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Friday, 22 June 2018

Zoella Splash Botanics Beauty Review

Zoella Splash Botanics Beauty Range
Oh hey hey, hope you are well today! If you follow me over on Instagram @emshelx (come say hello!) you may or may not know that I kindly received the new Zoella Splash Botanics range. As soon as Zoella's Jelly + Gelato range came out I just had to review it. I thought today was a good day to write up a little review of Zoe's newest launch, her Splash Botanics range. For me, Zoe's beauty range is so much more than just a beauty range, it's a female-owned business and it started from a young girls bedroom. It's incredibly inspiring.  If you follow me on any form of social media, hopefully, you'll know that I'm all about female power and lifting others up. I think Zoella is a great example of this, she has inspired so many young women to build businesses and she herself supports so many of us in the same industry. Why on earth wouldn't we support each other? I'm SO excited to see people smashing it in life. This week, Zoella Beauty Splash Botanics has launched let's see my thoughts. *SPOILER: LOOK HOW PRETTY IT IS.
Zoella Splash Botanics review

I am tropical mad. Give me pineapples, give me cacti, give me palm trees, coconuts, you name it, I'll *probably* buy it. I'm a sucker for trends and this new tropical trend is my current fave (I even bought a chair with palm trees on, for the house I do not yet own, who am I?!) I guess that's why I instantly fell in love with the packaging of Zoella Botanics, it's fresh, on trend and of course, INSTA WORTHY! One thing I have to say is how premium I think this range feels. Usually, a premium range is black or white and it's nice that this range still feels premium and luxurious, without having a bank breaking price tag.

Let's look at this beautiful range in more detail.

Zoella Splash Botanics Beautiful Bag

Zoella Splash Botanics Beautiful Bag - I feel like this makeup bag encapsulates summer with its gorgeous summer print. I do find beauty bags from some brands tend to be too small and not really usable. I don't really like things that have all the style and no substance but this is big enough for me to throw everything into (although a little too pretty to me to even want to stain with makeup).  

Zoella Botanic'eau Body Mist review
Zoella Botanic'eau Body Mist

Zoella Botanic'eau Body Mist - There are so many epic Summer fragrances out at the moment (I'm looking at you Jo Malone Cattleya Flower Body Mist, heavenly) but if you're looking for a budget-friendly, refreshing + Summer vibes body mist (when I was younger, I'd always pick up Britney Spears perfume for £9 and I smelt incredible - did anyone else always grab this?) then this is for you. Botanic'eau looks so premium with its packaging and it smells divine too, a pretty, green floral scent, it smells delicate and will take you from day to night, it's the perfect scent to remind you of Summer days. I am incredibly impressed that this has been priced at £8 as the bottle alone is gorgeous (travel-friendly too at 45ml), let alone the scent inside. It's perfect for my bedroom shelf. 

Zoella Drench Me Bath Soak
Zoella Drench Me Bath Soak

Zoella Drench Me Bath Soak - I got so excited when I saw this packaging,  such a cute take on a milk carton. I do love a dreamy bubble bath, for me, a bubble bath is my 'me time'. Along with working out, I'd say a bath is the second thing that makes me feel the most relaxed and switched off. I light a candle post-spin class, pour in as many bubbles as I can find and just soak away. This is refreshing and has hydrating coconut water inside it as well as lychee for radiance. Again, incredibly well priced, this only costs £6.95 and I love how attainable Zoe has made her Splash Botanics range. You can get a mini one of these for £3 here which would be the perfect sachet to take traveling with you. 

Zoella beauty splash botanics

I feel like Zoe has designed this range perfectly, with wellbeing loving people in mind (pamper = my mind instantly de-stressed). The range is modern, smells great, makes you feel great when pampering with it but also appeals to all age ranges. I know YouTubers get slated for *only* having *young audiences* (not that this is a problem) but the majority of my audience are 24-35. It just isn't true that only 'young girls' follow YouTubers. I feel as if Zoe has made a range that would appeal to my young cousins, myself, my Mum and maybe even my Grandma too, just like YouTube also appeals to all age ranges.

Bravo Zoe! Let's continue to cheer for each other and clap for other peoples successes. What Zoe has achieved is incredible and this range is beautiful, I wish her every success and can't wait to see what she's got up her sleeve next. Thank you for producing a beautiful, premium feeling range of beauty products at a great price range. You can shop Zoella Splash Botanics. If you need me this weekend, I'll be in the bath.

Thank you SO much for reading guys, please come say hello on YouTube here and Instagram: emshelx I'd love to hear from you! 

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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