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Monday 22 August 2022

Viktor & Rolf Good Fortune Eau de Parfum Review

Ad affiliate / pr - For anyone who knows me it is no secret that one of my favourite all time fragrances is the classic Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb. It was always top of my birthday and Christmas present list when I was younger and I have been so lucky to have worked with Viktor & Rolf and this fragrance since  entering the blogging world. When I was younger, I remember my Mum surprising me with a shopping day in Harvey Nichols with a new handbag and my very own special bottle of Flowerbomb inside. We've been buying the limited edition Viktor & Rolf scents for over 10 years. I've grown up adoring Viktor & Rolf and I love to see what new things they come up with. As much as I am a Flowerbomb girl through and through, I am always excited when Viktor & Rolf release a new fragrance as I can always trust it to become a new favourite. Introducing the newest launch from Viktor & Rolf; Viktor & Rolf Good Fortune.

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It took perfumers Anne Flipo and Nicolas Beaulieu ten years and more than 3,500 trials to come up with Viktor & Rolf GOOD FORTUNE. The result: a unique and never-seen-before signature, a Viktor & Rolf exclusive co-distillate of fennel and gentian flower — the scent’s top notes — and a vegan formula with no animal-derived ingredient, the first L’Oréal Luxe fragrance to claim it. What an introduction to a new fragrance. I feel like for Viktor & Rolf, when Flowerbomb is such a global hit, the pressure is on to create something just as magical but entirely different. Good Fortune is incredibly different to Flowerbomb and actually, it's a great way to capture an entirely new audience as it's such a different scent.

The branding is absolutely gorgeous, gone are the girlie pinks and instead, we have such a strong bottle. This is one of the things I so love about Viktor & Rolf - they whole heartedly invest in new concepts and put so much love into their products. Only the other day, my friend was trying on Viktor & Rolf wedding dresses and wow, what an incredible brand they are. Viktor & Rolf’s Good Fortune has a mystic, spiritual, strong, independent feel to its branding. I love the deep purple bottle which is deliberately sphere shaped like a fortune tellers ball. There is then a beautiful use of gold colours and crystal at the neck of the bottle and an amethyst shaped top to finish off, all creating a positive vibe feeling but still giving that luxurious feel. I am a bit of a sucker for good looking bottles and this one is very appealing and will look very attractive in your bathroom. It's like nothing we've seen before from the brand. 

So what does Viktor & Rolf's Good Fortune smell like? Of course, Viktor & Rolf Good Fortune Eau De Parfum is very different from the brands very floral classic fragrance that I grew up with. It's hard to think about Viktor & Rolf and NOT think about Flowerbomb but as I said, this is an entirely new, different offering. In scent, it's less floral but still very light with a heavy feature of jasmine and vanilla. On the first spray, a floral smell of liquorice greets you and quickly then emerges in to full on jasmine and vanilla. Lots of people have said that after the first ten minutes, the fragrance does change as it settles on the skin and I also found that.  This is a beautiful but different fragrance and I’m excited to use it regularly over the coming weeks. People are describing the smell of Viktor & Rolf's Good Fortune as a deeper / darker version of Alien, whilst it doesn't smell entirely like Alien, it does share the jasmine notes which is probably where the slight similarity is coming from. Some are saying Viktor & Rolf's Good Fortune is similar in scent to YSL Libre Intense. I find it starts very strong and then softens, to a familiar kind of scent - but not a dark scent, it ends up being quite gentle actually. It's definitely a mysterious kind of scent. If you love jasmine, I would say this scent is for you. 

People always ask me how long Viktor & Rolf fragrances last, I find they make incredibly long lasting scents that linger all day long on the skin. Some people say Viktor & Rolf fragrances last 8 hours on the body {I know Flowerbomb certainly lasts on my skin} but I know it's hard to still smell it on yourself as you get used to it. Some people have commented that Good Fortune isn't as long lasting as other scents which I find hard to believe as usually I find Viktor & Rolf fragrances to have strong staying power. 

Other good points to note about Viktor & Rolf’s Good Fortune {besides the above, it being the first vegan fragrance within the L'Oreal Luxe range} is that it uses sustainably sourced ingredients, the bottle is refillable and uses 15% recycled glass.

Bottles range from around £60 - £114 depending on size and can be found at your favourite retailers like Boots, you can also get Good Fortune online. 

Lots of love, Em x

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