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Thursday 30 May 2024

Amazon Prime Review - How To Get The Best Out Of Amazon Prime - Is Amazon Prime Worth It? Top Amazon Prime Benefits

Amazon Prime Membership

Ad affiliate throughout - Hello hello, in my bid to bring you useful information I thought I'd turn my attention to something slightly different today - Amazon Prime!  If you've read any of my Best Amazon Fashion Finds or Best Amazon Home Buys posts you'll know I absolutely love shopping all things Amazon. It's no surprise I'm using Amazon a lot for things currently because convenience and efficiency are so vital to me - indeed to everyone in this fast-paced world we live in.  Something that makes my Amazon shopping so much more efficient and better priced is Amazon PrimeAmazon Prime, the subscription service from Amazon offers lots of benefits designed to enhance the shopping and entertainment experience if you are a member.  It's an absolute no-brainer becoming an Amazon Prime member but if you're wondering if you should be an Amazon Prime member, what this means and more. Here is my review of Amazon Prime and answering all the questions so you can hopefully get the best out of using Amazon Prime.

*30 Day Free Amazon Prime trial*

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Amazon offers a combination of benefits designed to enhance the shopping and entertainment experience for its members.  Whether you're new to Amazon Prime or considering whether it's worth the investment, I want to guide you through what Amazon Prime is, how it works and the myriad of benefits you get when you are an Amazon Prime member. Shop my Amazon storefront to see some of the best things I buy on Amazon prime. 

How Do I Get Free Amazon Prime?

I am sure the first question is how do I get free Amazon Prime? Lucky for us, you can do a free thirty day trial to see if you are going to use Amazon Prime. You can sign up via my link to Amazon Prime for a free 30 day trial.

What is Amazon Prime?

Let's start with the basics incase you are wondering what Amazon Prime is. Amazon Prime is a paid subscription service that provides members with various exclusive benefits on Amazon and its associated platforms.  First launched in 2005, Prime has evolved from offering just free two-day shipping to a full package that includes a range of services across shopping, streaming, reading and more. 

How Does Amazon Prime Work?

Subscribing to Amazon Prime is straightforward.  You can sign up on Amazon here  - choosing between a monthly or annual payment plan. Once subscribed, you gain access to the full suite of Prime benefits.  

What benefits does Amazon Prime give me?

With Amazon Prime You Get Fast and Free Shipping:

One of the most well known benefits, Prime members enjoy free two-day shipping on millions of eligible items.  In selected areas, members can also access same day or even two-hour delivery through Prime now.  I've experienced this and it's amazing.  I often get next day shipping but in London with Amazon Prime I have been able to get same day shipping before. Personally for me I don't often need same day shipping but if there's an emergency, it's pretty convenient. Even the two day shipping offering is usually better.  In my experience most things arrive in 24 hours. If you're wondering how to see what's eligible for Amazon Prime, you can very easily just tick the box on the left hand side of Amazon and make sure you select Prime items.

With Amazon Prime You Get Prime Video:

This streaming service rivals the likes of Netflix offering a huge library of movies, TV shows and Amazon Originals. Matt and I use this service often and it's great.  You can stream content on various devices including smart TVs, tables and smartphones. We love Netflix, Disney +, Now TV, Sky and Prime, we shouldn't really have them all but find there's something different on each streaming platform.

With Amazon Prime You Get Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods Market:

In some locations, members can access Amazon Fresh for grocery delivery and enjoy exclusive savings at Whole Foods Market.  My Grandad forgot to ask my mum to place his usual food delivery a few months ago and we found Amazon Fresh a huge help. 

With Amazon Prime You Get Prime Music:

Members get access to over two million songs and thousands of playlists and stations, all ad free which is amazing.  For those of you looking for an even larger music library, a discounted subscription to Amazon Music Unlimited is available.  This feature is so good and it makes me really emotional when I think my mum used to use Prime Music to access some of my nanna's oldest favourite tracks and play them for her on her Alexa and they would have a sing along together.  Amazon really does help people in subtle ways. 

With Amazon Prime You Get Prime Reading:

This feature offers unlimited access to a rotating selection of books, magazines, comics and more and is a real perk for avid readers who want to explore new titles without additional cost. I definitely need to get myself using this more as I am desperate to get back into my reading.

Amazon First Reads: 

This spin off perk allows members to get early access to new books across various genres often before their official release. 
Do You Get Free Audible With Amazon Prime? 

