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Saturday, 6 April 2013

Champagne, Canapes and the LOVE LABEL Launch Event

Did someone say Champagne? Any excuse to go to London, I'm there. Yes, travel is expensive and I can rarely afford it anymore, but when the lovely people at emailed me a while ago to invite me to meet the designer and buyer of LoveLabel, I couldn't decline. I've never met a real fashion designer or a fashion buyer before, and I was thoroughly excited to ask them some burning questions...

I've never personally shopped on, but walking into this large beautiful room filled with vibrant clothes, made me ask myself why I haven't? I played around with the clothes and I was really impressed with how nice they all looked, in fact, they look so much nicer in real life than they do on the website itself. The vibrancy of this collection is truly beautiful.

For me, these Spring items were my favourite. I absolutely love the python print, I didn't think I would but I love it in the flesh. We were lucky enough to go home with an item from the collection and I chose a python print skater skirt because I just think it'll be lovely with a white cropped tee in Summer. It was so hard to choose something and I honestly could have chosen any item from the collection.

I've wanted to try this monochrome trend ever since seeing Cheryl Cole wear the coolest cropped dogtooth check top on the Girls Aloud Ten tour last month - I need monochrome in my life.

Loved this cropped jumper.

 This is me, a big foodie, so yes, lots of photos above of, you guessed it, gorgeous FOOD.

It's safe to say that I am in lurveee with this beige mac, I have been looking for one similar for SO long.

And then down to business, we had a cute informal chat with the designer and the buyer for LoveLabel. It was so interesting, and also made me so envious as they get to travel all over the world basically, in search of new trends, new patterns, new zips, cool buttons - everything fashion related. If you want a career in fashion buying, this would have been a great talk for you. So jealous that they have been to the likes of Texas, LA and the far East. They gave some great tips for any wanna-be fashion designers or fashion buyers. They said that it's important that you are resistant, don't get knocked down easily, be persistent with it, have confidence and believe in yourself. They also did recommend being in London, as you're living and breathing fashion every single day.

We had to make a trend board and here is mine above. I love the floral playsuit.

We got to take home a cute little goodie bag which included a lovely Summer necklace and some gorgeous nail varnishes - i'm sure they'll be coming to a blog post near you soon. I met two lovely girls on the evening, Claire from, who is moving to Paris to go to Uni (erm jealous!?) and Rosie from, both such genuinely lovely girls!

Thank you so much and LoveLabel for having me, I love your new collection!
Have you shopped at Very before? Do you like the look of this collection?
Love Em x

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  1. Looks so cool, I really love that cropped jumper too!

  2. Oooh I've never ordered anything from Very but the clothes look amazing, I love the look of the white cropped jumper, so pretty :-)

    1. Eek they really were! Yeah it was gorgeous! xxx

  3. I've bought love label before via eBay and was very impressed. I love the spring clothes featured in your snaps!

    Jen xx
    http://kitsch-n-sync.blogspot. com

  4. I've bought love label before via eBay and was very impressed. I love the spring clothes featured in your snaps!

    Jen xx
    http://kitsch-n-sync.blogspot. com

  5. This looks like such a fun event to have been a part of - all of the clothing rails look amazing! xxx

  6. What a lovely event Em!
    I am sure you enjoyed it and got some great tips!
    I think i fell in love with the printed skirt and shorts from the spring collection the peach colour mixed with the pattered material is just lush!

    Stefy ♥ x
    Fashion + Beauty

  7. Aw I know Rosie, shes lush!! Pleased you had a lovely time. See you tomorrow

    Laura xo

  8. I always shop on Very and love it!

  9. You are so lucky to have this opportunity I am wanting to design my own cloths or do something within fashion so this would have been good to get advice :) loved all the food pictures and I adore love label especially their shoes such a pretty collection I really like the crop tee too and the snake print pieces very nice! Very is good to shop @ too and littlewoods always buying something from them ;D xx

    1. Aw thank you! Wish you could have seen it, it was such a useful event! xxx

  10. This all looks amazing!! Love the food and clothes!!!

  11. Nice blog! :)))))))


  12. How yummy does the food look! I love very though they have some really good buys and I love that mac too! xxx


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