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Tuesday, 11 April 2017

His & Her Top Skincare Picks - Couples Skincare Favourites & Routine. The Best Men's & Women's Skincare

couples skincare
I'm sure you all know by now that beauty is one of my favourite things. So today I wanted to write a blog post featuring my lovely boyfriend, Matt and talk about our his and her skincare collections. If I wrote a blog post featuring every single one of my favourite skincare products and brands, we'd be here for the next ten years, so I tried my hardest to only feature a few things, okay, a lot of my favourite skincare and his too but we did manage to cut it down, a little. I promise, more skincare posts will be coming if you're looking for them! I'm so happy with my skin at the moment, it's taken a long time to get me to where I am skin-wise, I feel so confident make-up less and I really owe it to these amazing products. So here it is, the chance to take a little look into his and her skincare and see what we use together too! Warning: so many incredible products in one post! 
blogging couple
This blog post has made me realise we do not have enough photos together on professional cameras. I love having a boyfriend who's into his skincare and grooming, I'm forever throwing new products his way and making him trial them, test them and hopefully, fall in love with them. I made him pick out a few of his daily favourites so far and this is what he came up with.
best mens skincare

best mens cleansers for skincare
Matt's Favourite Cleansers - Matt loves his Mr Burberry face scrub, it's scented with Mr Burberry Eau De Toilette so smells divine. It gently cleanses away impurities and I've taught him the importance of exfoliating, I can't really think of a more classy brand than Burberry to launch a face scrub. I always say their beauty products are extremely underrated so it's nice to see a mens range. I also got him hooked on Kiehl's Facial Fuel, this is another scrub. Kiehl's Facial Fuel is an energising scrub and is full of lovely natural ingredients which is one of the main reasons I adore Kiehl's.  Lastly, erborian, it's a Korean brand I discovered in SPACE NK and obviously had to get Matt hooked too. We share a pot of the Solid Cleansing Oil and it's perfect because it leaves a protective layer to the skin but also leaves it silky smooth. I love a double cleanse, Matt's not yet into that! I'm working on it.

best mens moisturisers
Matt's Favourite Moisturisers - The first ever moisturiser I got Matt into was a Molton Brown one, he only had a travel size and has sadly finished it now but I know he used to love that. Next up, I got him ROUTINE for men a while back, it's a revitalising moisturiser and he said he uses it quite often. I bought him it in a set for Christmas because their products are natural and he seems to have really enjoyed using it. Next, he obviously had a Clinique Moisturiser. I definitely sway his favourite skincare products as I'm such a skincare lover and he takes this mini Clinique Moisturising Lotion with him particularly when we're abroad to keep the skin hydrated and protected from UV throughout the day. Lastly, I recently surprised him with some HOMME EISENBERG PARIS after hearing amazing things, this is the complexe anti-age moisturiser but is good because you can use it on the eyes too. It has hyaluronic acid, kukui oil and silk extracts in it. Matt looks 10 years younger than me already so definitely doesn't need anything anti ageing but I'd heard such amazing things. I need to get him into Clarins next. Side note: My brother and Matt both swear by Clinique and Kiehl's moisturisers, I've been asked to add this in. Both of them rave about them! This makes me happy as they're two of my favourite brands.

the best lip products
The Best Lip Products - Matt really struggles with dry lips and I'm forever throwing lip balms his way, our favourites include the new Cacao Welleco Lipbalm which is made up of natural ingredients and honestly feels like you're rubbing fresh soft coconut onto your lips, I'm obsessed. We both love Welleco protein so it was only natural that I'd be obsessed with their lip balm (and Matt too). We've found the best product for tackling super dry lips to be Clarins Instant Light Lip Oil, it's so intense and instantly revitalises them. Never underestimate the power of Jo Malone Vitamin E Lip Balm too, a dreamy, gel like formula. Lastly, you can't go wrong with Clinique superbalm, it deeply hydrates even the driest of lips. 

the best facemasks
Facemasks - Facemasks are something we both use together. I use facemasks at least once a week and I'm proud to say Matt often joins in too. It's not something he really cares about but I'll tell him about a new one and ask him if he wants to try and of course he can! It's good to get another opinion on skincare and I love seeing how he reacts when it tightens his skin etc. Some of our current favourite face masks are Origins By All Greens, this is such an awesome face mask, it deeply cleanses with spirulina and spinach and starts soft but then foams on the skin as it works it's magic. It's safe to say, this one really impressed Matt and I. Origins do such incredible face masks and I love how good and natural their ingredients are, they're definitely one of my favourite brands for masks. Next up is Charlotte Tilbury's Goddess mask, this is definitely one of my favourites. I trust anything by Queen Tilbury and this visibly lifts, tightens and softens the skin. It feels like clay on the skin and then as soon as you've washed it the skin is silky smooth. GlamGlow's Gravity Mud is one you'll see me using on so many of my weekly vlogs, I love it because you peel it off the skin and it gently draws everything away and tightens my skin. My skin always feels so soft afterwards. The Body Shop are also really good when it comes to face masks and lastly, L'Oreal Clay Masks. These are my hero face masks, super affordable and super effective. I love them because they introduced the world to multi-masking, something I've actually been doing for years, so you'd put say a detoxing mask on the t-zone areas, an energising mask on the cheeks and an anti-ageing one on the forehead. I love mixing and matching face masks. 

