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Tuesday 4 June 2024

L'Oreal Paris Revitalift Clinical Vitamin C UV Flu SPF 50+ Moisturiser Review - L'Oreal SPF Review

L’Oreal Revitalift UV SPF 50
Ad affiliate throughout - I'm always on the look out for new things that will give me glowing radiant skin but also, protect my skin at the same time and as L'Oreal has long been a trusted household name I knew this one was definitely worth a try.  I always place great importance on sunscreen as part of my daily skincare routine, it's a non-negotiable in my skin care regime and every bit as important as skin cleansing and nourishment.  That's why, when I heard about L'Oreal Paris Revitalift Clinical Vitamin C UV SPF50+ a cream with dual purpose which seems to capture so much in a single bottle, I thought this could be a winner and let me tell you, I am not disappointed! I have now been using the L'Oreal Paris Vitamin C SPF for over a year and trust me, if you're looking for a sunscreen that wont break you out and is kind to the skin, this is the SPF for you.

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L'Oreal Paris Revitalift UV 50+

One of my favourite face SPFs is the L'Oreal Paris Vitamin C SPF and I'm excited to talk about it today.  To summarise very quickly, if you're looking for an SPF that doesn't make you break out {so many suncreams give me spots}, doesn't clog your pores, actually sits nicely under make up then L'Oreal Paris Revitalift UV SPF 50+ is for you and should be a daily staple in your suncare routine. 

What is the L'Oreal Paris Revitalift Clinical Vitamin C UV SPF 50+?

Well that's a bit of a mouthful isn't it so let's first of all call it L'Oreal Paris UV SPF50+ {or L'Oreal SPF} for short! It's a multi functional skincare product that delivers powerful anti-aging benefits while protecting your skin from harmful UV rays.  Formulated with a potent concentration of pure vitamin C which brightens skin and protects from wrinkles and broad spectrum SPF 50+ sunscreen, it also shields your skin from sun damage.  

What does SPF actually do?

High SPF works by protecting the skin from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation (UV), reducing the risk of sunburn, premature agin and reducing the risk of skin cancer - I saw a news bulletin recently about the increase of skin cancer in the UK.  SPF achieves protection by using both physical and chemical filters that literally provide a shield for your skin.  I cannot stress how important it is to really make sure your skin is protected and never think that make up alone will protect your skin from sunburn. I always use SPF before applying make up. The L'Oreal UV SPF 50+ is a broad spectrum coverage that protects against both UVA and UVB rays which means that it protects both the outer and inner layers of the skin from sun damage. 

Why is Vitamin C good for my skin ?

Vitamin C is renowned for its antioxidant properties which help to neutralise free radicals, brighten the skin and reduce the appearance of dark spots and hyperpigmentation.  The Revitalift Clinical Vitamin C UV combines this powerhouse ingredient with the UV protection.  I've been using this underneath my make up for a few weeks now and I absolutely love it as a make up base. My skin feels glowing after using it and my skin tone is really even. 

How does L'Oreal Revitalift Clinical Vitamin C provide anti-aging benefits?

I love that on top of everything else, L'Oreal Vitamin C  also targets fine lines and wrinkles - hello I'm 30 now and I want to be proactive in protecting myself.  Regular use can lead to firmer, smoother skin and it's a perfect addition to an anti ageing skincare regime.

How do I use L'Oreal Paris Revitalift Clinical Vitamin C UV SPF 50+?

I've been using this for around 2 weeks now and it couldn't be more straightforward.  I love that it fits easily with my daily skincare routine.  Here's how:

1.  I start by thoroughly cleansing my face with one of several of my facial cleansers (see my views above).
2.  I then tone.
3.  I apply a small amount of my chosen serum and allow it to sink in to my skin fully. 
4.  I apply a small amount of Revitalift Clinical Vitamin C UV SPF 50+ to my face and neck and gently massage it into the skin until it's fully absorbed. 
5. I apply my make up as normal.

Can I use L'Oreal Paris Revitalift Clinical Vitamin C 50+ with other products?

Absolutely.  Apply it after serums and before make ups.  I have found this to be the perfect base for make up.  It doesn't go tacky under make up and it leaves my skin glowing but not shiny in anyway.  It really is one of my favourite make up bases right now.

Is L'Oreal Paris Revitalift SPF 50+ suitable for all skin types?

Yes, this product is designed for all skin types, including sensitive skin.  It's non greasy and lightweight and it truly does not clog in any way.  This is one of the only facial SPF's I've found that doesn't cause me to break out. 

How often should I apply L'Oreal Paris Revitalift SPF 50+?

For continuous protection, especially when spending extended time outdoors, reapply every 2 hours.  However, for regular daily activities under make up I always apply once a day. 

Will L'Oreal Paris SPF50+ leave a white cast on my skin and alter the look of my makeup?

I have not noticed one hint of this affecting the look of my make up which makes me super happy because it's a great base. Unlike some sunscreens, L'Oreal Paris Revitalift Clinical Vitamin C UV SPF 50+ is formulated to blend seamlessly into the skin, leaving no white cast. 

Can L'Oreal Paris SPF50+ replace my moisturiser?

While this product provides lots of hydration, it is recommended to use a separate moisturiser if your skin is particularly dry or if you normally, like me, have a multi-step skincare routine.  I always use serum underneath it and sometimes, depending on how my day looks, also moisturise before applying this.  Both approaches work well for me. 

How much is L'Oreal Paris Revitalift SPF 50+?

The official retail price is £19.99 for 50mls.
Do keep your eye out for offers though - I've seen it for as little as £9.45

Where can I buy L'Oreal Paris Revitalift SPF50+?

This can be purchased from most retail outlets, to help get the best deals, here are a few of my links:

Look Fantastic  - currently on offer at £10.00 for 50mls
Boots - currently £19.99 for 50mls
Amazon - currently £9.45 for 50mls

Is L'Oreal Paris Revitalift SPF50 any good?

In conclusion, L'Oreal Paris Revitalift Clinical Vitamin C UV SPF 50+ is a must have for you if you're serious about skincare, in fact it's the addition to my skincare routine I've been waiting for! Combining the brightening power of vitamin C with high SPF protection, it addresses multiple skin concerns in one easy step.  By integrating this product in to your daily routine you can enjoy brighter, more youthful skin while critically protecting it against sun damage.  

Lots of love, Em x

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