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Tuesday 11 January 2022

Creating My Dream Bedroom, Fine Bedding Company Night Owl Duvet Review

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In my opinion, a bedroom should be the dreamiest space in the house, it's where you go to switch off, relax and well, sleep! You want to go to bed happy and wake up happy. When you rest your sleepy head, you should forget about the world and be taken away to a blissful sanctuary. I fully believe bedrooms should be calm, non-cluttered spaces. My mind hates clutter, particularly when I'm trying to sleep. If you guys have followed my renovation over the last year, I'm sure you'll know just how obsessed I am with all things interiors. Whether it's a lamp shade, a barstool, new cushions or towels, I just love beautiful interiors. Whilst I haven't bought the bed of my dreams yet {we went for a quick, speedy delivery bed with storage}, I have found the quirkiest, time saving bed linen to exist, the Night Owl Duvet

Building my dream bedroom has been pretty easy actually, we started with a blank canvas. We went for herringbone floor which I think is a classic and transformed the room instantly, then added the most beautiful sliding wardrobes for extra storage - they have floor to ceiling storage so mean all my clutter is neatly hidden! We added the most beautiful french style shutters and then an antique style gold mirror to really open the space.

Maybe you're like me and actually find putting a duvet cover on your bed an actual chore? Yep? How many times can I get into a fight with my duvet? Well I have just the invention for those of you who can't always be bothered putting their duvet into fresh sheets: The Night Owl Herringbone set by The Fine Bedding Company.

This is a re-imagination of the traditional duvet, as you can see it's a beautiful Herringbone weave {my favourite design} so it looks beautiful, but without the grapple with a duvet cover... it is already beautiful, like a duvet cover on but without the work. But how do I was it? You simply pop your Night Owl in your washing machine when ready to refresh, and it’s quick to dry in just 90 minutes on a low temperature tumble dry. Talk about make life easier! Now I'm not saying there's no place for traditional bed linen still, we have some beautiful sets that we mix and match with - after all, nothing beats the feeling of fresh bedsheets but this is such a great idea for many reasons... if you're low on time, you have guests staying or even if you want something to throw on the bed in-between bed linen washes. I am definitely going to buy a neutral colour next to go on my spare bed for when guests are saying! How efficient. It's about making life's annoying chores easier. 

Now I do like the pink bed, but during the renovation we basically just needed somewhere to sleep so we ordered something pretty, with lots of storage space and quick delivery. It's only temporary as I'm ready to switch to something neutral now and have my eyes on a boucle ottoman bed - combining storage and beauty. I cannot wait to curate the bed of my dreams and with this quirky new bed linen find, I think I'm halfway there.

If you haven't heard of the Fine Bedding Company before, they are a sustainable bedding company with a long legacy of science and innovation. The Fine Bedding Company's top priority is sustainability and comfort and I've got to say, they are SO comfortable. It's like sleeping with a cloud, truly. I see no difference between a duvet with a bed sheet on, and this herringbone 2-in-1 duvet.

From a sustainability view point, they are a fourth-generation UK-based company with their own 100% zero waste eco-factory. They have been producing premium down feather and innovative fibre filled bedding for over 100 years.

I got the Night Owl Duvet in blue, king set, online here  but it's available in a number of colours to match your bedroom.

You can also get the dreamiest duck feather pillow pair to go with

Lots of love, Em x

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