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Friday, 14 April 2017

How To Start Your Day The Best Healthy Way - Healthy Morning Routine

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 One of the most important things my Mum has ever taught me health-wise is 'always make time for breakfast'. She's always pushed the idea of starting my day the right way and fuelling my body so it can work at it's very best throughout the day, it's something I talk about a lot. Today, I invite you to join me for a morning at home. I'm waking up early recently so that I have more time to have a proper breakfast and therefore, proper nourishment before my day head. Let's talk healthy breakfast starts, feeling for the day ahead and more. I'm also going to review my incredible new drinks machine on this too, I would call it a coffee machine but it's much more than just a standard coffee machine.

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This year I'm focusing on my wellbeing and health a lot, when you've started the day the right way, you'll feel less stressed and all round, generally have a better day. See your body as a car, without fuel, it wont run efficiently enough and therefore, it needs breakfast to kick start the engine and fuel you up for the day. There are a number of things I start my day with, let's talk my favourite healthy breakfast options:



Porridge - A big bowl full of oats keeps me fuller for longer. I top my oats with blueberries for anti-oxidants, chia seeds, flax seeds, raw cacao and whatever other goodness I can find to cram into this bowl of yum to start my day.
healthy vegan pancakes

Pancakes - My super-easy, Vegan, dairy-free pancakes kick off any day. You can find the recipe here but they're made with oats, banana and almond milk. That's really it. They're so delicious, made full of natural ingredients and keep me full all day long.

Healthy Breakfast Bar - My Mum's delicious healthy bar (you may remember it from my vlog) is incredible. She makes squares of it and stores it for the week so we constantly have something to grab and go. It's a great pre-gym snack and post-gym too. Full of goodness such as flax seeds, oats and chia, as my Mum says, there's nothing bad inside this and she loves knowing we're grabbing something nourishing even if we're in a rush to leave the house and don't have time to sit down for a proper breakfast.

Toast - Toast gets a really bad rep and I have no idea why. As far as I'm concerned: you can have abs, be slim and still eat bread. I live on it! Just make sure it's good quality bread. We get locally baked sourdough or rye bread so I know I'm putting goodness into my body.

Omelettes - Eggs get a bad rep but I tend to have an omelette at least once a week when I'm at the gym. I go to David Lloyd and they make the best omelettes in their cafe, perfect protein for refuelling after a long spin session. I pack mine with tomatoes, spinach and broccoli.

girl eating watermelonFruit & Greek Yoghurt - A great source of protein, a big bowl of natural Greek yoghurt filled with nuts, seeds and fruit starts me off the right way, particularly if it's warm outside. Try freezing it for homemade ice cream and blend some fruit into it. Thank me later!

Krups coffee machine


Water - I wake up and have a glass of water with lemon juice to start my day. I really try to drink more and more as time goes on as I know water is so beneficial. I find packing a bottle in my bag means I have to drink it all day, try infusing it with fruit (literally just pop some fruit in it throughout the day and it tastes delicious).

Smoothies and juices - I absolutely adore making smoothies and juices and tend to throw in blueberries, kale, spinach, banana and then all my goodness including Welleco's Super Exilir, I absolutely love this Vegan, natural chocolate protein powder, it makes everything taste delicious and has everything you could ever need inside it. I also make juices using Welleco Super Greens powder, full of every green you could possibly imagine, definitely the best way to kick start your day with as many nutrients as possible. It's great to put a spoonful of this into a smoothie and know you're getting every nutrient you could need throughout the day.

bloom matcha tea

Tea - I absolutely live on green tea, if it's not teapigs green tea it'll be Bloom matcha. Bloom matcha is super high quality, highly graded matcha tea and I've been drinking it for a few years now. It speeds the metabolism up and is stronger than green tea. It keeps me energised and kick starts my workouts.

