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Monday, 11 March 2019

Best Brunch in London - Instagram Brunch Spots In London - Instagrammable London Restaurants

the ivy chelsea garden spring
Dress online here - ad affiliate / photo by Marta Ferenc  - location - The Ivy Chelsea Garden 

Something I shout about from the rooftops? My love for food. Em and brunch, it’s an endless love affair. I don’t really know when ‘brunch’ became a thing, but it’s food, so I’ll take it. I’ve always been a massive breakfast lover so I guess it’s only right that I love brunch too. Let's be honest, breakfast and brunch are basically the same thing, it just means those delicious breakfasty dishes are available for a longer period and I am so down for that. It’s fair to say there are some exceptional brunch places in London so today I thought I’d (finally) write up a blog post with my current favourite go to places for Instagrammable brunch in London. These places are definitely the most Instagrammable brunch places in London too, if that's your thing. Bear in mind, I don’t like places that are Instagrammable but don’t do good food, I’d much rather go somewhere ‘non insta worthy’ with genuinely good food so all of these places are both insta-worthy AND serve up epic brunch. If you could get a degree in brunch, I'd get a first class honours no doubt about it. I'm deliberately mentioning places I've visited many times on my London brunch guide so they definitely get my approval and aren't just one hit wonders. I take brunch very seriously. Don't forget to read my ultimate guide of the best places to eat in London. 

ham yard hotel london

So, let's do it. Here are my current favourite go to places for the best brunch in London. Good food, good vibes and good food. Instagrammable just makes it even more of a bonus! Please note, most of these photos are iphone photos as well, I'm usually too busy eating to take photos ha.

timmy green london

timmy green london

Timmy Green - I don’t know why Timmy Green is a new part of my life, wow I have been missing out. It’s now my absolute go to for an epic brunch and I have to say, absolutely one of the best places for brunch in London. It’s situated close to Buckingham Palace and Victoria too so is a prime location for sightseeing and just generally having a nice walk and of course, it’s probably one of the most Instagram worthy brunch spots in London with it’s bright light and fun, Aussie decor. I’ve never been to Australia but one thing I do know? Aussies seriously know how to do brunch and usually, it's nice and healthy too which is a bonus. Timmy Green is part of the Daisy Green collection and they’re slowly but surely taking over London with their beautiful restaurants (rightly so, Daisy Green for prime minister please), they have a fair few dotted around London now. I’m slowly but surely trying to tick off as many as possible. Head to Timmy Green for one of the best all day brunch menus ever, I highly recommend the banana bread sandwich. The service in Timmy Green is one of the best I’ve had in London btw! Sunday brunch, sorted. Thank me later.

farm girl notting hill

puppy chai latte at farm girl

Farm Girl - I used to live in hotels in Notting Hill so consider myself a little bit of a local when it comes to Notting Hill restaurants. Read my Notting Hill Guide to Instagram if you missed that. Farm Girl was actually one of the first healthy/vegan friendly/Instagram worthy restaurants to pop up in London, hence the queues down the street. My ultimate favourite dish at Farm Girl? The buckwheat pancakes. I love Farm Girl because it’s healthy, good, hearty food. Pretty sure it’s also Aussie! The decor in the new Chelsea location is to DIE for and actually, whilst I first fell in love with Farm Girl in Notting Hill, Chelsea is now my local and I much prefer the inside of the restaurant! The decor is divine, so swoon worthy and calming. I’ve tried the whole menu but highly recommend the pancakes, the avocado on toast and the chai latte (you get a cute puppy on top!) Farm Girl is also worth going to for a coffee, they definitely started the match latte trend and do so many weird and wonderful lattes worth trying. I'd move in here if I could.

farmacy london

Farmacy - Another Notting Hill fave, I’ve actually broken records and had brunch at Farmacy 5x in a week before. I should have shares in this place. It really is my happy place, full of plants, brightness and obviously the best food ever. I love it because it's really healthy but it tastes so good. It was one of the first vegetarian friendly brunch places and whipped up a storm when it launched. The juice menu at Farmacy is SO impressive, I've never seen anything like it, it takes me hours to choose. I always end up going for the matcha tonic. To eat? I always go for the waffles with ‘Nutella’, healthy waffles with a homemade hazelnut sauce. For lunch, get the nachos, you wont regret it. I always find the service is great here too. Make sure you get here in time for brunch, I think it finishes at 11am.

acai bowl granger and co

granger and co london

Granger & Co - I spend a lot of time in Granger and Co. I have been to Kings Cross, Notting Hill AND Chelsea all a number of times and they’re all lovely. I'm a Granger and Co regular. Notting Hill is the famous, buzzy one (rumour has it, David Beckham goes before school with his kids and if it's good enough for David Beckham it's good enough for me) and Chelsea I find also is pretty rammed but the service is always great. Again, this is an Aussie restaurant and it’s lovely to see how they’ve expanded throughout little neighbourhoods in London. I think the Kings Cross one is lovely as it’s so bright and I often do meetings there then sit and work all day afterwards, I'd actually say Kings Cross and Chelsea are nicer than the Notting Hill one. People travel for miles to try the ricotta hotcakes but I also usually get the dippy eggs and soldiers, the a├žai bowl and then a side of their coconut toast - it is divine. You wont regret it. I also love Bills Beets, their juice. I should have shares in this place too, I go so much.

