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Thursday 2 May 2024

AMAZON TOP HOME BUYS - Best Amazon Home Gadgets - Best Amazon Home Items

Ad affiliate throughout - Hey guys I'm really loving everything Amazon at the moment - from clothes to household items, to travel products - Amazon is a real go-to destination for well, just about everything for me.  I do know though that with so many products available it can be overwhelming sifting through the options on Amazon so today I thought I'd simplify your search and show you some lovely Amazon home items that will elevate your living space. I renovated my entire home and people are always shocked when I tell them that a lot of my favourite home decor items are from Amazon. 

I am on a mission with this best Amazon finds series to find you the best top picks from Amazon, I've done the research to find you the best Amazon buys so you don't have to spend hours scrolling and I really hope you'll enjoy this if you're looking for the best homeware and home items to buy from Amazon home. If you're wondering what home items to buy from Amazon, this is for you.

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Etekcity 10kg Digital Kitchen Scales

Laundry Hamper

So, is Amazon any good for home decor buys?  Well here are some highly rated Amazon home buys that I think you are going to love including a very handy Laundry Hamper with several compartments to get you organised. It's changed my laundry game!

Robot Vacuum 

If like me you get fed up with constantly having to get out the vacuum then the Honiture Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Mop could be an ideal buy for you.  It will navigate effortlessly around your home, sucking up dirt, dust and pet hair while you enjoy exactly what you are doing.  I love mine! It's a great dupe when it comes to a robot vacuum. 

Rubber Squeegee Broom For Floor

Floor Sweeper

My Mum hates bits on floors and says that having a vacuum never quite gets them all up.  She absolutely raves about her Rubber Squeegee Broom and shows me it every time I'm home.  The reason she loves it is that it pulls all small particles of dust etc into a pile ready to vacuum up so that the floors are properly dust free.  Use this in addition to the robot vacuum or your usual vacuum for exceptional results. 

Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Who doesn't love a breakfast muffin?  When I'm looking for an easy, nutritious and comforting breakfast, this Drew & Cole Breakfast Electric Sandwich Maker is my quick go to every time.  The fact that you can throw in an egg too makes it all the more delicious. 

All in one vegetable chopper

Vegetable Chopper

Now, a vegetable chopper is something I haven't yet invested in but if I do, I would 100% try this All-in-1 Vegetable Chopper / Mandoline Slicer and Spiralizer. People rave about them and I think I need to get involved in this game changing device. 

Microwave Rice Cooker

Microwave Rice Cooker

While I absolutely rely on the grab and go microwave rice, when I have more time I do love to make freshly steamed rice as it hits different.  This Swippy Microwave Rice Cooker Steamer and Pasta Cooker is perfect as it takes all the guess work out of cooking the perfect rice, quinoa, orzo and lots more.  I particularly like this one as it has a built in colander for rinsing. 

Steam Free Mirror

OXO are a brand I could write an entire blog post about as I really like their gadgets and this OXO Good Grips StrongHold Suction Fogless Mirror is no exception.  It has a suction holder which is suitable on smooth surfaces like tiles and it doesn't steam up so ideal for smaller bathrooms where steam is an issue. 
Simple Houseware Over Door / Wall Mount Storage

Door Hanging Organiser

If, like me, your pad is short of storage space and it drives you crazy then I can fully recommend the Simple Houseware Over Door / Wall Mount Organiser.  Featuring multiple pockets and hooks its a versatile organiser that conveniently and neatly hangs over any door to maximise storage space. 

Gorilla Grip Oversized Cutting Board

Oversized Chopping Board

As a person who is forever chopping food, I need a bit surface area to work in.  I have some wonderful chopping boards for displaying food but they are not the best practically. On the other hand, this Gorilla Grip Oversized Cutting Board makes food prep an absolute breeze.  It's extra large, features non-slip edges and a juice groove to catch drips and even better is it can go in the dishwasher.  It may not look all that pretty but from a prep point of view, this is the chopping board for me! 

If you're looking for a pretty chopping board, I saw this clear chopping board on Instagram and I think it's going to be a game changer for when you want your house to look aesthetic but still be functional too.

Air Purifier

It's that time of year when our loved ones and even pets suffer from pollen.  We have a Dyson Air Purifier however, I am conscious that these are quite pricey and we really need one in both our bedroom and in our outdoor working space.  I'm definitely going to invest in the Levoit Smart Air Purifier as I've heard very good things about it.  This little beauty is powerful and removes 99.97% of airborne particles including dust, pollen, smoke etc. 

Cooling Fan

After the cold and rain of winter, I've decided we are heading in to summer with much hotter temperatures which means I'll need a fan.  The Meaco Electric Fan / Air Circulator is small and compact and the best thing about it I think is that it is also quite quiet - unlike others I know so I will be giving this one a go! 

Etekcity Digital Kitchen Scale

Digital Scale

I love baking and found it very difficult to achieve precise measurements in the kitchen so invested in the Etekcity 10kg Digital Kitchen Scales and they have changed my world!  I love them because these scales are compact (so easy to store), accurate, and so easy to use plus can be used without wires and are re-chargable.  

USB Lamp 

If you're looking to brighten your workspace then I can recommend this Aonelas LED Desk Lamp with USB Charging Port.  It features numerous adjustable brightness levels and colour modes so that you can tailor the ambience to suit you, low blue light features to help protect eyes, a USB charging port and looks super sleek. 

I hope you have enjoyed this review of some of the best Amazon home items that I either have and love or want to try.  From the best Amazon kitchen gadgets to the best Amazon smart home devices, these highly rated Amazon home items bring convenience, practicality and functionality and will hopefully make life at home a little easier. 

Lots of love, Em x
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