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Wednesday, 16 October 2019

The Best Places For Breakfast And Brunch In New York - NYC Top Brunch Spots

cha cha matcha nyc

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I’m sure you guys will know by now that I am absolutely, utterly obsessed with visiting New York. One thing I ensure I do when I travel is hunt down the best food and restaurants, whether they’re popular must eat at chains, hidden gems, local independents or top recommendations. I do a lot of research when visiting new places. I’ve now been to NYC maybe 10 times so I really do feel as if I know it well but every time there are new restaurants on my visit list. Someone told me even if you ate out in New York 3x per day for 10 years you still wouldn’t be able to try all the restaurants, that is crazy. I wrote my huge New York city travel guide a while back (then did my guide to the best pizza in New York) and have been updating them after each trip since but today I wanted to do a separate post about my favourite and top brunch and breakfast spots in New York because let’s be honest, it’s worth getting up for breakfast in New York and I take my food very seriously so you can trust this guide.

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jacks wife Freda nyc

In NYC you can pretty much get any food you want 24/7. Breakfast and brunch options are in abundance and there is no shortage of our familiar standard Starbucks, Pret, Costas etc etc (although I was offended when my Mum went to Pret for her first NYC breakfast, as much as I love it, not in New York Mama!) I never want to eat standard though when I go to a different country, I want to explore the culture and the local eating places and really immerse myself in a place. Here are some of my fave brunch and breakfast places in New York.
new york matcha

Getting A Reservation At New York Restaurants: NYC restaurants (particularly on weekends) get crazy busy so either turn up an hour earlier and put your name down at the popular ones OR check online for reservations, usually if you’re a large group you can reserve. I always tell people to line up before they get hungry and recognise that there will be a 30-1 hour wait on a weekend for the top spots! Mid-week though these places tend to be fine.

the butchers daughter nyc

The Butcher’s Daughter - Hudson Street + Kenmare Street - I’ve eaten here so many times and was excited to take my family this time around. As a family we eat meat (some of my family love a good burger but over the last year I’ve massively cut my meat intake down) but we also eat lots of plant based dishes too and fortunately my family are open to trying new things. The Butcher’s Daughter is fully vegetarian with vegan options (actually a great place for any dietary requirements). I love it because I feel as if everything is healthy, but so fresh and delicious. I jump at the chance to eat here when I’m in NYC or LA. All their produce is sourced locally (something I try and look for when I can) and much of it is organic. They do a whole range of dishes suitable for any meal time but we particularly like it for breakfast/brunch. I’d personally recommend their pancakes, avocado toast (the Americans just do Avo on toast way better) and the Acai bowl. Their juices are fabulous (expensive but fabulous), so fresh and my Mum still raves about her açaí bowl and sourdough toast. I got so bored of Avo on toast but The Butcher’s Daughter reignited my love for it and shows everyone how avo on toast should be done… creamy and delicious.

greens eggs jacks wife freda

Jack’s Wife Freda - Soho, West Village + Chelsea - Matt always laughs at me when I say I want to eat here because he says the story behind Jack’s Wife Freda is better than the actual food. Errrr I disagree haha! I just had to bring my family here - a chain of local restaurants throughout NYC opened on the back of a love story that led to Jack and Freda’s grandson eventually buying the restaurant he wanted in New York City and naming it after his grandparents who had both moved to New York City and enabled so many childhood memories. The atmosphere in this place just has to be sampled, it’s fantastic. The menu is varied many with great fresh juices, wonderful egg dishes and yummy waffles. It’s a real local, neighbourhood hangout and often I’m the only tourist in there. Give it a go you will love it as did my family. Their huge glass of fresh watermelon juice and their green shakshuka are must haves. The menu is so fresh and different to any other brunch place I’ve found.

