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Friday 17 November 2023


Shop the Gucci Marmont Belt Classic in Black here

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I feel like it's become my duty to keep you all updated on all things Gucci accessories. Particularly Gucci belts. Every year I do an updated review on the Gucci Marmont Belt to help you see whether the Gucci belt is still worth buying and you guys always love that post so I thought why not put together a post about all the best Gucci belts to buy this year. If you're wondering what Gucci belt should you buy in 2023? Should I buy a Gucci belt? Are Gucci belts still worth it in 2023? and of course, what size should I buy a Gucci belt.... All these questions will be answered in this post so if you're interested in all things Gucci belts related then please keep reading! 

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Gucci Marmont Belt Review

Shop the Gucci Marmont Belt here 

The iconic Gucci Marmont Belt - you really can't go wrong. Although it's fair in saying they may not be as popular as they once were, these belts will always be fashionable and have a place on any outfit. With the instantly recognisable logo and they perfect size for a statement belt, they will dress up any and all outfits.
I've had mine now for years and there is truly such minimal wear and tear, it's a testament to the incredible quality and craftsmanship. 
This belt also comes in brown and white so depending on what colour your normally wear day to day you can choose which one would work better for you. 

My sizing in a Gucci belt, incase you are wondering what size to buy. I am a size 6-8 UK and get a size 75 in Gucci belts. 

Thin Gucci Marmont Belt 

Shop the Thin Gucci Marmont belt here

To keep up with styling, Gucci released a thinner version of their Gucci Marmont belt which is a much less in your face version and more better suited to just cinching in the waist, rather than making a statement. Currently I would say this is more popular than the original Gucci Marmont belt, due to the ease of styling. For me, this is another instant classic and one that you should definitely add to your wardrobe. 

'Gucci' Belt 

Shop the 'Gucci' Belt here

A new addition and one I'm really into! Although we are moving away from logo mania, there is something still quite subtle about this. I like how thin this belt is, acting as more of a cinching belt than a statement belt, but one that is still a nod to where it's from. 
They have released this belt in three different colours - black, white, gold & silver (which I love!) 

Thin Gucci Marmont Belt with Pearl detailing 

Shop the Thin Gucci Marmont belt with Pearl detailing here

I really love this one! A pearl is such a classic when it comes to styling and this is the sort of statement belt that you can wear all year round and one that will last you a lifetime. It comes in the thin size or the bigger size if you're looking for more of a statement, but I really love how elegant and timeless both belts are. 

Pastel Gucci Marmont Belt 

Shop the thin Gucci Marmont Belt in Pastel Pink here

Gucci have released so many different colour ways and styles of the Marmont Belt, but I particularly love this one. For one, I love the canvas on the belt itself. A iconic Gucci statement but they've inverted the colours so it's slightly more neutral. However if you are looking for the classic brown Gucci colour they also have this belt in that - here. This thought I think is such a cute belt and would be absolutely adorable when paired with a little white dress. 

Shop the 'Gucci' Belt here

That is all I have for you! A lot of the same iterations, but I do love how Gucci stick to what they know works and we all know the Gucci Marmont belt works! I think my favourite on the list is the pearl belt so keep an eye out on my Instagram @emshelx in case Santa decides to be very generous this year. 
Also make sure to check out my TikTok @emshelx where I do fashion videos alongside showing you bits and pieces of my life behind the scenes (hint... lots of food!)
Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed this Gucci Belt Guide 2023. 
Until next time...

Lots of love, Em x

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