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Wednesday, 3 February 2021

The Best New In Beauty Launches Of 2021 - 2021 New Beauty Launches

Ad affiliate / PR throughout - When a new year lands, new beauty products land too. Personally, I’ve been trying to have more ‘self care’ and ‘wellbeing’ days and let’s be honest, we have to take happiness from whatever we can and for me, that’s a bit of me time. I talked about my favourite lockdown beauty/wellbeing products back in May, and here I am, still self-caring months later but that's another blog post entirely. It can be overwhelming seeing so many new launches and trying to see what’s worth a shot (you’ll probably know I have my old favourites, check out my best beauty products of 2020 for that) but there’s always room for some newbies in my life. On todays blog post, see my round up of the best new beauty launches of 2021 that I think are genuinely worth trying... get ready for the new in beauty you should try this year. 

 Redken Extreme Bleach Recovery -
If you read my 5 best hair products for strengthening damaged hair blog post, you'll know I swear by Redken Extreme already but they only went and did one better and brought out the new Redken Extreme Bleach Recovery range. It's basically a gentle, fortifying care range formulated specifically for fragile, bleached hair (aka, me), it strengthens the strands and restores the hair from one bleach service to the next. I think lockdown has weirdly been great for my hair, I used to get my colour done every 8-12 weeks and here I am, no visit to my hairdresser (sob) since July time?! I'm in desperate need of a cut but the lack of colouring has probably helped my hair get back, once and for all to optimum health/strength... a silver lining of lockdown, yes my roots may be bad but hopefully my hair is thriving inside. So what's so impressive about the new range?  The range includes an industry first, the at-home Lamellar Water - they call it 'the ultimate invisible bandage for your hair' - I have used this and it's interesting because it's literally like putting water, on your hair when you are in the shower, you make it lather slightly but then once you get the hang of it, your hair will thank you for it. It's essentially designed to help tired, damaged strands and intensely condition it. I've never tried anything like it.
On top of this genius magic water is the Redken Cica Cream Leave In treatment that penetrates deep into the hair shaft to increase resilience. I'm a huge fan of leave in treatments as I love using my trusty Dyson Supersonic hairdryer to get them penetrating into my hair when blow drying.  This product is inspired by Korean skincare and has healing properties to regenerate cells to create healthy hair. It is designed to penetrate deep into the hair shaft to increase the resilience of the hair. Ultimately, this range is designed to add softness and fluidity to bleached/damaged hair and be ultra caring too, it's designed to combat damage and dryness right from the cuticle level... Redken always use amazing science and technology, I really trust them and I'm here for it. Shop the Redken Extreme Bleach Recovery range.
Babyfacial by Drunk Elephant - Via SpaceNK -
 The beauty angels at Space NK are usually the first to introduce me to new in beauty and they certainly exceeded themselves with the new, Babyfacial by Drunk Elephant - a product you are probably seeing EVERYWHERE right now and it's for a good reason. Beauty gurus in the US have been talking about this for quite some time and now it's available in the UK. So what's the fuss about Babyfacial? It's designed to help radiate youth and give smoother, more evenly toned skin - aka, make me glow. I see this as a suped-up face mask, it's an at-home facial that works to gently exfoliate the skin with a 25% AHA / 2% BHA blend that combines glycolic, tartaric, citric, lactic and salicylic acids. Now my science skincare friends out there will know this is a hefty combo - as many reviewers have said, this works hard on your skin. I was advised to only leave it on for 10 minutes to begin with as even skin that's used to acids can find this harsh on the first use. It gave me a little tingle but I generally find this with acids. It basically works to resurface skin without causing redness or sensitisation. It made me a little red / tingly but I woke up glowing the next morning after popping some calming Midnight Recovery Oil over the top. 

