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Friday, 5 February 2021

The Best Restaurant And Food Home Deliveries in London And Nationwide

Some Ad affiliate / Ad Pr - It's no secret I love eating out and if you follow me on Instagram, you'll know I've switched that up during lockdown to eating-out, but in my home. Food is my passion and I know so many people feel the same. I've been ordering from lovely companies and restaurants during my weekends to add a bit of spice to lockdown life... whether it's via delivery services or, restaurants own websites. I daren't add up the amount of orders I've placed since March, oops. 

Valentine's Day may be over now but this list still stands. I thought I'd pop together a list of some of the best lockdown food delivery services I've found, some are in London and many are nationwide too so I hope you'll find this useful if you're looking for the best lockdown food deliveries and where to order food from during lockdown. It means you can support lovely restaurants and businesses during the time when they have had to close and have some lovely food delivered too - also great if you're looking for a foodie gift idea ...boom! Here we go, the best lockdown food deliveries in London and nationwide. 

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Nonna Tonda Fresh Pasta Delivery - NOW NATIONWIDE! - Imagine dreamy fresh pasta delivery from a family run business... straight to your door but, it's super affordable. If pasta is your thing (or, you know someone who loves pasta and want to send them a gift) and you / your loved one lives in London, Brighton or Oxford: I have the perfect idea... fresh, yummy, restaurant quality pasta to your door, from a lovely local family company.  Nonna Tonda send you a fresh pasta delivery to your door and it's so affordable too (I get it for 4x people and get a delivery on a Tuesday, we can then eat it Tuesday night and Wednesday night) - some of the best fresh pasta I have ever tried. I also scrutinise the ingredients and everything is super fresh, they don't add loads of sugar etc plus you just pop it in a pan for 3-5 minutes and tadaaa... it means you can have a very special date night at home with exquisite tasting pasta OR, just send some over to your loved one as a gift (I always send pasta parcels to people I love, makes nutritious cooking easy and quick for them but special too!) You can get 50% off your first two boxes if you order through my link online here!

Norma London Sicilian Restaurant Feast Box - Nationwide

Norma London Sicilian Restaurant - Nationwide Delivery I trialled and tested Sicilian restaurant Norma London and was blown away by the quality. They are doing amazing feast boxes for delivery where you get a 4 course meal with wine too - such a great way to support a lovely restaurant but have that lovely, luxe restaurant feel at home... we had so much fun cooking it and it's more luxe than your average takeout! This menu has been thought out so brilliantly with the team, it feels like Michelin starred style food (albeit, bigger portions) in the comfort of your own home. It really is spectacular

One I've spotted a lot is Home By Nico - they do very special themed food deliveries - for example this week it's a taste of 'cooking Tuscany'. It comes beautifully set out, with easy instructions and menu cards too so it feels like a fancy date night (but also, wine is included, dream). The quality of the food is unbelievable too. I have seen so many people recommend them, contents vary but generally you get a lovely four course meal and it's coming from a highly acclaimed establishment. It's definitely worth going onto your favourite restaurants website and having a nosey. 

Chucs Italian DIY Pizza And Pasta - nationwide 

Chucs Italian DIY Pizza And Pasta - Nationwide Delivery - Okay I am really excited about this one... one of my favourite restaurants ever are doing DIY pizza and DIY pasta sets, so you can make their famous pasta and pizza at home! How fun?! Zoom date? Zoom event? Virtual evening with the girls? Date night in with your loved one? No doubt about it, this makes such a fun date night or Zoom date. Chucs are shipping DIY pizza and pasta making sets, INCLUDING wine for only £25! Absolute steal considering the quality and portion sizes, plus their cacio e pepe is the best in London. A very fun night in indeed! You can also get their usual menu via Deliveroo in London + charcuterie boards etc on their site for nationwide delivery. I am just desperate to see my favourite restaurants like Chucs back up and running again, so if we can help them by placing an order, it's a very good deed indeed. 

Gron Kafe - Leeds / Harrogate

Gron Kafe - Leeds / Harrogate collection / delivery - My favourite Yorkshire, healthier brunch spot, Gron are doing collection in Leeds and Harrogate... we're talking sourdough, pancakes, cinnamon cakes, French toast, brownies, coffee, matcha - you name it (check their social feeds for daily specials - I've spotted some gorgeous hot chocolates), perfect after your daily walk (or during). Usually they do brunch boxes for delivery / collection (I got my Mum one!) ... they have a breakfast in bed (vegan or non-vegan option for one or two people) with their take on croque Monsieur's, French toast and strawberries with dipping chocolate sauce (how I wish I was home for this!), they're also doing a box of vegan swirls in their most popular flavour, Biscoff and, Valentine's specials - strawberry and cream and jammy Bakewells... YUM. You can pre-order until midnight on Wednesday 10th Feb. I love supporting Gron, a lovely, Yorkshire owned team and small business so please do consider ordering from them if you're local to the area. 