skincare product flat lay
Now, onto some more of my favourites. I know we've already touched on some above but I wanted to talk about some more current favourites. I grabbed these from my bathroom shelf and honestly found it difficult to whittle it down. It's safe to say, I like a lot of skincare! Here are a few of my top skincare picks.

best skincare cleansers
My Favourite Cleansers - I couldn't not include Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Botanical Cleansing oil, there's no need for a double cleanse with this and it instantly cleanses the skin. I do still love a double cleanse, just to make sure, so I tend to use a micellar water first, either one by Elemis or the Clarins Cleansing Water and then either the Midnight Cleanser or fresh Soy Face Cleanser, I love this because it makes my skin so soft, it's the most gentle cleanser ever. When I'm feeling tired, lazy or can't make it to a sink, Bobbi Brown's Soothing Cleansing Milk is my hero product, fills dwith chia self oil and more, it softens my skin and cleanses in one swipe. I feel the same about Clarins Cleansing Water too. For me, it's all about making sure my skin is squeaky clean which is why I do like to use a special water first, followed by a cleanser. 

vita liberata self tanning anti age serum Extras - A few skincare extras I'm loving and wanted to discuss can be seen above. First up, Garnier Ambre Solaire Hydrating Face Mist. I recently learnt about the importance of looking after my skin when it comes to sunshine every single day. This has become a staple in my handbag to spray on my scalp and on my face, it's super light and I know my skin is protected. I thought the SPF in my foundation was enough but apparently it isn't at all which is why I'm now spraying this too, it doesn't make my face greasy at all which is always a bonus. Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour Miracle Hydrating Mist is one of my current favourites, it's a handbag must have, rammed full of superfood ingredients, it hydrates, revives and cools the skin. I swear by hydrating mists for flights. My favourites as well as this one, include Liz Earle Skin Tonic (you may remember it from my top Spring beauty products post) and Kiehl's Cactus Spray. Absolute handbag essentials. In Summer, I love having a glow and I use face tans to make that happen. My current favourite has to be Vita Liberata and their anti-ageing serum, not only does it protect and look after the skin, it tans it too. I pop a dab on before bed and wake up glowing. Another favourite face tan has to be St Tropez, their gradual glow tan always brightens my complexion. Lastly, I love Fake Bake, I completely trust Fake Bake when it comes to face tans because they use lots of natural, kind to skin ingredients.

best skincare serums and oilsdecleor eye cream
 Skincare Serums & Oils & Eye Creams - Last but certainly not least, the final step of my skincare routine, my serums, oils and my eye cream. I'm sure most of you know by now that I absolutely swear by Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Oil. Midnight Recovery Oil just helps my skin to cheat 8 hours sleep and repairs it overnight, I swear by it. It's closely followed by Elemis Superfood Oil, which hydrates, nourishes and smoothes the skin all day long. I love Elemis and can never get enough of their products. Another recent love is Manuka Doctor and their Drops of Crystal Cashmere Touch Serum, I fell in love with Manuka Doctor last year and haven't stopped eating their honey since (I eat it daily), their skincare is just as good too! Drops Of Crystal hydrates, plumps and refines the skin with Manuka honey and purified bee venom, it boosts natural collagen and also helps to firm the skin. I often apply this before bed and wake up feeling so revitalised and brightened. I swear by Elizabeth Arden's Skin Superboost Renewal booster but as a morning ritual. I use this before a serum or moisturiser as it apparently protects the skin from the day ahead (pollution etc). When I did my skincare mapping and learnt a little bit more about sun damage on the skin, I was told I'm getting wrinkles at the sides of my eyes (oh my goodness I'm only 23!?!?) so now I'm taking eye creams very seriously. I switch them up but usually use Decleor, their Aurabsolu Intense Glow just brightens my undereyes or the most amazing Estee Lauder Revitalizing eye cream, this soothes and calms my eye area, helps to fight wrinkles and I find, it stops me looking so tired. I guess we wont know if they've worked for at least twenty years though but hopefully my eyes wont wrinkle too much haha.

Phew, that is A LOT of skincare for you guys to take in, I told you I liked it a lot! I'm so happy I've got Matt into skincare too and I really am loving it at the moment. Please leave a comment and let me know if you're using any new skincare, what your favourite skincare items are and if you've used any of my favourites too.

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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