maman new york

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Maman NYC - Soho, Tribeca, Nomad - When we visited NYC this time, we stayed in Soho. When we walked out of our hotel doors there was what looked like a little bakery just a few yards away on the right hand side. However, most days we turned left and didn’t get around to going here until one morning my Mum headed in this direction to get to the Hudson River. She called in for some porridge and texted me to say she it was gorgeous so in between gyming and going out for the day Matt and I went to this place for avo on toast. It was honestly epic. Such a rustic friendly little cafe that served all the local commuters on their way to the station. They do epic pastries, porridge, coffee, amazing matcha and yummy avocado on toast. More of an affordable, casual and rustic hangout or a great place to grab and go but so homely.

two hands nyc

Two Hands - Nolita + Tribeca - Another place I love is Two Hands, an Australian restaurant in NYC. I’m a sucker for Aussie food, if you’ve ever read my London brunch guide you’ll know all about Granger and Co, another Aussie fave but in London. Two Hands was recommended by my friend Erika RetroFlame and it’s my favourite recommendation yet and just what we were all after, a large, yummy breakfast. I’ve eaten at the Tribeca one and it’s so relaxed and laid back in there with a great atmosphere. There is nothing laid back about the food though, it is amazing. Make sure you are hungry when you eat here as there are all sorts of wonderful home baked sweet treats aswell as savouries. A real must try for those with a good appetite and one of the best avocado on toasts I’ve ever had. You’ll see me eating here on my 10,000 calories in NYC challenge video too!

perishing square nyc

Perishing Square - Grand Central - I’ve popped this on here as it’s probably the least ‘trendy’ of all my recommendations (no it's not vegan or organic), but it’s a typical, big, hearty, American diner. I know some members of my family LOVE steak, eggs, chips and bacon on pancakes so if you’re after refillable coffee, bacon and all the traditional breakfast food then Perishing Square is for you.

bluestone lane new york

Bluestone Lane - Various Locations - They have Bluestone Lane’s dotted around everywhere in NYC now but I first discovered one near Dumbo in Brooklyn. It was absolutely divine, the perfect place for either a matcha or coffee break (iced coffee all the way for me please), a small bite like banana and almond butter on toast OR a hearty portion of avo on toast. It’s a really affordable, casual but beautiful, Aussie restaurant and again, would be a good grab and go too.

EggShop - Elizabeth Street - I went here AGES ago and if you’re someone who loves eggs, this place is very cool, or eggcellent should I say. They pretty much do any egg recipe you can think of. It’s a really quirky place, whether you’re after avo and egg, salmon and egg, steak and egg, fried chicken and egg, hash browns, egg burritos or more, they’ve got it!

Citizens Of Chelsea - Gramercy, Bleecker + Chelsea - This is a gorgeous, light and airy brunch spot in NYC (another Aussie restaurant, sorry, they clearly just do the best brunches in New York!) They do breakfast and brunch all day so perfect if you’re like me and you can’t eat lunch before you’ve had something breakfasty. Whether it’s muesli, acai, porridge, eggs benny or their breakfast sandwich (the boys in my life went crazy for this) Citizens Of Chelsea do a bit of everything, for everyone, from healthy to beast feast!

chacha matcha

Cha Cha Matcha - Various locationsI’m popping this on my best brunch and breakfast in New York guide because I love popping into Cha Cha Matcha for my morning matcha (they do so many different types) and a slice of banana bread! They also do little chia pots etc to go, I’d say it’s more of a fun coffee shop or somewhere to sit and do work than a place to sit and have a proper breakfast but perfect if you fancy a quick drink or snack.

cha cha matcha nyc

So there we have it guys, in my opinion these are the best breakfast and brunch restaurants in New York, time to try lots of others when I visit next as there are so many on my list (Bubbys is high on my list). If in doubt, find any old bagel shop whilst walking around (apparently Black Seed bagels are the best bagels in New York), get a cinnamon and raisin one with lashings of butter and head out on your day!

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Lots of love, Em x

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.


This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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