Amazon also have something called Audible.  I am desperate to listen to Atomic Habits, I don't have the time to read the book but I could listen to it on Audible.  If you are wondering if you get free Audible membership with Amazon prime, you get 2 free books to listen to when you are a prime member or you can sign up for a 30 day free trial to Audible and listen to the top Amazon books! 

Prime Gaming:

This allows Prime members to enjoy free games, a free monthly Twitch channel subscription and access more gaming benefits. 

Prime Wardrobe:

Did you know you can now have a unique 'try before you buy' shopping experience as Prime Wardrobe allows members to try on clothes, shoes and accessories at home before making a purchase. 

Exclusive Deals and Discounts:

As a Prime member you can enjoy exclusive access to special deals and discounts including early access to lightening deals and significant savings during events like Prime Day.  My family and I have had some serious deals through this benefit such as mobile telephones and handbags and they are genuine savings believe me. 

Amazon Family:

This benefit includes family-centric offers such as 20% off nappy subscriptions and other discounts on baby-related products. 

Prime Pantry:

Available in select areas, Prime Pantry allows members to shop for groceries and household items in everyday package sizes with exclusive savings. 

You might be wondering if you should sign up to Amazon Prime or Amazon Prime Student but if you are a student, it's a no brainer and you should absolutely sign up for Amazon Prime Student. If you're wondering what the difference between Amazon Prime and Amazon Prime Student Is: Amazon Prime Student is a subscription service tailored specifically for higher education students studying in the UK and the Republic of Ireland.  It offers many of the same benefits as as standard Amazon Prime membership but at a reduced cost. To qualify, you need to have an active student email address (ending in.edu) and proof of enrolment at an eligible college / university. The idea is that students are able to enjoy all the Prime benefits at a reduced cost. Sign up to Amazon Prime Student for a six month trial, unlimited one day delivery, 50% off Amazon Prime and all of the above. 

Amazon Prime - Important things to note:

Cost: Always ensure that the cost is worth it to you before signing up (I personally find it great value for the services I use). It is a complete no brainer, I save so much money on things like shipping and get special Prime Deal Days meaning the money I pay for my Prime membership can often be covered in one purchase! 
Auto-renewal: Amazon Prime membership auto-renews meaning if you change your mind you need to cancel otherwise you will be charged. Just pop a note in your diary so you don't forget. 
Free Trial: Amazon offers a 30-day free trial for new members.  If you do not cancel before the trial ends you will be automatically charged for the next period.
Student Verification: For Prime Student, you need to verify your student status with a .edu email address and provide proof of enrolment.  Have your information ready when you sign up. 
Shipping Benefits: Not all items are eligible for free two-day shipping.  Make sure you check eligibility, especially for third party sellers on Amazon's Market Place.  You can select to see only those that offer Prime. 
Regional Availability: Some Prime benefits such as same day delivery or Prime Video content may not be available in all areas so please do check. 
Streaming Limits: Prime Video allows streaming on multiple devices, but there are limits to how many can stream simultaneously.  Please ensure this fits your household needs.
Cancellation Policy: You can cancel your Prime membership at any time.  If yo haven't used any Prime benefits you may be eligible for a full refund of the current membership period.
Shared Accounts: You can share certain Prime benefits with one other adult in your household through Amazon Household.  This includes shipping benefits, Prime Video and more. 
Additional Subscription: Some services, like certain channels on Prime Video require additional subscriptions.  Please be aware of these extra costs. 
Third-Party Services: Some Prime benefits, like Twitch Prime subscription, may require linking to other services and may have their own terms and conditions. 
Discounts and Deals: While Prime members get exclusive discounts, always compare prices to ensure you're getting the best deal, especially during major sale events like Prime Day. 

How much does Amazon Prime cost?

As of May 2024, Amazon Prime in the UK is £8.99 per month or £95 per year.

Is Amazon Prime worth it?

The answer to this question depends on individual usage and preferences.  For regular Amazon shoppers the savings on shipping costs alone can justify the cost - they certainly do for me.  For entertainment lovers the extensive content available on Prime Video and Prime Music adds significant value.  Additionally the amazing deals offer an ever greater incentive. It's pretty incredible that a streaming service is included within the price. 

So there you have it, if you were wondering should I sign up for Amazon Prime or will I use Amazon Prime, hopefully you found this useful. Amazon Prime is a multifaceted service that offers so many great benefits designed to make shopping and entertainment cheaper, more convenient and more enjoyable.  I love it and if you engage with Amazon's services like so many of us, trying out Amazon Prime might be perfect for you. 

*sign up for your 30 Day Free Amazon Prime trial and cancel at any time*

Lots of love, Em x

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