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Sunday, 16 April 2017

Crafthouse Afternoon Tea Review - Bottomless Afternoon Tea Crafthouse Leeds

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It's one of those days where I'm in the mood to champion Leeds. It's an incredible, vibrant city which gets better every month. It used to get a really bad rep, when I first started at the University of Leeds people really looked down on the city and I spent my whole time there telling people how great it is. I'm pleased to say, with it's recent developments, it's just getting even better every single day. The past week I took a week off rushing around London and enjoyed Leeds, it felt good to be back, properly. You may have read my top places to eat and drink in Leeds but today, I'm here with a new addition! 

crafthouse Angelica leeds

I'm certainly used to this lift, I go up it every single time I'm home. Situated on Boar Lane in Leeds, it whisks you up into the two best bars and restaurants in Leeds. 

Firstly, Angelica, by far my favourite bar in the whole of Leeds, you may remember me giving it a big shout out in my recent blog post about Trinity Leeds. Imagine the best views, the best drinks and the best service. That's what you get. I talk about it way too much but it's because it's epic. I couldn't recommend anywhere more for a swanky date night, a delicious brunch or the best drinks than Angelica. It's not often a place can do everything, but Angelica really can, from breakfast, to brunch, to lunch, to outdoor drinks on the terrace, to dinner - it's divine. For me, the setting makes it special, super Instagrammable (a total lack of Instagram worthy venues in Leeds) but modern and beautiful whilst being luxurious too. Then, you meet Angelica's luxury older brother, Crafthouse. Angelica and Crafthouse are both owned by D&D London (thank the lord they decided to open up in Leeds, we needed some luxury), whilst I spend my nights drinking in Angelica, my afternoons brunching in there and often stop by for dinner, on very special occasions, Crafthouse is definitely worth checking out. I once heard a story about someone renting the whole of Crafthouse out to propose to someone and then whisking them up to Angelica after for cocktails with the whole family, very cute. One thing Leeds has always lacked is a good afternoon tea and when I heard Crafthouse had introduced one, I had to try it out.

One floor below my beautiful Angelica, Crafthouse sits in all its glory. With equally stunning views and a stunning terrace, it really is a gorgeous venue. I've only ever had dinner at Crafthouse once so was excited to stop there for an afternoon of high tea. I live on afternoon tea in London and have tried everywhere from Sketch to the Ham Yard to Selfridges, you name it but never have I found anything even slightly comparable in Leeds. 

craft house leeds


craft house in leeds

We started with prosecco and tea. I opted for green and it was proper green tea, with the leaves. I always judge a place by the green tea they give me! The good news? Throughout April the prosecco is refillable so you could get pretty merry if you fancied it.

I'm not a fan of salmon but Matt certainly is so he enjoyed double salmon cones, which he said tasted delicious. I love afternoon teas that bring a little something extra, rather than just the afternoon tea. It's one of the things I loved the most about The Lady Betty Afternoon Tea at Betty's, you don't just get scones, cake and sandwiches, but a little special starter too.

afternoon tea crafthouse
The sandwiches came and were dyed with various things from beetroot to spinach, they tasted delicious and it was a really nice, novelty way to make the traditional afternoon tea a little more quirky. Usually I feel like afternoon tea is a bit too heavy on the cake and they never give me enough sandwiches, I actually felt perfectly full this time with more than enough sandwiches.

afternoon tea at crafthouse leeds

afternoon tea in leeds

They certainly don't go light on the scones, which I'm very happy with as I love scones. If the sandwiches don't fill you, the scones definitely will. 

afternoon tea in leeds

food at crafthouse
Whilst I liked the sandwiches best, my Mum's favourite part was the dessert. I know Crafthouse have an amazing chef and he definitely knows how to whip up desserts. The raspberry tart was perfect and not to mention the chocolate torte which was so smooth. It was like three rich truffles together. The desserts were rich, delicious and so tasty. I'm never normally full after afternoon tea but on this occasion, I was. I didn't feel uncomfortably full though, I felt very satisfied but also didn't feel as if I'd over indulged. 

For me, the service and ambience of Crafthouse made it really special too. I didn't manage to get his name but like Angelica. the staff in Crafthouse really are top notch. The best kind of service is when waiters are attentive but not intrusive. We could grab them if we needed everything but we didn't feel as if they were sat with us. Our water was constantly topped up, our needs were more than fulfilled and Crafthouse have definitely mastered the art of perfect service. There's a reason Angelica and Crafthouse are two of the best places to eat and drink in Leeds. After Crafthouse? We headed up the spiral staircase inside to Angelica, of course we couldn't not end the afternoon with a cocktail on their beautiful roof terrace.

If you're in Leeds, please visit Angelica and Crafthouse, you certainly wont regret it!

Have you ever visited Leeds? Do you like the sound of this? Have you visited Angelica or Crafthouse? 

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Lots of love, Em x

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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