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Thursday 16 November 2023


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I can't believe Black Friday is here! Seems like only yesterday I was putting together all my blog posts for last years. 
I wanted to do a blog dedicated to House of Fraser and their offer for 2023's Black Friday. House of Fraser are offering for those who spend £250 and over a £50 voucher in return - I think this is such a great deal! I don't know about you but I normally end up doing multiple orders over the Christmas period and this is a great opportunity to get a discount if you do find yourself having to go back and order more.
If not, then what a great gift it would be! House of Fraser have such a huge variety of products I'm sure even the most picky person would be able to find something they want.
The offer is running from November 18th - December 1st, so to help you along the way I have been online and put together what I think are the best things to pick up and receive your £50 voucher. 

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Clothing & Accessories

Shop the Ralph Lauren Bear Jumper here

Ralph Lauren Bear Jumper - I'm SUCH a huge fan of Ralph Lauren and so pleased to see House of Fraser stock them on their website. These bear jumpers they release are just so so cute. I love this little wintery/autumnal bear. Perfect for the sweater weather! 

Shop the Calvin Klein set here

Calvin Klein Set - These are always so popular and would make the perfect Christmas gift. When I say I own every single colour... They are the comfiest, most perfect underwear set for those days lounging around at home. 

Shop the Ralph Lauren Belt here

Ralph Lauren Brown Croc Belt - Absolutely love this waist belt from Ralph Lauren. It's the perfect dark brown autumnal colour and I love the extra added croc print. Would elevate many outfits and is so timeless. 

Shop the Navy Vivienne Westwood Scarf here

Navy Vivienne Westwood Scarf  - In the most gorgeous universal colour - a deep navy, this Vivienne Westwood scarf can be worn by anyone! Super soft and with the added hassle detail this will keep you warm and cosy while still being fashionable. 

Shop the Mens Calvin Klein Boxers here

Calvin Klein Boxer Shorts - If you're ever stuck what to get a man for Christmas... This is your go to. I always, ALWAYS pick up a few boxes of the Calvin Klein boxers. They are the best and I know every man in your life will appreciate them. 

Shop the Ralph Lauren Men's Pyjamas here

Ralph Lauren Pyjamas - I know, it seems to be a girl thing to get new pj's everytime Christmas rolls around but I think we need to get the guys involved too! There is nothing better than waking up on Christmas Day in a new pyjama set and these are so so cute! 

Makeup & Skincare

Shop the Estée Lauder Night Repair Set here

Estée Lauder Night Repair Set -  Such a cult classic and truly an amazing product. If you have a skincare lover in your life, then this is a must have. The Estée Lauder Night Repair is one of the best products they do and truly gives instant results. I love that House of Fraser have a set available for purchase meaning you get three bottles of night repair! Probably more than enough to last a year, at least!

Shop the Charlotte Tilbury 'Glow on the Go' set here

Charlotte Tilbury 'Glow on the Go' set - This is such a great set to pick up and includes the best pieces from the Charlotte Tilbury Glow Range. Including the icing Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream, this set is sure to give anyone who receives it the most beautiful glowy skin! 

Shop the Clinique 'Moisture Surge' set here

Clinique 'Moisture Surge' Set - We all know, I am a Clinique lover and have been for the longest time! One of my favourites is their 'Moisture Surge' range which gives such a huge boost of moisturisation for dry and dehydrated skin. This would be a perfect gift for Christmas, especially when we're all dealing with the blistering cold outside and our skin needs a little bit of extra TLC. 

Shop the Creed Perfume Samples for Men here

Creed Gift Set for Men - Creed perfumes are so nice, but so so expensive so this would be a lovely gift for a man in your life who may want to try out many options before taking the plunge! Matt loves Creed and so do I! 

Shop the Terre D'Hermes Gift Set for Him here

Terre D'Hermes Gift Set for Him - This is such a lovely fragrance and I truly think any man would love it! It's fresh but also quite woody. This set includes a full size Eau de Toilette, a moinitune Eau de Toilette and also an after-shave lotion. 


Shop the Salter Dual Air Fryer here

Salter Dual Airfryer - Airfryer's are definitely THE gadget of the year! Everyone I know is trying to snap them up and I can assure you they're going to fly off the shelves this Christmas! House of Fraser have this Salter Air Fryer, which is super as it's dual! So on one side you can be cooking your chicken and the other side you can have your chips going - easy! 

Shop the GHD Hair Straighteners here

GHD Classic Hair Straighteners - There are so many hair products on the market today, it's hard to know which ones are the best. When I think about it... I like to stick to the classics and that's the GHD Classic Hair Straighteners. They're iconic for a reason! 

Shop the GHD Classic Hair Dryer here

GHD Classic Hair Dryer  - In the same vein, the GHD Hair Dryer is also a classic and actually so worth the investment! A good hair dryer really does change the game when it comes to hair styling. I put off buying one for the longest time but once I did but hair always looked so amazing. Deffo worth the purchase! 


Shop the Jo Malone English Pear & Freesia Candle here

Jo Malone English Pear & Freesia Candle - The perfect gift for those who don't know what to get... A candle. Specifically a Jo Malone Candle. I particularly love this one a) because it smells amazing, but b) because it has a limited edition lid! How sweet. 

Shop the Waterford Crystal Whiskey Decanter and Glasses here

Waterford Crystal Whiskey Decanter & Glasses - Fathers and Grandfathers of the world unite! This is perfect for anybody who loves an after dinner tipple. Waterford Crystal is such an iconic brand and do such beautiful, timeless crystal. A really lovely treat for someone very special. 

I hope this has managed to give you some great inspiration for the upcoming Christmas period and also a great look at what House of Fraser have got to offer! Clearly some really great products that can be picked up and also a few things that you're able to treat yourself to always. Don't forget if you're spending £250 and over you will receive a £50 voucher to spend! 
It was an honour to collaborate with House of Fraser and PartnerBoost for this blog post and I'm pleased to have found so many amazing products that I know for certain I will be purchasing for loved ones this festive season. 
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Until next time...

Lots of love, Em x

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