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Friday 31 May 2024

Best Amazon Dog Items - Best Dog Toys Amazon - What To Buy For A New Dog - Must Have Items For New Puppy

Kong Frisbee

Ad affiliate throughout - Hello my fellow doggie lovers. How good is it just knowing that every single time you arrive home you will be met with a furious tail wagging and eyes that light up with excitement. Having a dog is like having a built-in best friend who's always ready for cuddles or playtime. If you're a proud dog parent, you will already know the joy that comes from spoiling your furry companion with the best toys, treats and accessories.  From first owning Maple 4 years ago we have literally purchased just about everything when it comes to dog toys and dog items from Amazon.  They truly have such a good range of doggie product for dogs of all sizes, shapes and ages. If you are looking for the best items to buy for your dog or maybe you are a new dog owner and have no idea what items you need for your dog, hopefully this guide to all the best dog toys and dog items will help you! 

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Whether you're new to the world of puppies or if you're simply looking for some new additions to your dog's life, Amazon has it all and today I want to tell you about some top rated dog purchases we've had from there that have made our pup's tail wag! If you are looking for the best dog toys on Amazon or wondering what you need to buy when you have a new dog, this should help you. 

Puppy Training Crate 

We didn't know whether to get a training crate or not when we first got Maple but we did and we are glad about it.  When we first brought her home the crate provided a safe haven for her to get used to her surroundings while feeling secure.  It was super helpful for us at night too knowing that she was safe when we were asleep.  When it comes to training, a good create can be a game-changer and Amazon offers a wide variety of to notch creates to suit every need. From sturdy Midwest Crates to Portable Dog Crates to Amazon Basic Folding Dog Training Crates there is something for every dog and home.  They provide a safe and comfortable space for your dog, aid in house training and help with anxiety.  They're easy to clean and give versatile access.  Once Maple got used to her surroundings we used to leave the door open for her and she chose when to use her crate - many a time we would find her snoozing in there without us having to prompt her. 

Training Crate

Dog Feeding and Water Bowls 

You wouldn't think it but it's so important to get the right dog feeding and water bowls.  We went for the classic Mason and Cash Set of 2 bowls and also the Mason and Cash Classic Water Bowl because our dog breeder recommended them and we have not been disappointed.  We've had them for 4 years and they are hard wearing, have washed over and over and still look like new and most importantly Maple enjoys eating and drinking from them and there is absolutely no mess left around them.  On the other hand we have stayed at many a place over the years where the bowls have been too shallow and therefore a mess is created around them or even worse, the bowl is too lightweight and then it tips over.  Trust me, when I say Mason and Cash know what they are doing.  We have considered getting Maple one of the raised eating stations as an alternative and I particularly love the Neater Feeding Station which we may try at some point.
Mason and Cash feeding bowls

Dog Harness

When it comes to walking your doggie, there is a choice between collar and harness.  From our experience, harness's work best because Maple pulls a bit and therefore the harness is more comfortable on her.  We have some really pretty harnesses that we use when we take her somewhere special but for everyday use, while they are not particularly nice looking, the Julius K9 Harness is unbeatable - it's long lasting, washable and the really impressive part is that it has a handle and I kid you not, one day you may need this.  Maple walked on what she thought was grass when she was little and found herself in deep water.  When she rose to the surface we were able to pull her up by the handle - it was a life saver. There are many different Julius K9 Harnesses around and they come in many different sizes so do pick the one that is right for your dog. 
Julius K9 Dog Harness

Best Dog Leads

You're going to be taking your dog on lots of walkies so a durable and serviceable lead is vital.  We use a retractable lead on most walks with a button that can lock it if necessary and a control that means you can retract it quickly.  In my view you cannot beat the Flexi Retractable Lead. It's durable, tangle-free design ensures a smooth experience and the ergonomic handle provides a comfortable grip. It comes in various sizes and we have had one for 4 years without any problems at all. 

