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Monday 24 January 2022

The Best Healthy Snacks

Ad affiliate / PR throughout - If you read my best healthy snacks post you'll know I love snacking, snack queen over here. One thing I've been trying to do as a bit of a New Years resolution is eat more protein, in whatever way I can. I work out a lot and I definitely do not eat as much protein as my body apparently needs. A quick Google will tell you how important protein is in the diet and I definitely need more because I am so active. I'm not a personal trainer or nutritionist so do always speak to the health professionals first before making any drastic changes but I thought I'd pop together a list of some of my personal favourite high protein snacks, aka the things I am trying to grab to snack on at the moment. I'm a sucker for a loaf of sourdough and honestly can go through the whole thing in record time, there's nothing wrong with that (bread or life) but I've been training myself to grab some high protein snacks alongside my sourdough... 

Protein Bars - Okay you might initially think: 'ew', because I used to think 'ew' when I thought about protein bars but when you get a good one, wowza they're good, filling, generally taste like chocolate but full of goodness and protein. 

My favourite protein bars are Misfits protein bars they taste like chocolate bars and are nice and gooey, my favourite flavour is the limited edition banoffee but my boyfriend loves the peanut ones. The salted caramel ones are also really good but you can just buy a variety pack if you want to try them all and find your favourite one. They work really nicely as breakfast, a mid-day snack or dessert. What separates these from other protein bars? They are natural, high in protein, no added sugars, vegan friendly and do so much for sustainability too. They're actually one of the only protein bars I've found (I think?!) with natural ingredients rather than adding artificial things. They're a really lovely brand and out of all these protein bars, are the lowest in sugar. Generally my favourite flavours tend to be LTD edition, I love the banoffee one and the gingerbread one the bst. You can use promo code EMS20 for discount at Misfits.

Another protein bar I love (thanks to Matt for introducing me) are the PHD Smart Bars - my favourite flavour is the peanut followed by the cookie followed by the white choc but honestly I’ll take any of them. They do a vegan version too. I have been known to have 3 in one day. They're low in everything but high in protein. I feel like they taste like a toffee crisp bars. I suggest buying them online here as they're cheapest. 

Barebells - I discovered these via a delivery app and when I say I AM HOOKED. I mean it. The fudge flavour is my absolute favourite followed by salted caramel and then cookies and cream. It's embarrassing how many of these I am going through at the moment. I am having one every single morning for my pre-breakfast snack and loving it. I am utterly obsessed them and I haven't really seen anyone talk about these. I cannot believe how good they taste. 

More recently I have been buying Grenade protein bars too, I've gotta say the caramel ones are utterly delicious and I am a sucker for their cookies and cream bar.  It tastes a lil powdery but on a scale of protein bars, I'd say Grenade are up there with the best tasting - they're like chocolate bars. If you're not into the bars, you can also get Grenade protein shakes which are quite frankly, like milkshakes. The white chocolate one is unbelievably tasty. 

Protein Powder - I much prefer getting my protein from bars rather than a protein shake, but sometimes needs must and I will add the protein powder to my smoothies, shakes or usually I prefer to add it to my morning oats/porridge or my baking. I use Misfits protein - it has a nice sweet taste but not as artificial as some, I find it adds a lovely flavour to my oats / baking particularly. 

I do really like Bulk Powders too for protein powders, if you're looking for whey over pea protein, Matt swears by them.

If you're looking for a collagen protein powder, try Dose & Co, not only is their packaging probably the dreamiest I've ever seen (and plastic free too) the protein tastes amazing. I like their chocolate fudge and vanilla, these are different to your normal proteins as they also support healthy skin, hair and nails too. 

A new addition, Slimfast recently launched their first ever range not for weight loss! I am SO happy about this. The chocolate shake power is really delicious plus plant based. It's more of a snack / small meal calorie wise but I have been putting half the portion into my oats for yummy chocolatey oats but also lots of added minerals and vitamins inside my oats. You can of course make a shake or, add it to your smoothie too. 

Protein Spread - I wish I never found protein spread. I eat it by the tub. I blame TikTok is Grenade protein spread, having this in the house is dangerous as I ate a whole tub in less than two weeks but wowza, the cookies and cream spread is so good it can be eaten alone, with a spoon and doesn't need to be spread on anything... it's basically like adult Nutella with protein in it. Oops. 

Heck Chicken Sausages - I know one of the best ways to get protein is by eating chicken but honestly, unless it's Nandos or a Sunday roast, it's just not my favourite thing... hallelujah for Heck chicken sausages, SO low calorie but SO high protein. I eat 6 of these and have them with low sugar Heinz beans for a delicious breakfast. It's good to know I am getting my protein in. I talk about Naked Glory sausages a lot too, if you're looking for some vegan sausages. 

Peanut Butter - It gets a bad rep sometimes because it's high in calories (all nuts are generally) but it is high in protein, I personally love peanut butter in my oats, dunked into apple, on top of my pancakes, inside peanut butter cups or on my toast: peanut butter, toast and banana is one of my go to snacks. My favourite peanut butter at the moment is Mani Life. 