This is described as a next-generation mask and ultimately is designed to smooth the skins texture and minimise the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and pores. Wrinkles / fine lines are never going to disappear over night, it's about preventative measures which is why people always recommend using anti-ageing whilst you're young, I can say my skin did feel baby soft the next morning though and glowy/radiant. So, what's inside the product? pumpkin ferment, chickpea flour and a soothing antioxidant blend that combines milk thistle, apple and matcha tea... good enough to eat, it sounds like my healthy baking! This product is designed to brighten with enzymatic action and honestly I'm a sucker for these new 'enzymatic' exfoliators, I feel like they're really powerful. It's a serious treat but the science is there so it's probably worth the cost. I spotted if you buy Babyfacial from Space NK a Marula oil sample is included - this oil is lovely for hydrating the skin and many suggest using it afterwards. To conclude? In terms of sensitivity, it definitely depends how your skin tolerates acid so go gentle to begin with, aka don't do this daily, some suggest once per week whilst others suggest once per month and build up how long you use it for. Did it make my skin glow? yes. Did it make my skin smooth? Yes. Shop Babyfacial by Drunk Elephant

It didn't launch in 2021 but whilst we're talking about acids and enzymes, if you're looking for a kinder alternative to the Babyfacial, I personally use the Kate Somerville Exfoliant once every week or two and that's a game changer if you're looking for an enzymatic 2-minute Hollywood facial that is super powerful but doesn't use as many acids. It's a dual acting exfoliator with fruit extracts enzymes and lactic acid but my skin seems to love it and get such a great glow. I rate this product so highly so thought I'd offer it as an alternative. 
Kiehls Ultra Facial Oil-Free Gel Cream - We all know I adore Kiehl's, I've been using them since 2012 and in 2021, that love will only get stronger I'm sure. This is a new formula of one of their best selling products so you may have seen this before. The new formulation of their holy grail oil-free gel cream is enriched with Glacial Gycoproteins and Micronised Amino Acids. The product reminds me of Summer as it feels so lovely and cooling when it hits the skin. It's basically a super-hydrating day moisturiser in gel form and is great for oily-normal skin. The cooling effect is there to reinvigorate while helping maintain skin’s moisture balance and the formula is just a dream. It's one of those products I always go back to. I'd expect this would make my skin shiny but quite the opposite, it's actually designed to help skin be shine free and healthy looking all day. As I'm working from home, I don't mind my skin looking shiny from products but this would be great underneath make up if you're someone who gets shine throughout the day. The gel formula is lovely and it sinks instantly into my thirsty skin. I love letting my skin drink this up. It's designed to visibly reduce shine and visibly minimise pores over time - my skin definitely feels hydrated, refreshed and balanced when using this product. Some will say don't fix what aint broken? I say why not make it even better! Shop Kiehls Ultra Facial Oil-Free Gel Cream

