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Thursday, 28 June 2018

Easy Ways I've Made My Life More Adventurous

If you read my 8 ways to bring adventure into every day blog post, you’ll know that I’ve been working in partnership with Say Aloe this summer on an exciting campaign. The challenge? to bring adventure into every day. As much as I’m quite sensible and believe in saving up etc, I’m also a big believer in living for the moment, enjoying whats in front of us and finding the positives in life. We all have bad days, it’s totally normal and we wouldn’t be human without them but, I’m really trying to get better at seeing the positives in life and embracing every single day, after all, every day is a gift (as cliche as that sounds). Today I want to look back at the 8 ways to add adventure to your every day and look at what I’ve done to add some adventure into my day, hopefully, this post will inspire you. This post is in collaboration with Say Aloe. 

If you missed it, Say Aloe is a delicious (seriously) and refreshing soft drink made with real aloe pieces from the aloe plant. When Say Aloe got in touch to work together it was a no-brainer as I first found it in Morrisons and have loved it since. You have a choice of 3 flavours (strawberry is delicious) and the reduced sugar one has less than 80 calories. I LOVE tasting the texture inside. One 500ml bottle of Say Aloe gives you 100% of your daily vitamin C allowance, helping you to banish fatigue and getting you ready to take on the day and, all those adventures (you can find stockists and more info online here). So, let's look at the 8 top tips to find adventure in every day and see how I got on test driving these tips. Download the tips yourself here if you fancy.

Redefine adventure: I talked about how redefining adventure is important, aka, we don’t have to step on a plane to be adventurous. I’m happy to say I’ve managed this over the last month and spent a bit of time enjoying my own country. I popped over to New Forest, a place I’ve never been and fell in love at a retreat. I also visited some hidden gems in Yorkshire as well as revisiting places I haven’t been for years. Redefining adventure can be anything that means trying something new really, whether it’s trying a new cuisine, going to a local new place. Try it, it also feels good to support locals. 

Escape your routine: Whether you work a 9-5, an 8-7 or a 10-10, take a break from your usual routine and try mix it up, even just once a week. I’m pretty good at escaping my routine because to be honest, I don’t really have a routine! My routine changes every single day and actually for me, I’m trying to get into a better routine! Whilst I think it’s good to escape your routine sometimes (e.g, get up earlier so you can have a leisurely breakfast) I do think routines help keep us in check. 

Rise and shine: I’m pleased to say I’ve actually started to get better at getting up earlier! I have noticed such a difference in my productivity levels and on how much I’ve been getting done (when my phone is locked away too). I can only do this if I get to bed early so once Loveisland is finished I try to wind down and actually sleep before 1am! It makes getting up earlier much better. I also find working out on a morning (so long as I’ve slept the night before) perfectly energises me for the day ahead. I’ve swapped my usual morning water (I struggle to drink as much as I should) to Say Aloe and it’s been an easy step to a new discovery, plus it tastes delicious with the chunks of Aloe in it! Hello hydration and an early start to make me incredibly productive. 

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Seek knowledge: This month I said I’d try and learn something new, so have I? Well, I actually have been filming a documentary with Stacey Dooley for the BBC about fashion. I’ve stupidly never looked into sustainability where cotton is concerned, and through Stacey, I’ve learned about the Aral Sea drying up because of cotton production (which is absolutely shocking, there is no other word for it, it was one of the largest bodies of fresh water). After meeting with Stacey and learning more about this, I promised to share this knowledge with my audience as well as do some research of my own. In my quest to look into this more (as an avid shopper, I mean, we all wear cotton) I got chatting to a scientist to hear her side too and see what we can do. She suggested when it comes to cutting out cotton entirely, there’s no perfect solution as resources aren’t unlimited and realistically one benefit comes at the cost of another, she did, however, say we should encourage people to use stuff to its max lifespan or to re-sell and recycle our clothes for example so they get max wear. I really try to give everything I've used to charity on a monthly basis or re-sell so it gets more wear. She also said, in some ways, cotton can be sustainable because its fibers disintegrate, unlike synthetics which have been found to be a cause of microplastics. The onus is on the brands and so many (such as ASOS and H&M are working on this stuff which is incredible, so many brands do have great supply chains when it comes to cotton). So what am I going to take away from this? I'm definitely going to be wearing my clothes into the ground and continuing to 'recycle' them so they get even more use. Put it this way, I have learned a lot about cotton, told so many people about this and I thank Stacey for encouraging me to share this important message.

Refresh your perspective: One of the tips for finding adventure was to refresh your perspective, eg, read something different or watch something different. I’ve actually refreshed my perspective by researching things like cotton farming rather than reading my usually blogs this month and looking into the science behind clothing. It’s cool to read different journals and refresh my perspective on life plus talk to scientists! I feel like things happen to me all the time that help to give me a perspective on life, for example, losing my friend to cancer last year has given me the best perspective on life and taught me to just live it and embrace it. 


Unearth your talents: Many of us are guilty of not knowing what we are capable of until we try. Seriously, I see this in SO many people. I decided to try to find a new talent this month as a way to put adventure into my life. Whilst I wouldn’t say I’ve unearthed anything too new, I have beat some personal bests at the gym (stepping machine, you will not beat me). It's nice to challenge yourself and push yourself out of your comfort zone. 

Put yourself forward: Say yes to things you might actually usually say no to! I talked about how good I’ve got at saying no to things because, in my line of work, you need to turn things down that aren’t right for your audience. I’m such a workaholic I often find myself turning down opportunities to see my friends too though and I’m pleased to say this month I reached out to old friends and rekindled relationships. It felt so good going for a walk around my old town with old friends and nothing had changed. We giggled, we caught up and I instantly felt revived. It’s good to be sociable. 

Create something: Exploring your creativity can open up your mind to adventure! In light of this, I decided to get back into baking. I got my friend Hazel’s book out and baked some delicious, healthy treats. Baking is one of my passions, it makes me feel SO zen but since not having my own house it’s just something I haven’t had the time to do.

I took a weekend off to declutter my room, see friends, shut my laptop, engage in educational discussions about the cotton industry AND bake and you know what? I feel revived. Thank you SayAloe for igniting my adventurous spark without me even needing to step on a flight or spend much money. We shouldn’t be so hard on ourselves when it comes to not being adventurous enough. All we need to do is unleash our curiosity. 

Mixing things up one step at a time can be a great way of making the every day that bit more exciting so let me know if you want to take on the challenge! 

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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