Dishoom Naan Rolls Delivery - Nationwide or restaurant delivery via Deliveroo - I feel blessed to be in Dishoom's delivery area, just one of the best restaurants to exist and in order to support them, we've probably ordered a few too many times recently: birthday Dishoom to my door - check, New Years Dishoom to my door, check...  the best of the best. If you're not in their collection / delivery zone, it's good news all round as you can order some of their delicious branded tipples {perfect gift} AND their Naan breakfast rolls for delivery... I'm definitely going to send some as gifts to loved ones who love Dishoom and are missing it. Genius idea and a fun one too! 

Pizza Express DIY Pizza Kits - Nationwide - If you're missing Pizza Express, do not fear, they've launched their DIY pizza kits at home! We had so much fun the other weekend making our own pizza, rounding the dough off and of course, EATING IT. You can get Margherita or American hot. 

Deliveroo / UberEats - Nationwide - (this link should get us both £10 off across 4 orders on new accounts for Deliveroo / UberEats promo code: eats-w8rm4 for £10 free food and I get £10 free food too. For new accounts. ) Speaking of Deliveroo / Ubereats if you are lucky enough to have either in your area, definitely take a look at local restaurants on there... many restaurants have got themselves on the delivery hype since covid in order to still be able to trade and I feel like I definitely do my bit in supporting them as we get a takeout every weekend at least 2, often 3-4x... we'd be eating out at restaurants anyway as it's what we like to do but this gives us a great way to support our favourites. As mentioned, Matt and I miss Dishoom so much so we bought it on Deliveroo a few too many times! Treat yourself to a favourite, treat yourself to something really special and light some candles or get brunch! 

My favourite places to order from on Deliveroo / UberEats? When in London, If we're not ordering Dishoom (p.s, check your local Dishoom to see if they reach you... I spotted Manchester + Edinburgh on their list too) or  Cinquecento 500 Pizzeria - lovely, authentic pizzas (rumour has it, they have heart shaped pizza!!!), you'll find us ordering Acai Girls - the best healthy brunch and lunch you can order... I have been known to order from them 4x in one week before oops. If you're after healthy food, don't forget Poke The Bear for yummy, nutritious poke bowls - the perfect lunch. Like I say, we order takeout every weekend so have tried the best - we also recently tried Wahaca for Mexican delivery as I was craving tacos and find it so hard to find good Mexican food and it blew me away, big portions and very well packaged too, definitely hit that Mexican spot... we also had Chucs, as mentioned, one of my favourite restaurants in London for breakfast, brunch and dinner, their truffle pizza is a winner and their Cacio e Pepe is the best in London... don't forget to get their tiramisu too - so glad you can get their kits nationwide now! We also love ordering hot chocolate and fresh bread from Paul's - nothing like a French feast to start the day. 

Napoli Gang - London

When it comes to Italian food delivery, we are still yet to try the incredible Big Mamma Group restaurant group, famous for their cheese wheel pasta at the iconic Gloria restaurant... excitingly for Londoners though, they've launched Napoli Gang, their new delivery concept, with Neapolitan style pizzas and their famous burrata! They use the best produce from Italy, made in the purest tradition and work with small familial SMEs for their products... plus, many of their farmers use organic, biodynamic or natural farming so you really are eating the highest quality food. This is not your average Italian. 

When it comes to Thai in London, we always order from Rosa's Thai (also available in Leeds). For Lebanese, as we seem to order it at least 1x per week, we usually order from Maroush, who have restaurants around London or we also found Eat Beirut recently, a lovely new Lebanese restaurant. 

I even order my groceries via Deliveroo, blessed to have Morrisons on there! I'm planning on ordering chocolate strawberries and a cheese board on Valentine's morning for Matt.. but knowing him he will want some McDonald's hash browns in bed instead haha. 

