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Saturday, 8 February 2020

Jo Malone London Lavenderland Review

jo malone lavender

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It's that time again, even though it's freezing outside I can *almost* smell Spring. With a new season, comes a new scent. I had to talk about the brand new Jo Malone Lavenderland collection. I was recently invited to the press launch of the Jo Malone Lavender collection and I had so many messages sharing the excitement on Instagram so I had to write a review and give you more information on the new range. Sit down, get cosy, it's time to introduce the brand new collection from Jo Malone London, Lavenderland. Unfortunately this isn't out in time for Valentines Day but you can read my gift guide with lots of Valentines Gift Ideas if you've missed it.

jo malone lavenderland

When  Jo Malone do a new collection, they do it right. I can hand on heart say, I've never disliked a new launch from Jo Malone. I adore their beautiful launches every year and this time around, Jo Malone London have introduced a new limited-edition collection, offering a fresh perspective on an iconic ingredient: English lavender. As we know, Jo Malone are a British brand and you'll always find beautiful ingredients within their collections however, this time, they've taken it back to basics with a truly British scent, with a Jo Malone twist of course.

jo malone lavender

With Jo Malone Lavenderland, journey to an enchanted world of violet visions, where English lavender meanders in purple pathways across the countryside. They've brought out three different scents, a trio of takes on this timeless note, each offering a different presentation of natural lavender.

I used to own a jewellery shop called LVNDR (pronounced, Lavender) so lavender is very special to me, it's calm, peaceful and beautiful. The scent is fresh, spring like and is associated with sleep. Is it a scent I'd wear? No, not necessarily in it's purest form as it reminds me of massages so I was blown away by the scents of these colognes, they do not smell one little bit as you image lavender would be as they've been expertly mixed and matched to I guess, modernise and add the Jo Malone magic to the traditional lavender we all know and love. This isn't a boring, old fashioned scent, lavender has been brought to life.

Jo Malone lavender

The Lavenderland trio: One strikingly aromatic, the second fresh with a cool woodiness, and the third cascading with soft florals. Fall out of the ordinary and into a new lavender story.

lavenderland jo malone

Full Collection launches Nationwide on 24th February, including:

- Silver Birch & Lavender 30ml Cologne - £50.00 - My personal favourite, Jo Malone scents are all unisex but I'd say out of the three, this is the most unisex, I would love my partner to smell of this. It's sensual and he's already asked if he can steal it. One of my boyfriend and I's favourite Jo Malone Scent is English Oak and Hazelnut and it kind of reminds me of that. This is cool, woody but fresh and sensual I'd say. I just walked past my boyfriend and I am wearing the scent today, he said: I'm wearing that for dinner tonight. Safe to say, we are a couple in love with this scent.

- Lavender & Coriander 30ml Cologne - £50.00 - I'd say this is my second favourite, green and herby smelling but very fresh, it reminds me of a Spring day in the garden, when the grass has been freshly cut and would definitely work for him and her. Coriander is actually really vibrant and makes this scent is fresh and herby. This is aromatic and actually I'd say the perfect day to night scent, the staying power of this is incredible, I can really smell it on myself.

- Wisteria & Lavender 30ml Cologne - £50.00 - This one for me is the most floral of them all but it isn't over powering, a nice soft floral. I sometimes find some scents a little too floral, but this is very delicate.

- Lavender & Musk Pillow Mist 45ml - £25.00 - A brand first, Jo Malone have finally launched a pillow mist. It would be rude not to right? Originally lavender reminds me of making me feel sleepy, so now I can go to sleep and have dreamy Jo Malone dreams. It's safe to say, this smells like your best nights sleep yet.

jo malone Lavender & Musk Pillow Mist

Available at:  Jo Malone later this month. I will keep you updated when it goes live. You can also buy Jo Malone online here.

To conclude: Lavender has always been close to my heart anyway, I've always associated it with calmness, freshness, beauty and peace but Jo Malone have added their magic, they've modernised lavender, made it sensual, day-to-night friendly and not just for sleeping. I didn't expect the range to smell this good but I can tell you, I'm already hooked.

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Lots of love, Em x
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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.


This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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