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Wednesday, 6 June 2018

8 Ways To Bring Adventure Into Every Day

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Hello hello, hope you guys are well today! I'm sure you've already seen this gorgeous dress on my Instagram @emshelx and I couldn't resist a cheeky little blog photoshoot with it either. If you read my Em’s challenge blog post last year or my 8 ways to energise yourself post earlier this year you’ll probably know that I’m always up for challenging myself, energising my life and I'm all about those positive vibes. Life can be well, let's face it, a pretty tough, negative place and as cliche as it sounds, I truly believe every single day is a gift. I feel lucky to wake up breathing and healthy every day and I think that's why I love this blog post so much, it's all about embracing life and making fun out of even the mundane. Today, I bring you this blog post in partnership with Say Aloe (a drink I'm very familiar with and have been picking up from my local Morrisons for some time now), I’m going to talk about how to bring adventure into every day, in the hopes that it inspires you too. I find we can get stuck in our routines and life can quickly pass us by, so I'm gonna talk about 8 ways to bring adventure into everyday life. I'm going to introduce these positive tips into my life and let's see if they enhance my wellbeing and to give me a lift. After all, can stepping out of our comfort zone really be a bad thing? Who doesn't want adventure every day? Come along for the ride with me and join the challenge!
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I hope that through these tips, you'll see how even when you’re doing mundane and everyday things, you can still feel adventurous. I have so many friends and colleagues who wake up every day and say they don't like what they're doing and you know what? Life is too short. I fully understand we can't all just quit our jobs etc but, we can bring adventure to our lives without making any drastic changes. So, who's up for a challenge? I'm going to wake up this month and feel inspired and challenge myself to do things a little bit differently. P.S If you're new to Aloe drinks, firstly, where have you been haha, secondly, Say Aloe isn’t your average drink. It’s a delicious and refreshing soft drink made with real aloe pieces from the aloe plan, I think it tastes nice having the texture inside it. One 500ml bottle of Say Aloe gives you 100% of your daily vitamin C allowance, helping you to banish fatigue and getting you ready to take on the day and, all those adventures (you can find stockists and more info online here but I grab mine from Morrisons/Sainsburys/Tesco). The whole idea behind this campaign is that With Say Aloe you don’t have to go out of your way to discover something new so, I'm all for it. 

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The reality is not everyone can be adventurous all of the time, we can't hop on a plane to Australia on Sunday and skydive on Monday then go surfing on Wednesday whilst still making it into the office. I wish. But you know what, a little challenge is a great way to keep those positive vibes going, and it could be the kick-start you need to get healthy, to give you the focus you need to take on that important project at work, or to inspire you to get out there and visit somewhere you’ve never been before. So, let's look at 8 ways myself and Say Aloe think you can bring adventure to your day and let me know which you will be trying to incorporate into your life this month.

Redefine adventure: Let’s be honest, when you think of adventure, you assume it means sky diving or hopping on a plane around the world but realistically, we can’t always do that can we?! Social media may make you feel as if you have to do that, but how about seeing adventure in a different way. Adventure could be learning a new skill, trying a new cuisine or even finding a local adventure. Try it. I'm going to get my thinking head on for this one, I've tried a lot of cuisines but I'm pretty fussy with my foods so maybe it's time I try some things I never thought I'd like?! I think I definitely found a local adventure in taking these photos, we headed to a local farm, somewhere I haven't been in years and I felt so happy, eating my cake and wandering around the flower gardens. A vacation doesn't neccessarily mean hopping on a plane, it could be heading somewhere new on a Saturday afternoon. 

Escape your routine: Whether you work a 9-5 or an 8-7 or a 10-10, take a break from your usual routine and try mix it up, even just once a week. Wake up a little earlier and have a proper breakfast and some time to yourself, head for a lunchtime stroll, go for a run after work. Play around with your routine and see how it makes you feel. In life, we conform to set values but what happens when we mix them up a little? Simply swapping your usual soft drink or flavoured water to Say Aloe is an easy step to a new discovery, and can be a welcome break from your routine (my fave is the strawberry one) or, rather than working on your laptop til 9pm, how about putting it down and spending some leisurely time doing something you love? I've started taking Sundays off so I can spend the time with my grandparents instead. 

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Rise and shine: Try and wake up earlier, I’m the worst at this, mainly because I need to learn to go to bed earlier but setting your alarm earlier could give you time to go for a proper breakfast, get some work done before the day ahead, do some yoga or meditation or just actually try something new before your workday starts. I use the bedtime feature iPhoneiphone and then I know exactly how many hours sleep I'm getting, it gives me no excuse to go to bed after the time I've set it for. I dream of actually going to my gym classes at 6am and then having the whole day ahead of me. One day I will get better at sleeping!

Seek knowledge: I actually really like learning new things and I feel like I learn something new every day. I would, however, like to teach myself a new skill, whether that’s to lift more weights in the gym or to speak Spanish. Why not set yourself a challenge, do you wanna learn a language? An art? Let's challenge ourselves to do it this month. You can even watch YouTube tutorials on how to learn things, it doesn't have to cost money. I might even learn how to properly do eye make up, once and for all. Ah YouTube, you are going to help me out this month. Something I've always wanted to do is get a personal training qualification, this is something I may start looking into this month. 

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Refresh your perspective: Similar to escaping your routine but try to take a break from the things you normally read, watch or listen to. Maybe pick different places to visit, a different genre or film or a different book. Try something that wouldn’t ordinarily appeal to you, I always read rom coms, maybe it’s time to try a crime book?! Or try meditation over my standard intense HIIT class. I think I'm very good at putting a perspective on life, eg: life could always be worse etc but, when it comes to refreshing my perspective and mixing things up, I'm not very good at it. I'm the girl who ALWAYS orders the same thing at restaurants, which is fine but, maybe I should try new things?! 

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Unearth your talents: Many of use are guilty of not knowing what we are capable of until we try. Seriously, I see this in SO many people. Yes, I may not be the best singer or actress but I could try a new gym class or even try to get a new personal best in a gym class. Maybe try a new workout session or meet an old friend. Maybe I was destined to be a chef?! I bet you’ll be filled with positive vibes and leaving your comfort zone does all sorts for your mind. I'm trying to leave my comfort zone more, in the gym by lifting more weights or even just talking to strangers, it can make both peoples day. So, what new talents do you have to discover?! Try and find some, I bet you have a new talent up your sleeve.

Put yourself forward: Say yes to things you might actually usually say no to! In my line of work, you have to be good at saying no, otherwise things can get really stressful. I turn down so many opportunities because they don't always align with me or simply because I put my health and wellbeing first and rest days are important. As well as saying no to work things, actually, I find myself also turning down fun social things. I am a total workaholic. Take the initiative, put yourself forward. A change in attitude can help you embrace other challenges more willingly and with a sense of excitement.

Create something: Exploring your creativity can open up your mind to adventure! Learn to cook a new dish, try some art for your wall or see where your creative impulses takes you. It might be a dance class (I cannot dance for the life of me but I could try, never say never) or even creating a twist on a healthy recipe. The sky is your limit. See what you can create when you put your mind to it. 

Let me know what you're going to try to do this month to challenge yourself and bring adventure into your every day, which of the above would you try? I'm definitely going to try to learn a new skill. 

Lots of love, Em x

*This blog post was in collaboration with Say Aloe. 

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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