Best Doggy Water Bottle 

In our time we have invested in two water bottles that we religiously take with us when we walk Maple because she's a thirsty doggie.  While they are both good, our absolute favourite is the Pecute Dog Water Bottle because it's easy to operate, spare water can be sucked back in to it, completely watertight when closed properly and carries lots of water.  Maple loves it.  I understand that some doggies don't like the suction noise when the remaining water is going back in to the bottle so this Portable Water Bottle would be our second choice - durable and easy to operate although we did find it could leak a little but nevertheless still a good option. 
Dog Water Bottle

Best Dog Beds

Every dog deserves a comfy place to rest and while it's not the prettiest, we did a lot of research to find a bed that Maple would like.  We did so because she'd had 3 previous beds that she chewed to bits.  We did the research on the Pet Fusion Ultimate Memory Foam Dog Bed and there were so many reviews saying that this is the only bed their dog has slept in and not chewed that we had to give it a try.  Initially Maple didn't use it but now it is like her long lost friend and she has never once tried to chew it.  It's cozy and durable and has a washable cover.  As an added bonus it's also an orthopaedic bed too and it's so durable I'm sure Maple will still have it when her bones are creaking so well worth the investment. 

Pet Bed

Best Dog Towels

Did you ever imagine just how much muck you would have to deal with before you got a dog?  What with the rainy days and the muddy walks we spend our time dressed like farmers and dealing with so much mud we honestly could not function without our Tough Pupper Quick Dry Towels.  These are great to use, very soft for the dog, very durable and rub all the dirt away easily and then simply throw in the washing machine and come out perfectly ready for use again.  When she has a deeper clean we also love the Elite Paws Ultra Absorbent Dog Towel as this wraps around her and absorbs all the water before the big shake happens!

Dog Towel

Best Kong Classic Dog Toy

The Kong Classic is a timeless favourite and it's easy to see why.  Maple is and always has been a huge chewer - she's a small dog but has big teeth and uses them to chew any manner of toys.  We learned early on that the only toys she finds are truly indestructible are from KONG.  What's even better is that the Kong Classic can be stuffed full of treats or doggie peanut butter which keeps your dog entertained for long periods of time while also making them tired so it's a win-win.

I can't speak highly enough about the entire Kong range and its durability.  Maple has never been a ball lover but she would never be without her Kong Frisbee.  Again, made out of the durable and chew proof rubber we still have the original one we bought her (plus another couple for good measure so we never go anywhere without one!)

Kong Classic

Chuckit! Ultra Ball

For dogs that can't get enough of playing fetch, the Chuckit! Ultra Ball is a must have.  These balls are incredibly durable, bounce high and float in water making them perfect for all kinds of play.  Plus they come in various sizes to suit any breed.  I've seen dogs play for hours with these. 

Chuckiit! Ultra Ball

Best Furbo Dog Camera 

If you've ever wondered what your dog does when he or she is home alone, then with the Furbo Dog Camera you can check on your furry friend at any time.  This is a super smart camera because you can also use it to talk to your dog (we sometimes do this when Maple is in the conservatory barking and we are in another room - it instantly shocks her and calms her).  Another feature that it has is that on your command it throws treats to your dog.  Now I am not sure whether that is a good or bad thing - it terrifies Maple so we don't use that part of it but I'm sure for some dogs it would be brilliant.  Either way, this is a great gadget to give you peace of mind when you're away from your hound. 


Best Earth Rated Dog Poop Bags

Mum said she would never have a dog because she never wanted to have to pick up dog poo.  She's now the leading expert in dog poop and spends most of her time talking about it, particularly the best bags you can buy to make the job easier.  While it isn't the most glamorous part of pet ownership, it's a necessity and I can tell you now, Earth Rated Poo Bags With Tie Handles are simply the best for the job.  These bags are strong, leak-proof, almost smell proof and the tie handles just make the whole job easier. 

Earth Rated Poo Bags

So there you have it all.  These are just a small number of the top Amazon finds for dogs that we have tried and tested on our own dog and can validate that they are worth the purchase.  I could go on - the list is endless but these are your must haves.  I really hope this blog post will help you find the best dog accessories and items for your dog or if you're a new dog owner, it will help you decide what you need to buy for your new dog or puppy. Happy shopping, paws and love from me!

Lots of love, Em x

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