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Wednesday, 26 April 2017

COME TO MY WORKOUT CLASS & Fitness Essentials

sweaty Betty neon power leggings

Give me fresh gym kit and I'm a seriously happy girl. Today, as well as an exciting announcement (where you can come work out with me!), I wanted to talk about a few of my current favourite gym essentials. Let's discuss...

sweaty Betty neon kit
sweaty Betty power legging

I'm really pleased to announce that on the 5th May I'll be in Leeds hosting a workout, you're all invited and I'd love to see some of you there. I understand many of you will have work but it's only a 30 minute workout so hopefully you can make it in your lunch hour if you're Leeds based. Sure has done some research and have found that the nation is keen to exercise more over lunchtime but concerns around sweating and needing to cool down is a key barrier to doing lunchtime workouts. I'm helping Sure with this movement and we are aiming to help women across the country reclaim their break and join the lunchtime movers!

To do so, together with fellow ambassador Fitness on Toast, we have created an optimised highly efficient workout - ‘High Intensity No Stress’ (HINS) - incorporating and optimising the cool down process and ensuring the nation can work out, safe in the knowledge they can return to the office cool, calm and collected.

We will of course be using Sure Antibacterial Odour Protection, formulated with ingredients to fight odour causing bacteria, giving you the confidence of 48hr protection. I'm sure if you've read any of my fitness posts you'll know just how much I swear by Sure so this really was a natural fit for me.

I would absolutely love to see you at my workout! Please do let me know if you can make it.

Where? The workout will be delivered outdoors at Hyde Park, Leeds on Friday 5th May at 1:00pm

When? Friday 5th May

Confirm? Please email your attendance to: [email protected] and tweet me to let me know you're coming.

I've taken your feedback on board and know that so many of you are wanting me to host some Southern events too, keep an eye out, I promise these will be coming up as soon as possible! For now though, it's lovely to have the opportunity to host something in the city I grew up in, beautiful Leeds!

sweaty Betty fitness kit

So now, a little look at some of my current workout essentials.

Firstly, yourself! You never regret a workout, getting there really is the hardest bit so once you conquer that, you're halfway there!

sports flatlay
Gym kit - Next, good gym kit! I'm not talking about the kind of gym kit that looks good but doesn't do it's job, I'm talking about good, technical gym kit. I've gone through lots of different gym kits in my time and the brands which have stood the test of time? Sweaty Betty - easily the highest quality gym kit I've ever come across. Nike - I just think Nike are unbeatable, particularly with trainers. Adidas - They're a workout hero for a reason, their sports bras are epic. Reebok - An oldie but a goldie, Reebok's new range is particularly good. I've wasted money on fashionable gym kit before and found it sags at the crotch, goes see-through or doesn't fit properly when I squat. It's so important to find gym kit that's comfortable but also, you feel comfortable walking around and wearing it too. Don't forget to read my blog post about my top health and fitness tips for more on this.

Music -  I think a good soundtrack is essential to working out and having an efficient workout. I have the worst gym workouts when I forget my headphones but the best ones when a good song comes on. When I'm in that final, brutal minute of my workout, I need a good soundtrack to help me power through. There's also nothing more therapeutic than putting your headphones on and saying goodbye the world for a little while!
 Anti-Perspirant - Have you ever turned up to the gym and forgot to put anti-perspirant on? Me too and it was mortifying. The good news? Sure Antibacterial Odour Protection is pretty epic because it protects for up to 48 hours. It has been created to reduce 90% of odour causing bacteria**, giving you the confidence that you'll feel and smell fresh post-workout session!  The product contains natural ingredients known for their antibacterial properties including lime oil, eucalyptus, orange terrine, so you couldn't ask for better protection against sweat and odour! It leaves me feeling confident and ready to tackle anything. I also always make sure I pack face wipes in my bag, I personally love Clinique Pep-Start and then I wipe my whole body down with them. I feel so refreshed.

Trainers - Just like good gym kit, trainers are essential too. Make sure you get the right ones for the exercise you're doing. The Nike website tends to be good for figuring out exactly what kind of support you're after, e.g., is it running, HIIT or weight lifting? You may need different support depending on the exercise you're doing!

I hope this little insight helped you but mainly I'd just love to see any Leeds based people, or, if you're near to Leeds, come and work out with me on the 5th May at 1pm.

Shop my gym kit here.

Thank you so much for reading. Do let me know if you'd like to come! 

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*Sponsored by Sure but as always, 100% my honest opinion. 

Lots of love, Em x

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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