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Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Christmas Shopping At Monks Cross

monks cross york
Shop the coat here and similar here and here  / lipstick

I'm a shopaholic, as a few people have pointed out that watch my hauls, I spend an 'obscene' (not my words) amount (or at least, show an obscene amount) of clothes on my channel, oops. I guess fashion has always been my passion, without meaning to rhyme and we can all spend our money on whatever we'd like to. Some people collect stamps, some people collect vintage disks but I, well, collect clothes. What people don't see though, is the behind the scenes, eg, me giving bags away to charity every month and therefore, I see it as 'recycling' the clothes for better use. There are, of course, many items which end up being key items in my wardrobe for years and years, but some others are just trend pieces. Now we've cleared that up, let's talk about some Christmas shopping. If you watched my recent Topshop haul, you'll probably remember me saying how weird it was to actually step foot into shops recently, rather than do my shopping online. It was definitely therapeutic and actually, felt great to touch things in store. I've never been a lover of trying stuff on and much prefer to go home and do it, but, Monks Cross invited me to take part in a shopping challenge and seen as I'm home from London for Christmas and it's just down the road, I couldn't say no. Let's see what I picked up. Warning: The coat addiction goes even further.  This is in partnership with Monks Cross. 

This is a collaboration with Monks Cross and I was challenged by them to see what I could get in the outdoor shopping centre with £250. If I could create two outfits, even better. So, let’s see how I got on.

To start with, Monks Cross feels like home as I’ve been going for years, it’s nice to be able to properly rummage around stores and touch pieces and try pieces on that I’ve seen online. So many things actually look better in real life. 

Side note: the one reason I hate actual shopping? I have to actually get dressed. At least it gave me the excuse to put my new lipstick on and at least we could get parked right at the entrance, laziness at its finest! 

We parked up and my first stop was of course Topshop. I tried not to blow the whole £250 in there and trust me, I could have done. 

dior red lipstick

What did I get? I got the most incredible faux fur jacket, in fact, it’s sold out online and I was so happy they had it in stock. I felt incredibly lucky and swooped it straight up. I tried on all the bobble hats too as they seem to be my new obsession. I also picked up the most gorgeous leather skirt which you can see styled up at the end of this post. 
topshop hat
topshop faux fur coat

We went one evening and the stores were so lovely and quiet, it was as if we had the place to ourselves.

Second stop? We headed into H&M, I haven’t been to H&M for ages and I was so excited as they had a little sale on. I grabbed the loveliest little brown roll neck for casual day to day wear and also, some tassel earrings. I may have also got a pair from Toyshop. I am officially a tassel earring addict. 

revolve teddy bear coat
After H&M, we headed to River Island where I may have fallen in love with *all the shoes*. It's a dangerous time of year to shop because the sales were epic and they had so many sizes in stock too. Hello new princess heels (much to Matt's annoyance - 'ew, pink sparkly heels' and hello new suede boots.

river island pink heels

river island boots

I couldn't resist nipping into Miss Selfridge, one of my favourite stores this year. I picked up this gorgeous jumpsuit, perfect for winter nights out when you want to look stylish but you don't want to feel too chilly, I made sure everything I bought could take me from day to night.

miss Selfridge jumpsuit
We also headed into Primark, Monks Cross has the most incredible Primark, it's honestly huge and they had such incredible stock. I walked out with a pom pom hat and a jumper dress. For just over £250, I got tassel earrings x2, a jumpsuit to take me from day to night, brand new boots again, for day to night, a jumper dress, a leather skirt, a beautiful and easy to wear casual top and a faux fur jacket. I couldn't believe the finds. Typical me did then cross the road and walk into TK Maxx and walk out with hundreds of pounds worth of homeware too, I couldn't resist. Now, see some of the outfits I put together below from my purchases at Monks Cross:

topshop tassel earrings

The faux fur coat, jumper dress and leather skirt

The tassel earrings and the roll neck

So, with £250 I actually managed to get a lot more than two outfits and bought enough interchangeable items to make a few outfits, from day to night! 

So there we have it, it was a pleasure to head back to Monks Cross and I found some incredible finds too without breaking the bank. Have you ever set yourself a shopping challenge? Have you ever gone shopping on a budget to see how many outfits you can make? How do you feel about outfits to take you from day to night?

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Lots of love, Em x

*This post is sponsored by Monks Cross but as always is 100% my honest opinion.

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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