darcie may and green london

darcie may and green london brunch

Darcie May & Green - Another incredible restaurant owned by Daisy Green and one I recommend to people ALL the time (I love that they all have different, cute names). This one is SPECTACULAR as it’s on a canal boat! Imagine the epic Daisy Green/Timmy Green menu but served on a cute canal boat. I've never been anywhere like it. It’s so special and it’s absolutely worth mentioning that Daisy Green's restaurants do bottomless brunch eek! So you can have mimosas with your sweet and savoury dishes! You’ve gotta try the shakshuka with charcoal toast, yum, the best shakshuka I’ve ever had (bold statement but true) and the French toast. They also have an amazing smoothie/juice menu and I'm slowly making my way through all their juices. Again, the service at Darcie May and Green is exceptional and the food is high quality, delicious and so fresh. I have nothing bad to say about Daisy Green, all of their restaurants so far have been epic for breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner. I could eat there every single day.

the ivy chelsea

The Ivy - Another place I should probably have shares in. My absolute favourite Ivy (they're popping up everywhere) is The Ivy Chelsea Garden, it’s the original and definitely the nicest. The breakfast/brunch is more traditional and not on all day so get there early and make sure you reserve as this place is always rammed, I usually get a side of crumpets (of course) alongside either a fruit salad, Avo on toast (basic blogger, of course she does) or the pancakes. The cute little garden area is SO beautiful.

four seasons brunch park lane

Brunch At Four Seasons Park Lane - I have to say, I think this is the best bottomless brunch in London, for sure. I was recently invited (Ad PR) to review this brunch and everything about this blew me away, I am so excited to head back already and take my whole family. Four Seasons is incredibly special from the quality, the level of service and the choice of food, everything is just incredible. Think fish platter (yep, lobster is on there), spaghetti, meatballs, salads, incredible bread, delicious sides and a whole table of desserts. This is the ultimate bottomless brunch, with epic food, the most delicious Ruinart champagne. Matt went for the fritto platter to start followed by eggs and salmon, I went for the shakshuka followed by vegan spaghetti bolognese (the tastiest spaghetti I have ever had), followed by a live cooking table of Moroccan delights AND the biggest dessert table ever. The bread itself is worth coming back for, the most divine brioche. I need to go back to try the green beans as they looked delicious. Book this, you wont be disappointed. Saturdays and Sundays in Mayfair, thank me later.

redemption restaurant london

Redemption London - I recently discovered Redemption in Seven Dials. It's somewhere I've always wanted to try and is a fun, healthy vegan restaurant. Of course I went for the pancakes but to be honest, I could have tried the whole menu and they do such good smoothies too. Again, the service here was phenomenal and I can't wait to go back and try more of the menu.

elan cafe london

elan cafe london

Elan Cafe - It would be wrong to talk about the most Instagrammable brunch restaurants in London and not talk about Elan cafe. Elan was one of the first to do beautiful lattes and flower walls and the trend isn't dying down, they've opened so many restaurants around London now and all of them are beautiful. Elan Cafe do the most amazing cakes, croissants and have a large brunch menu too. I personally love it for a latte and some cake. My favourite Elan cafe? It has to be the new one in Knightsbridge, I haven't yet had brunch there but had an amazing latte there. Time to book myself to go back in! Expect to queue, even though Elan Cafe have opened so many different locations now, people queue out of the door. I'd say it's probably the most Instagram friendly brunch place in the whole of London and was definitely designed with Instagram in mind with it's beautiful neon signs, Insta friendly desserts and incredible floral walls.

daylesford farm

Daylesford - Last but certainly not least, my happy place, Daylesford. I don't even have a photo of the breakfast there but it's delicious. There’s one in Pimlico, Chelsea and also Notting Hill, Marylebone (and many more, I love the Cotswolds one) . Their menus change with the seasons and I love that, it means you're always getting fresh produce. I've done a cooking class at the Daylesford in the Cotswolds before and it was amazing to learn from the chefs so I highly rate this place and know just how fresh the ingredients are (many grown at their own farm). They do lots of delicious teas and cold pressed juices as well as delicious muesli, pancakes, porridge and more. I'd say it's more breakfast than brunch but I really love this place for high quality food.

soho house london

Soho House - If you have membership or know someone who does, definitely go for breakfast at Soho House. I live for breakfast meetings there. I swear by their matcha latte and their almond butter and blueberries on toast, it's a real game changer. Their sour dough is the best. I often book to stay in Soho Houses just because they are always in such good locations and I live for the breakfast options.

So there we have it, a little whistle tour of some of my favourite, most visited brunch places in London. I know there are SO many Instagrammable brunch places popping up in London but these are the ones I spend most of my time at and can truly say the food is delicious as well as good service and insta worthy decor. I know there are many more I need to try out! Comment and let me know where I should try next!

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.


This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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