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Friday, 29 December 2017

New Years Eve Beauty Products With Armani

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New Years eve is a funny one isn't it? Knowing whether to go in or out, knowing whether to dress up or down. Then, deciding what to wear. Whether it's a date night out, a date night in or, a night out with your ladies... my favourite thing about New Years is feeling confident and pampered, for myself. For me, as a beauty lover, it's all about the preparation. Getting out of a steamy shower, a fresh blow dry and then, getting cosy in my dressing gown to apply my favourite make up. Just give me any excuse to have a pamper, even if it's for a date night in. People always assume that we apply make up to impress people but actually, I apply make up because it makes me feel incredible. Let's talk about the best Armani products for a New Years eve pamper. This is in partnership with Armani.
Armani is a brand I've blogged about and mentioned far too many times. I've always talked about just how underrated Armani make up is. The amount of technology that goes into their products just blows me away, I've been using their foundations and concealers forever (thanks Kim Kardashian for introducing me to the most flawless base, ever) and I get so excited when I see the incredible Armani range expanding and see so many people talking about how incredible Armani beauty is. So, let's talk about some of my favourite Armani products for the party season, whether you're staying in, or, heading out.

1. The Base - I've been using Armani Luminous Silk for as long as I can remember (it's a make up bag staple), often blending it with a few other foundations for a heavier look too. If you read my top foundations blog post you'll probably recall me mentioning just how much I adore Luminous Silk. My favourite beauty products are skincare and foundations because I'm obsessed with a flawless base and I have to say, Armani is one of the best brands for base products, from their skincare to their foundations. Armani Luminous Silk is the key product for a luminous, dewy base. The coverage is buildable so it can take you from date night to dance floor too. I love it because it can be applied really lightly for a 'second skin' 'no make up make up look' or, add another pump for a luminous night out look. It also looks great on photos if you're getting that New Year Instagram. I'm going to be totally honest and say, it was Kim Kardashian who introduced me to Armani Luminous Silk. Love or dislike the Kardashians, everyone knows they have the most flawless of make up bases and that's down to Armani foundation. One quick Google of what make up does Kim Kardashian wear? Points you straight in the direction of Armani. You can always try Armani Power too if you're exploring Armani base products. So, do I love Armani Luminous Silk? Have done for years and still do today. Epic. Iconic. Timeless.

2. The Eyes - I always play it safe with the eyes as I like to go for a bold lip. Armani's Christmas Make Up Palette definitely doesn't dissapoint though, the ultimate multi-tasker, whether it's a bold eye look, a netural eye look or, a flawless base. I think this is the ultimate handbag essential. This has been designed to capture the spirit of the festive season and may just be my favourite palette yet. Whatever the occasion, you can create/express any look with this palette. Starting with 10 new eyeshadows, whether you're wanting luminous white (perfect for the tearducts for a bright eyed look) or black for a sultry night out look. There's also mulberry, navy and slate, perfect for defining the eyes. With the 10 shadows, you really can illuminate or define. Five of the shades are pearly for a light-reflecting look, perfect to sparkle this winter, whilst the other five are matte. Armani's 'dry matte' technology blends seamlessly meaning the drama stays on the eyes all night long. For me, it's all about blending the two, a deep, defined but sparkly look for a night out and a gentle, soft, illuminated 'no make up make up' look with a bold lip for a night in. I always layer my mascara too as I instantly feel confident with a coat or two. The magic doesn't end there, lift up the shadows and you'll find the luminous silk compact, perfect for those night out touch ups. The best bit? This adapts to the skin tone in one universal shade. You also get two creamy shades of the iconic Maestro Fusion Make up with sponge applicators, meaning you can coneal, correct, contor and add drama or sparkle to the eyes with this palette. The ultimate party essential indeed.

Jumper online here / Lipstick online here and here. 

3. The Lips - If you read my blog post about the Armani Ecstasy Shine lipsticks you'll know they're a favourite of mine, particularly for winter as they keep my lips hydrated whilst gliding on, you can deepen the colour too. For date night or, New Years Eve, I struggle to choose a colour, whether it's a bold berry, a deep brown or a Christmas red and the best bit? The selection is huge with Armani (almost making it more difficult). I am a sucker for Armani lip magnet though, it stays on no matter how many glasses of champagne you're drinking and the applicator makes them so easy to apply. An Armani lipstick is the ultimate beauty essential, transforming a look from a neutral day-time look, to a full, evening glamorous look. Nothing makes me more confident than a bold lip and the way the lip magnets hug the lips is just epic for full lips.

4. The Scent - I was once told to choose a scent because then it will become 'my scent' so whether it's date day, date night or just for myself, I make sure I've sprayed my favorite scent. A long time ago I fell in love with Armani Si (my Mum adores it too) and now, it's my favourite date night scent. I've been stopped numerous times by people as they always ask what I'm wearing. You may remember me talking about my love for this perfume on my recent festive essentials video too. To mix up my favourite scent with something very special and luminous this winter, Si Nacre is now a part of my life. Si Nacre is chic, playful, intense yet soft all at the same time. See it as a radiant perfume and the glitter leaves a sparkling effect on the skin, the ideal festive season, you can now dress your skin with the iridescent shimmer of Si. I honestly think Si is addictive, with sensual notes of Oakmoss and Patchouli, it's so difficult to explain but for so many reasons it's my favourite. One spritz of Armani Si Nacre and you're glowing and ready to make memories, I'd be lying if I said I'd seen a more perfect fragrance for the festive months. They say a scent is the best way to remember memories.

So there we have it, a little run down of some of my ultimate Armani beauty products for the festive season, whether it's a pamper night in, or, a night out. I know I'll be glowing with Armani.

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* This blog post is sponsored by Armani but is 100% my honest opinion.

Lots of love, Em x

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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