Lindahls Quark  I buy these in bulk from the supermarket, my favourite flavour is Stracciatella, they're low sugar, high protein (17g per pot!) but low calorie too. I literally love the creamy taste, I actually have to have my fridge stocked with these now and have been eating them for well over a year! Such a yummy, filling but high protein snack. I also love their pro+ range too. 

Side note, I also bought some Arla Protein yoghurts too to compare, those ones are more on the fruity side but also are protein packed and people swear by them. 

Greek Yoghurt - You can get Quark, Greek yoghurt or both, I personally stock up on both. I like Greek yoghurt on top of my pancakes or by with fruit and honey for a high protein snack. I personally like to buy Fage. 

If you're looking for a vegan option, I swear by NUSH. I just adore their almond yoghurts and eat them straight out of the tub. 

Cottage Cheese - I spoon feed myself cottage cheese (the best one is Longley Farm, no other will do) as it's high protein, filling AND DELICIOUS. If I'm not spoon feeding myself it, I will pop it on top of crackers, rice cakes or a jacket potato, I even love it on toast too. It's the best snack. In Yorkshire, I used to buy this in Morrisons but in London I find it in Bayley and Sage. 

Babybel Light - Speaking of cheese, I always stock my cupboards with Babybels. I am currently loving snacking on Babybel lights, I generally eat two in a row because they're so good but they're low calorie and delicious. 

Protein pancakes / protein muffins / protein flapjack / protein balls 
- If you're wanting lower cost high protein snacks, you can make your own. I have so many recipes in my easy, healthier recipe e-book whether it's pancakes, muffins, flapjack, balls and all you need to do is add a scoop of protein to each recipe to make them higher in protein orrr you could just dunk it in peanut butter, yum. As I said, I like Misfits protein powder in my recipes. 

Tuna - I'm not a fishy fish lover, unless it's seafood or heavily battered, I struggle with fish but tuna I can get on board with, I love tuna on top of pasta or with my jacket potato. If you like cheese on top of your tuna / pasta or tuna baked potato, try EatLean cheese. I found it in Sainsburys and it's basically high protein cheese, it's really nice. 

Eggs - Obviously eggs are high in protein, if you enjoy them, you can have boiled eggs as a high protein snack, I prefer dippy eggs (not so high protein as I only eat the yummy orange part) or when I'm abroad I do enjoy an omelette. I swear by Clarence Court or Cacklebean, they're the best. 

Handful Of Nuts - Nuts are a good source of protein, I like them in either granola or as a trail mix with fruit. The best tastiest nuts / fruit mix is definitely by Whitworths, I am obsessed with their dried fruit and tropical mix.  

Chickpeas - Chickpeas are apparently great for protein great for me because I eat Hippeas literally every day as a sack. Hippeas are puffed chickpea crisps that taste like Wotsits, when they’re on offer I buy them in bulk. They're such a good invention. I often just grab a bag as a lunchtime snack or pre-dinner snack but they're even better as a Hippeas sandwich! If you want to get a tin of chickpeas (I buy mine from Biona) you could make my chickpea cookie dough, chickpea blondies or for something savoury, make homemade hummus or roast some chickpeas with seasoning for a delicious, high protein snack. 

Chia pudding - I love making anything with chia seeds and often add them to lots of my baking but apparently the yummy chia pudding is a nice source of protein. I personally LOVE a chocolate chia pudding, super easy to make with almond milk and SO yummy. I use these chia seeds and I actually cheat on making it by using the Thermomix, aka the easiest way to cook / bake / blend anything and everything quickly. Top it with raspberries or add in some cacao for a chocolatey dessert. 

Edamame - Every time I walk past Itsu I buy myself a tub of Edamame beans, I always though they were a yummy, filling snack and guess what? Apparently edamame beans are high in protein. I love having a whole tub of them with my sushi and it's good to know they're high in protein too. Bonus. 

Lower sugar chocolate - If you love something sweet / chocolatey but want less sugar, definitely try Rhythm108... so they're not super high in protein but they make up for it by being around 45% less sugar than other chocolate brands... the 'highest protein' out of them is their chocolate orange bar but they're just great if you're looking for refined sugar free chocolate bars so I wanted to include them on this blog post if that's something you're looking for - side note, I cannot believe they're vegan. My favourite? The coconut / salted almond bars, mylk tablets and hazelnut cookies.  Use promo code EMS20 for 20% off the whole Rhythm108 site

Beef Jerky - Beef jerky is such a great snack if you're a meat eater, apparently it's high in protein too. They have so many different options here but the nutritionals are really good.

Apples With Almond / Peanut Butter - I'm very fussy when it comes to apples, I love a juicy red one and I can only have my apples sliced, don't ask me why! I love a pink lady too. Slicing my apple and dunking them into almond butter is such a good snack, OR, baking it sliced in the oven with cinnamon - thank me later! 

Grapes - I always have grapes in the fridge, I find them really filling and satisfying. I think they're such a yummy snack to grab. 

Lots of love, Em x

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