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Thursday, 10 May 2018

8 Ways To Energise Your Life

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This is the last post of the #HereForYou series I’ve been working on with Twinings. So far I’ve spoken to my Nanna about how she makes me glow and chatted to my Mum over a cup of Superblends defence tea. For this final one, I’ve put on my yoga kit and am hanging out with Gab – someone who always energises me! We all lead incredibly busy lives and I'm often the friend who feels guilty for not seeing the people I love as much as I'd like to, thank the lord for Facetime and iMessage. If you read my blog post about how to balance work and relationships, you'll know that I do think face to face contact is really important with friends to show them that you are there for them. So often we forget to stop, put our phones down and enjoy the company of a close friend. Whether you see someone every day or every 6 months, it's the times you do see each other that count. That's why I've been making sure to surround myself with a handful of people I can genuinely trust, people that will be there for me through thick and thin. We energise, ignite and support each other. It's important to surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you. It only made sense then, in today’s post to talk about one special lady in particular who's here for me through the good, the bad and the ugly. She energises me which fits nicely into this post as it is all about energy and the new Twinings Superblends Energise tea. So, come grab a cuppa and let's talk about our top tips for energising your life, your workouts and more. Gab is here for me and now we can share those tips with you! This is in partnership with Twinings. 
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If I'm having a bad day, no matter how trivial my problem is, Gab will be at the other end of the phone, no matter where we both are in the world. From panic phone calls in Dubai (where she spends a lot of her time) to funny calls when she's in London. Gab is my energiser and my gym buddy too (even if we are on different sides of the country, we'll both be doing our Saturday spin class). I met Gabs at University. I felt totally out of my comfort zone, I felt incredibly judged and nervous walking into lectures and mainly, incredibly lonely (read 10 things I'd tell my younger self about University). Gab's energy made me feel warm and welcome, when no-one else wanted to talk to me (it was very cliquey) and I'll always be grateful that Gab welcomed me. Since then, she's always been the friend who always gives me energy and makes me feel full of life. Twinings Superblends Energise teaOver the years, we've bonded over our love for Beyonce, positive vibes, girl power, and fitness. We sat down over a cup of Twinings Energise tea (green tea, mandarin, apple, Guarana and Vitamin B6) because another thing me and Gab have in common? Our love for green tea so it's safe to say she was excited to try this. Together, we've come up with our top tips for energising yourself for this crazy thing we call life. Read our top tips below to kick ass and hopefully, feel the way we make eachother feel, energised and ready to take on lifes challenges with a big grin on your face. 
orange nike topbest friends yogaFIND A WORK OUT BUDDY - Find someone to move with, whether you go to a trampoline park on a Saturday together, walk the dog every day together, head to the gym together or do park run together. This person can be virtual, a friend who texts you and gives you the nudge to stick with it and go for it. A little bit like myself and Gabs, we both do our Saturday spin in seperate cities and always fit in gym sessions together when we're home together. It doesn't feel as much of a chore when working out together. A great idea is to have your catch up in a gym then grab food after, it means you're gonna be pumped with good endorphins and any excuse to get that workout in. 
DON'T BE SCARED TO TRY SOMETHING NEW - I was once told 'if it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you' and that's definitely right. Try something new, whether it's a new gym class (I have started the new Blaze classes at David Lloyd and I was so scared but now I love them - I cannot wait until Gabs is back to try one!) or speed dating for example. This doesn't have to be working out, it could be a pottery class, archery, horse riding - something you think you might hate but it'll ignite a smile within you I promise, when you try something new. There's something about being spontaneous that energises me. 

downward dogBE THE ENERGY YOU WISH TO ATTRACT - Look for the radiators and not the drains. We can't all be positive 24/7 that isn't real life but, try and be the energy you wish to attract. Be kind, make someone's day and be positive where you can. 

BE YOUR OWN BIGGEST FAN - We can be really hard on ourselves and as wonderful as life can be, often it can take its toll on us. We compare ourselves and we are hard on ourselves. Both me and Gab really believe in loving yourself first. Cheer for yourself. Motivate yourself. Push yourself to be the best version of yourself. Read: Self-Confidence Tips And Self-Love.

SET GOALS - Nothing energises me more than a good set of goals. They keep me on track, keep me inspired and give me a structure. This year, I got a diary and I've been ticking off every day I work out and adding it up at the end of the month. Your goal might be to do a 5k run, it might be to do a marathon, it might be to get a promotion. If you've ever read The Secret (I haven't but I've heard loads about it), it suggests that life rewards you if you set goals and believe in yourself. Try it. Put your energy into your goals, you'll feel great working towards them. Read: 10 things you might need to hear today

ENERGISE YOUR BODY + MIND -  Energising isn't just about working out, it's about nourishing your body and nurturing it too. You can't be energetic if you haven't had enough sleep, if you're worn out or if you're stressed. I think sleep, exercise and me time are the three pillars to energise your body and mind. Run a bath, read a book, light a candle and have a cuppa. Take some time for you, please. Recharge your batteries. 

SET YOUR SELF A CHALLENGE - Set yourself new challenges whether it's every month, every day or every year. Could it be to compliment someone once a day and send off those positive vibes? Could it be to gym twice a week? Could it be to climb a mountain? Whatever it is, come up with something challenging and push hard for it. You'll have tenacity and resilience once you've got through it and you might just surprise yourself. 

DO SOMETHING OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE - Do something wild but liberating. Go skinny dipping? Ask a stranger on a date? Sign yourself up to First Dates. Think of something fun, quirky and liberating that's completely out of your comfort zone and do it.

So there we have it, a few ways to feel energised. I hope you'll enjoy this blog post. Do leave a comment and let me know if you have any tips for energising your life. 

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Lots of love, Em x

*Sponsored by Twinings but as always, it's always my honest opinion.

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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