L’Occitane Art of Soaps Collection - I often forget about the simple, trusty bar of soap but maybe simplicity is often what we all need, in order to rediscover a simple self-care ritual. I’m massively into homeware at the moment, with the purchase of @emshelhome and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want one of these in every room. However, these soaps aren’t your standard soap (as beautiful as they are to look at) they embody the traditional provencal craft of soap making with beautiful scents and textures, including lemon and tangerine, sweet orange, rhubarb and basil and more. Just the scents alone make me long for Summer. The best bit? with a huge focus on sustainability, the formulas are all vegan-friendly and the soaps are either naked (without packaging) or wrapped in recycled paper. L'Occitane are paving the way for everyone and we love to see it. Further to this, L’Occitane have also launched a Solidarity Candle with 100% of profits going to UNICEF and sight-saving vitamin A supplementation. I adore you L'Occitane! Shop L'Occitane. 
Elemis Naked Cleansing Balm - Elemis have only gone and brought out their original, best selling (yep, the one I talk about all the time), deep cleansing balm, in naked form! This is a limited edition, fragrance-free version of their bestselling cleansing balm. It basically melts away makeup and impurities for a glowing complexion. I call it the lazy girls make up remover, I pop it all over my face (eye make up too but don't quote me on that - works for me though) and with one swoop everything has gone. This new, “naked” unscented version can actually be used safely around the eyes and is perfect for all skin types, including sensitive skin. This is a very exciting 'reformulation' if you want to call it that. I am SO excited.  Just like the bestselling original, this limited edition version has the same 3-in-1 transformative texture we all know and love for the ultimate cleansing experience... so you are not losing anything here. It basically goes on as a cleansing balm, the oils remove make up but then it hydrates like a milky formula once water hits the skin, it's like the most perfect cleanser for removing stubborn things such as waterproof mascara and it never irritates my skin or eyes. I am forever obsessed. This naked take on an icon is a welcome new addition to 2021. Shop Elemis Naked Cleansing Balm
Jo Malone Scarlett Poppy - It wouldn't almost be Valentine's Day without a new launch from the iconic brand, Jo Malone. The dream have made 2021 a little sweeter with their new floral scent, inspired by the extravagant and exotic great scarlet poppy from the wild steppes of Asia. Some of my favourite scents of all time come together here for a sweet but sensual scent: barley and tonic bean for sweet decadence with succulent fig. If you could bottle up opulence, this is what it would smell like. This is part of the  Cologne Intense Collection, I find the perfect, sensual evening / date night scents. The bottle is a striking red, so different for Jo Malone but so beautiful. Shop Jo Malone Scarlett Poppy. 
NEW ghd Heat Protect Styling Range - I've been using ghd for as long as I can remember... My Mum was actually one of the first people to own a pair of ghds, back when they were only sold in salons in Leeds - the birth place of the brand. I would steal my Mum's before school and ever since, I've been in love. It's a never ending love affair and ghd just keep getting better. I quickly learnt that using a heat protectant is incredibly important and whilst there are many on the market, I've always loved and trusted ghd's range. For 2021, ghd are back with a new-look heat protect styling range and it certainly doesn't disappoint, it's definitely playing into my 'try-rebuild-and-strengthen-my-hair-as-much-as-possible-before-having-to-go-anywhere' plans. My favourites are the Bodyguard Heat Protect spray - already a best seller but with beautiful new branding, designed with heat engineers (so you can trust you're using the best of the best to protect your locks), it also feels lightweight and invisible on the hair, a few sprays and you are protected from heat - without weighing down or making your hair greasy. Then we've got the Rehab Advanced Split End Therapy leave in product. This actually has the ghd heat protection system within it, so it will protect your hair without the need for a spray too. I know some people feel more protected when they've popped a leave in treatment all over the hair, rather than a fine mist - it's whatever works for you. This product is a nourishing hair treatment but is activated by the heat of styling tools, it seals hair cuticles for up to 10 washes (yes, really) and basically protects and strengthens damaged hair fibres - it works in harmony with your heat tools too. I was so scared of using heat products for so long after having such damaged hair and knowing how much trialling and testing goes into these products means I can safely use my heat products, without frazzling my hair. Shop the new ghd Heat Protect Styling Range.

Elizabeth Arden Flawless Start Primer - I don't think I've ever had so many messages asking me to trial a primer as I did when I put this one on my Instagram stories... but Elizabeth Arden went ahead and launched a new one for 2021 and rightly so, everyone got excited. It's no secret I adore Elizabeth Arden, their skin products are top notch, some of the best in the world and I have used them for years and will continue to do so. It's always exciting when a skincare brand create make up too, particularly when it's a primer as you know it's going to be good. I see a primer as an extension of my skincare routine, the first step before applying make up and an important one too. I love the new Flawless Start primer because it brings in those amazing skincare benefits we love from Arden: hydration, but, couples perfectly with your foundation. I went for a facial *ages ago now* and was told to always wear a primer as it acts as a barrier between your skin and the make up, so I wear one religiously... the Flawless Start Primer is great if you're looking for something lightweight and hydrating, that sits beautifully under make up, it's a two-in-one formula designed to nourish and perfect your complexion... imagine a flawless canvas for make up as it leaves your skin so smooth but it leaves a lovely glow too if you'd prefer to wear it and go bare faced. It has hyaluronic acid within, meaning it's going to keep hydration locked into your skin all day long, but it feels lightweight too and absorbs quickly. Shop Elizabeth Arden Flawless Start Primer

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Lots of love, Em x

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.


This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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