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Saturday, 4 February 2017

Things I Learnt From A Wellbeing Coach

When I was first approached to buy Herbalife products, I had a few initial doubts. I didn't even think about the nutritional values, or the millions of pounds and years of research that gone into the brand, I simply couldn't see past the misconceptions I had of the business. When my brother (who's massively into his health and fitness by the way) told me to stop being silly, and look at their ambassador Cristiano Ronaldo, I realised I should probably do my own research into the brand. Nourishing top athletes worldwide, why wouldn't I try Herbalife? If you've ever read my blog post about the importance of the 80/20 rule and why I do not believe in fad diets, you'll understand me when I talk about how scared I get when I hear about new shakes, new diets and new crazes. Actually, Herbalife are just simple things you can add into your daily diet (great things) to enhance performance, so I decided to give them a shot this month. Let's discuss...
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I teamed up with wellness coach & personal trainer Jordan (Jordan). My own childhood personal trainer actually (Rob) swore by Herbalife and he really knows his stuff.

Some of the things he said were really interesting and I know you guys like my fitness section so I wanted to give some more fitness tips. It was great to go through everything I do at the gym and everything I eat with Jordan and get some tips from an expert. I like to think I know my stuff, but there's nothing better than talking to a professional.


Jordan talked a lot about balance, which is exactly what I believe in. He said that if we fuel ourselves in the most efficient way then obviously we will perform at our best and feel great too. I believe in the 80/20 rule and I'm sure you all know what this means by now, it means never depriving ourselves and doing everything in moderation. I believe in eating well 80% of the time and then the other 20% of the time you can relax a little.


I asked him a few questions about what our diet should be made up with, he talked me through a pie chart and said this balance should be made up of 40% fibre rich carbs such as fruits, salad, vegetables and oats and then 30% of lean protein, then up to 30% of heart healthy fats (he said less saturated fats from animal meats and more omega 3 from wild fish, nuts, seeds or supplements) alongside good hydration and exercise. I'm definitely going to try and stick to this and try to get my protein from healthier sources.

Body composition:

 I monitor my body composition on my TomTom and at David Lloyd gyms and know that it's on track, read my blog post about why I never weigh myself here. So I spoke through my body composition with Jordan who told me that actually, what I'm doing is all fine, I just need to ensure the body runs at its best by continuing and ensuring I'm fuelling for a busy and active lifestyle and giving myself enough time to actually recover! Improvements wise? He said I should eat more protein, as people always tell me! You may remember I spoke to a nutritionalist  and she gave me some great tips when it comes to getting more protein. I know it's meant to keep me fuller for longer. I recently wrote a blog post with my favourite healthy snacks if you're interested in what I have been snacking on.


We talked about the importance of sleep. So many of us live on the minimum amount of sleep but it really does affect the body. Just like drinking water, getting enough sleep is so good for us. I often run on no fuel and it's something I'm working on this year. Treat your body to the rest and recovery it deserves.

I was recommended a number of products by Jordan and I'm going to discuss them today:

Herbalife product

Herbalife protein bars

Protein Bar: I usually eat Nakd bars but for those hard spin sessions I’ve been going for the Chocolate Peanut protein bars, as recommended by Jordan. They taste delicious and have 10g of protein per bar!

Herbalife aloe mango

Herbal Aloe Mango Concentrate Drink: I’m loving this the most, it’s a low calorie drink with no added sugar. Aloe vera is meant to have so many health benefits and I’ve always wanted to start drinking more water mixed with Herbal Aloe.
Herbalife cr7 drive

CR7 Drive: The carbohydrate-electrolyte drink mix powder is something for athletes. It provides support for the 24-hour athlete so it’s probably something I’m only going to be trying properly when I’m back into my proper 5x a week training routine. I went for acai berry flavour and Jordan recommended this to help stay hydrated during my work outs.

Rebuild Strength Recovery Drink: This chocolate flavoured protein shake is delicious and Jordan recommended it to help with my workout. It has nothing artificial in it and is made for strength athletes so great for after HIIT.

All in all, I think along with a balanced diet, there’s no harm in adding these supplements into my diet. Nutritionists always tell me I need more protein and that’s exactly what I’m doing. I'm all about trialling new things but I do not and never will believe in fads. The conversations I had with Jordan were great, we both agree with zero deprivation, life enjoyment and complete balance. I know I really need to focus this year on balancing work, play and eating well. I really think well-being is key this year, that means resting more, enjoying life and generally being happy and healthy. Read my top tips to zen and well-being in 2017. Let's do this together!

Have you ever used Herbalife? Do you use any supplements?

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* I worked with Herbalife on this but as always, it's 100% my honest opinion.

Lots of love, Em x

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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