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Monday, 14 May 2018

8 Easy Tips To Boost Your Wellbeing

At the start of the year, I got a diary and started ticking off the number of times I work out per week. Why? Well, it keeps me on track and it keeps me motivated. I’ve always loved working out and I know how beneficial it is for my body and mind. As beneficial as this is, we don’t often talk about over-working out or re-centering our bodies and minds. Downtime is actually just as important as uptime and actually proper sleep, proper food and a de-stressed mind should come first. Read more. This is a collaboration with Tropicana. 

This year, I’ve found myself really taking a step back and ensuring I’m not ‘over working out’. On those days when I was up working on deadlines a little too late, I won't force myself up at 6am to the gym because actually, sleep is more important. There are four pillars in my opinion when it comes to ‘health’ and that would be moving more, sleeping, eating well and banishing stress. We live in such a work-work-work world and everyone is out to achieve, it’s only when I saw my brother get incredibly ill recently and totally burn out that I realised how important it is to slow down. Life is exciting, it’s challenging and it’s fast-paced but we are often stressed, tired and worried. Today I want to write about my quest to support my everyday wellness with a few tips and tricks from me, see this as your ultimate guide to looking after your wellbeing in the run-up to Summer.

I’m working with Tropicana on this blog post. Their NEW Tropicana Essentials have arrived to help the nation in their quest to support their everyday wellness with four mouth-watering delicious new blends, each designed with different everyday wellbeing needs in mind! The new Tropicana Essentials range is bursting with flavour; combining delicious fruit, veg* and vitamins, to help get you through the toughest of days.  So, using that as my inspiration, here are my top ways to listen to your body.

tropicana essentials
tropicana essentials juices

SLEEP - First things first, sleep. I wish I could preach this to myself because I’m terrible at getting a good nights sleep. It’s something I really need to work on but I acknowledge that if I’ve gone to bed late, it’s important to let myself have a longer lie in. Sleep is so important and is integral to so many things. Never underestimate the power of a good nights sleep and please put time aside to ensure you are sleeping properly. Read: 4 tips for a better nights sleep. 

FUEL - See your body as a car, without the right fuel, it’s wont work as efficiently as it should. Fuel your body correctly, that means, with the right amount of sleep and, the right petrol (nourishment)…  I'm a big believer in eating well. Read: Diet culture and workout guilt. 

MOVE MORE - Whether you’re walking the dog, walking to meetings or doing a HIIT class, move more! I sit at a desk most days and even going to the shop for a quick 5 mins instantly clears my mind plus it gets those steps up. Hammering the treadmill gets rid of my stresses too. I try to use the Health app on my iPhone and ensure I’m getting as many steps in as possible on the days when I usually don’t move. Little things like getting air and moving more can make such a difference to your wellbeing and your mind too. For me, working out isn't just about the physical effects but the mental effects too. Read: Working Out For My Mind + Mindfulness Tips.

EAT BETTER, NOT LESS - Something I always say: eat better, not less. If you’ve read any of my health and fitness posts you’ll know I don’t believe in deprivation (people can have abs and eat pizza too) and I certainly don’t believe in starving yourself or tea toxes. Remember: your body and mind needs food. Deprivation only leads to binge eating.

RECHARGE - It’s okay to take a step back, if you watched my life hacks video you’ll know I said that recharging the body is so important. Take a step back, recharge your mind and body. That can mean taking a week off exercise, a day off work, a weekend off, heading to the countryside, shutting your laptop and running a bath, whatever works for you but rest is key in all elements of life. 

ME TIME - Never underestimate how good me time is for your mind and body. Whether it’s a yoga class (mix up those intense workouts with something good for stretching and the mind) or a bath with all the Jo Malone candles. Figure out what makes you feel great and dedicate some time to it once a week. It might be dancing in your room in your pajamas. Find it and embrace it. 

LAUGHING - Grab a friend or a box set, something that makes you belly laugh like never before. Laughing is great for resetting, recharging and making yourself feel great. It’s all about those happy endorphins.

READ - Whether it’s getting your teeth into a novel or a glossy magazine, put the technology down and grab something to read. I love a moment of calm either reading or listening to my music. I pour myself a glass of Tropicana Essentials Berry Boost and get lost for an hour or so. I've been scheduling more of my work so I can actually take a step back from the online world and absorb myself in real life. 

So there we have it guys, my top tips for keeping your wellbeing in check this year. I really hope this helps you. 

Tropicana Essentials range juices

Tropicana Essentials range

You can win the Tropicana Essentials range! Tropicana Essentials is available in the following four 750ml sizes:

Tropicana Essentials Vitality.  It’s a delicious blend of fruit, veg, Vitamin C and magnesium to help fight fatigue.

Tropicana Essentials Berry Boost which delivers the great taste of mixed berries with a boost of Vitamin C to help protect cells from oxidative stress.

Tropicana Essentials Vitamin Power.  This yummy juice contains all manner of Vitamins including C, E, B1, B2 and B6 to help support a normal immune system.

Tropicana Essentials Inner Balance contains added fibre and Vitamin C to support energy-yielding metabolism.

Just head over to my Instagram here to enter this week! Good luck! 

Lots of love, Em x

*Berry Boost does not contain veg.

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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