beauty box on sale. Open up! 

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The Charlotte Tilbury mystery box comes inside the famous Charlotte Tilbury packaging. 

Watch my YouTube video review of the Charlotte Tilbury Mystery Box
So what is the Charlotte Tilbury Mystery Box? - The products you receive inside the Charlotte Tilbury Mystery Box  remain a mystery until they arrive which always makes me feel quite excited - I usually get a mixture of things I’ve already used and products that are new to me so it’s a great way to be introduced to things I wouldn’t ordinarily use, or get a top up of favourites. See this as like a super suped up Glossybox, with things from your absolute hero brand {if like me, you adore Charlotte Tilbury}. 

Do I save money if I buy a Charlotte Tilbury Mystery Box? - I think the Charlotte Tilbury Mystery Box has great value because the products are always around half the price of what they would be had you purchased them individually - I do always find boxed sets good value in general. 

How do I get a Charlotte Tilbury Mystery Box? - Charlotte Tilbury's Mystery Box launched in August this year {so if you want one, be quick as they are limited edition / supplies} I have recently purchased one of these great value mystery boxes. 

How do I decide which Charlotte Tilbury Mystery Box to buy? - This year it's really cool because you can get a Charlotte Tilbury Mystery Box with skincare {I'm imagining Magic Cream!} AND the original Charlotte Tilbury Mystery Box with make up products inside. I've spoken to a lot of people who have chosen the skincare box as they know they will like all the products but they are worried they wont like the shades in the make up mystery box. 

Can I send back to Charlotte Tilbury Mystery Box? - Don't quote me on this as someone told me this on Instagram but I am here to tell you that I believe as long as you send it all back {aka you can't just choose one item to keep} then you can get a full refund on your purchase so don't worry too much if you order it and decide the shades aren't for you. I really think you will love everything and absolutely not be sending it back anyway. 

There are 2 Mystery boxes available this year: 

- Charlotte Tilbury Make Up to Mesmerise Mystery Box - Charlotte Tilbury Mystery Box with make up products - featuring 6 of Charlotte’s best selling full size make up products for eyes, cheeks and lips.  This retails at around £95. From my research, most people seem to get lipsticks, eye palettes, face palettes and I haven't seen foundations because of course, the shade would be wrong. I haven't seen anyone get any 'ugly' shades {I don't think Tilbury do any ugly shades}, generally they send out universal shades. 

- Charlotte Tilbury Magic Hydrate & Glow Mystery Box - Charlotte Tilbury Mystery Box with skincare - featuring  6 full sized most consumer loved products that hydrate, moisturise the skin and lips.  This box retails at around £113. If you LOVE skincare this is probably the box for you as to be honest, pretty much every single Charlotte Tilbury skincare product is EPIC. If there was a product you REALLY didn't like in there, for your skin type, you could gift it for Christmas or something to someone who would love it, so a win win there.

- What's Inside The Charlotte Tilbury Mystery Box 2022? - Obviously contents of the mystery box will vary BUT I wanted to unbox my Charlotte Tilbury Mystery Box to show you the contents inside a Tilbury Mystery box in 2022. As mentioned, I bought the  Charlotte Tilbury Mystery Box with make up products.

Contents of my Charlotte Tilbury Mystery Box 2022: 

1. Charlotte Tilbury Brow Fix Clear Brow Gel - worth £22 - I don't know many people that wouldn't love a clear brow gel, such an easy one to use and a good one to have in my bag. A play it safe item too because it's clear so should work for the majority of users.

2. Charlotte Tilbury Instant Eye Palette Smokey Eyes Are Forever - worth around £60 {can only find in a set with a mascara for £85} - I squealed when I saw product - wow, wow, wowza. It is huge and the colours are genuinely SO nice for me. I love a smokey eye but I am so into my copper and golds and this pretty much has everything you could need for the perfect smokey eye, I can keep it neutral in the day time, go shimmery in the evening or in winter, warm it up for Autumn or go dark for date night. This has got to be such a good, universal palette and trust me: I am fussy with eye colours but there's something to satisfy most people in here. 

3. Charlotte Tilbury Cheek To Chic - Swish & Pop Blusher - worth £32 - This is my second to least favourite product out of them but that's only because I love a coral blush over a pink. I've had a look on the website though and this shade {although I thought maybe too light for me} actually looks amazing on darker skin toned models on the site so maybe I just need to know how to use it more? I am more of a bronzer gal than a blush but this was bound to happen on one of the items. My opinions aside: this is one of Charlotte Tilbury's cult blush products, to go across the cheek bones and also the middle of the cheek so it's a really nice versatile product. Maybe a good one for me to actually trial before I write it off? 

4. Charlotte Tilbury Tinted Love - Lip and Cheek Tint - worth £25 - This is my least favourite item out of the mystery box but only because I don't use lip and cheek tints / stains but honestly, after looking at the model wearing it, the shade I got 'Bohemian Kiss' looks really nice so again, maybe it's another product I just need to try? I feel like it's nice and versatile because it can be used on lips and cheeks. 

5. Charlotte Tilbury Eyes To Mesmerise Long Lasting Eye Colour in Walk Of No Shame - worth £25 -  This is a lovely eye shadow creme, the colour is absolutely divine and has a kind of rose / rusty warmth to it, so I got very lucky there {although I do find Charlotte Tilbury eye products are very flattering even if I don't like the shade personally!}. I love the creaminess and it isn't something I would buy myself. I would have preferred a face powder here but I understand with shades that's quite hard to do so it's quite cool to have a large eye palette AND a cream shadow to try in this set. 

6. Happikiss balm - 1x bonus product for a spend over £85 - worth £26 - Happy about this as I LOVE these lip balms

How much is the Charlotte Tilbury Mystery Box worth? - Including the free Happikiss balm my box comes in at £190 wowza, or £164 if we take off the balm. Not a bad saving for £95 right?! 

Conclusion: If you are a Charlotte Tilbury super fan and love her products, chances are you will want to try pretty much everything she brings out anyway. It's highly likely you will like the things inside either box. If you want to play it safe though, go for the Mystery Box with skincare then there will be no issues with colours. I do think the team are fair and will ensure they're giving out universal shades as much as they can though as I have generally seen really lovely shades be given. It just depends on personal preference I guess. It's sure a great way to discover new products, fall back in love with old favourites or, the perfect gift to yourself of someone else.

The Charlotte Tilbury mystery boxes are available online here and are available for a limited period of time only and they are beautifully packed in a dreamy night-crimson gift box - so treat yourself to a gift for you! Right now you do get a free Charlotte Tilbury Happikiss with purchases over £85 too which is a bonus and one of my favourite hydrating lip products. 

I’m excited to hear your thoughts and see what you got!

Lots of love, Em x
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