Krups coffee machine

Coffee - Onto the coffee. We recently got a new coffee machine in our house and it has really revolutionised breakfast time. My Mum has always been a coffee addict and I started on expresso pre-gym as I heard it boosted the metabolism. I'd be lying if I said I don't love an expresso martini too (although I'm yet to try it for cocktails....) Coming from a family of coffee lovers, it was only natural that we got a good coffee machine this year. Introducing Krups EA9010 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine. This beautiful baby makes 17 different drinks, from flat whites (one of the best coffees for those who are health conscious) to lattes, to expressos, you name it. The best bit? You don't need to be the barista because it does it all for you with the touch of one button. The digital screen takes care of all the drinks making and also allows you to completely personalise your drinks. I always thought coffee machines were difficult and if I'm honest, I've been a little scared to use them. This couldn't be any more simple, you simply add the milk or water and press a button and you're good to go.  I'm a lover of caffeine and I'm sure it's the caffeine within my green tea that keeps me going all day, I know though that some of my friends find caffeine makes them anxious so instead, they stick to de-caf. Don't worry, this machine does that too. For me, it was about finding a coffee machine that blended into my kitchen and looked sleek rather than big and ugly. This really has transformed not just breakfast time (I love how quickly it makes the drinks, meaning we can sit as a family whilst we eat on a morning) but also, how my kitchen looks. It's high tech, beautiful and modern. Whether it's almond milk, soy milk or dairy (I go for almond milk) this machine froths the milk perfectly, meaning I can recreate my favourite London-coffee shop lattes at home. I often visit a place called Farm Girl and they make me the most delicious matcha lattes with coconut milk, the best bit? I can even make these with my Bean to Cup by KRUPS. I just need to learn how to do latte art now! I am a bit of a hygiene freak but this completely self cleans meaning you don't have to worry about germs or mess. Could it get any better? Thanks to Krups for kindly sponsoring this post, you can get 30% off the Krups coffee machine until 17th April using code BLCF30OFF, this is valid on all KRUPS Bean to Cup machines on Home & Cook. obviously highly recommend this one.

Morning Routine - My morning routine then, is as follows: I wake up, drink my water, boil the kettle and have either a cup of tea or a flat white, matcha latte or almond milk latte and then after catching up on emails, I work out. I feel completely fuelled and ready to take on the gym after a goods night sleep and my body is nourished and energised with so much goodness. I see mornings as a way to put as much good stuff into your body as possible. I also find, if you start your day in a good way, you'll end it in one too, meaning it's easier to keep your eating on track.

My Morning Routine Quick Tips - 

Leggings, online here - Sweaty Betty. Taken at Novotel Canary Wharf. 

Make it your routine - Once you make eating breakfast and enjoying an early start part of your routine, it will feel weird not doing it. I get so sick if I don't eat breakfast because my metabolism wakes up and is crying out to be fed! Once it's your routine, it's much easier. 

Never skip breakfast - The whole point of this post: don't skip it!

Fit exercise in when it works for you - I do really like working out first thing in the morning but sometimes, if I've got loads of work to do I end up being more stressed by missing my important work to go to the gym, then I'm stressed because I missed the gym to do work, you've got to just fit exercise in when it fits you. Don't pressurise yourself to go in the morning if it doesn't work for you. Some mornings I love getting it out of the way, other mornings, I exercise at 8pm as a reward for working hard all day and see it as a release.

Pre-prepare if you know you'll be in a rush - If you know you're going to be in a rush, make something yummy the night before and then take it with you for breakfast! I always have a healthy bar in my bag 'just incase'. Read about some of my top healthy snacks. 

So there we have it, a little look into a healthy way of starting your day the right way in the Sheldon household and of course, a look at my incredible new coffee machine. I really hope you guys liked this.

Do you love breakfast? How do you start your day? Do you snack healthily? 

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Lots of love, Em x

*I worked with Krups on this but as always it's 100% my honest opinion.

Thank you so much for reading!

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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