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Sunday 30 January 2022

Jo Malone Valentine's Day Roses Review - Jo Malone Valentines Day 2022

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I'm an absolute sucker for anything seasonal and Valentine's Day is one of those seasons I am massively on board with: a day devoted to love, all things pretty and food? Yes please. Any excuse to spread some love. If you read my Valentine's Day gift ideas guide you'll know I am on board with Valentine's themed gifting, whether it's for yourself, for GALENTINES or a loved one. I love seeing brands get creative with new items for different seasons and a brand that win every single time? Jo Malone London. Today I am reviewing the brand new, limited edition Jo Malone Roses Collection. Jo Malone London Red Roses has long been a Valentine's gift of dreams; luxury roses, but in a bottle and now, they've gone and made the range even more spectacular. 

The Jo Malone Valentine's Day collection is probably the prettiest I have ever seen, I think the photos speak for themselves - this range is just utterly gorgeous. I am utterly obsessed with home decor and I have to say, these new Jo Malone Roses bottles / candles / diffusers would make the dreamiest gift for the home, fragrance aside: they will compliment a home so beautifully. 

In true Jo Malone London style, the bottles remain timeless and sophisticated but with a hint of fun and Jo Malone energy. I am obsessed with the script style font and the play on colours for Valentine's Day / spring. I think these bottles will make the most stunning collectors editions too. I have my eye on a diffuser and candles next {praying they don't sell out}. 

As Jo Malone say, gift the gift of roses this Valentine's Day, who needs flowers when you can use this as your bouquet? These are timeless roses, bottled up. Jo Malone celebrates the rose with a collection of blooming scents, perfect as we slowly enter into Spring. From light and fresh to deep and voluptuous, the range includes colognes and home scents with each one offering a different interpretation of the queen of the flower beds: the rose. 

Roses are a traditional Valentine's Day flower, although I am more into my roses being pink - rather than red so I love that these bottles - just like flower beds - are dressed in decorative, tonal designs. 

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I think roses can often smell a little bit old fashioned but Jo Malone have managed to bottle them and make roses sensual. Roses by Jo Malone evoke the feeling of spring and new awakenings. I have the Jo Malone rose blush cologne; it's soft and sweet, almost like those purple violet candies but then you get the softness of the rose at the end. It's the perfect day time scent, soft and easy to wear. 
I then have the Jo Malone Rose and Magnolia, which in my opinion is a little more sexy, something I would notice on someone - a date night ready rose. My personal favourite right now. I love sensual scents. 

I'm always asked how Jo Malone scents last on the skin and how long the candles burn for. I truly think with Jo Malone it is a case of you get what you pay for. Jo Malone scents last all day and even when I can no longer smell it on myself, people always ask me what I am wearing. As for Jo Malone candles and their lasting power, I always light them for at least two hours so not to ruin the candle - I like it to burn evenly and when I walk into the room, it smells incredible for hours. I've actually never owned a Jo Malone diffuser but now I've seen the limited edition Roses range, I think that's top of my list, Saint Valentine. 

Jo Malone London also sell candles in this new tonal, scripted design and I simply have to get my hands on one. I want this entire collection for my home. I would love the London Velvet Rose and Oud candle, a deep, sensual scent but the new limited edition branding is by far, my favourite yet. 

You can shop the brand new Jo Malone Special Edition Roses collection at Jo Malone. If you're lucky, it even comes in a heart shaped Jo Malone gift box. 

Lots of love, Em x

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