In Leeds: My GO TO for delivery is Fuji Hiro, literally the best Japanese restaurant to exist. I've been going since I was a few days old, they are so authentic and I live on their yaki soba and tempura prawns. For Chinese we love ordering from G-WU, probably the best Chinese and well worth going to collect it.  For pizza we usually go and collect from Moji's in Wetherby... such good pizza... or for Italian San Carlo or Amici. Issho is my favourite 'fancier' Japanese in Leeds. Of course, in Harrogate you've got Gron and also Harrogate Brunch Club. If you're just missing an old favourite, Zizzi's, you can also get them delivered now too - I dream about their garlic bread. They're usually on offer too. 

P.S, speaking of Zizzi, my forever favourite (I am missing my family Sunday visits to our Yorkshire Zizzi's so much - we would go to Harrogate or Leeds Zizzi every Sunday without fail) depending on your area, they have a special Deliveroo Bundle for Two deal on! A 3 course menu for two, you get: Limited Edition Cheese & Truffle Honey Pasta Parcels, Garlic Bread with Mozzrella, Limited Edition Rustica Truffle Salami, Limited Edition Hot Smoked Salmon & Dill Tortelloni & a Limited Edition Chocolate Hazelnut Brownie Bomb. Including Pasta Crisps... you can add a bottle of House Prosecco or 4 bottles of Peroni Libera too! I usually spot them on 20% off Deliveroo too, the perfect excuse for a rustica pizza, garlic bread and a bottle of red.  

Hawksmoor At Home Steak Delivery - Nationwide 

Hawksmoor At Home Steak Delivery - Nationwide - One of our favourite spots for a Sunday roast is Hawksmoor Knightsbridge, lucky for non-Londoners, they've launched at home roast and at home steak sets... perfect for a special date night in - they're worth the money as their steak is such high quality. You can get alcoholic or non-alcoholic and a range of cuts / boxes. 

On the topic of steak... Gaucho are also doing nationwide delivery and Leeds based restaurant Black House (one of my favourites) are doing so too, check both out for steak boxes. 

Kurami - Nationwide 

Kurami  - Nationwide - If you love healthy food, this is for you. In celebration of Valentine's Day, Kurami are launched limited edition Valentine's Dishes to help you share the love with your loved one, Galantine or simply yourself! If you haven't heard of Kurami before, they offer wonderful, nutritional meals to your doorstep. They're on a mission to spread the love this month and their limited edition specials focus on nourishing yet flavour-filled dishes. I had their at-home breakfast recently and it was out of this world, I feel like my diet would be so good if I had their eating plan and ate from their nutritional plan 5x per week - that's the dream for me, nutritionally sound meals, ready to eat every day. They sell nutritionist-approved meals and their Valentine's specials include; the Kurami Vegan Burger - a crispy Vegan Patty with homemade slaw, sat in-between a Valentine’s Day special pink bun, and decadent (yet healthy) chocolate dipped strawberries. The meals come ready to heat and eat. Their mission is to improve gut-health and overall well-being and their inventive menus fuse ancient ingredients with ground-breaking superfoods, they harness the medicinal power of food and menus can be tailored to suit your individual lifestyle needs. Their pancakes are delicious! Now Valentines is over, check out what other dishes they're doing. 

Berry and Brie - London and surrounding areas 

Grazing Platters - Various areas - For something special, why not order a cheese or brunch platter for yourself or a loved one? This is my dream Valentine's (or any, morning surprise). I did this for Matt and I's 5 year anniversary from The Grazing House (Surrey) and it was so special, we were so impressed - we got the most amazing bread / oils / chutneys, cheese... you name it. If you'd rather not make one yourself and go DIY, support a small business by ordering from them, I'm sure you've seen me mention them a million times but here are my top recommendations for cheese platter / brunch platter delivery companies:  Berry and Brie (London) - The Grazing House (Surrey) and Wild And Brie (Gloucestershire) - think chutney, cheese, breads, crackers, fruit - basically the best gift ever. They do grazing spreads, grazing boxes, Valentine's specials and brunch boxes too. We bought a few grazing platters for a family trip to the Cotswolds from Jess at Wild and Brie and it was the best feast we've had in a long time... cannot wait to do it again. 

The Savvy Baker - Nationwide and Leeds collection 

Sweet Treats - Nationwide delivery - I'm a sucker for sweet treats, they make such lovely gifts and can be posted near or far to your loved ones, whether it's for Valentine's Day or to just say: I love you! Throughout the whole of lockdown I've been sending my friends and family personalised or yummy goodies from these companies: 

Creme CookiesNationwide - The gooiest, yummiest, New York style cookies you can get your hands on, without even having to go to New York *sob, I miss you NYC*. The good news? They're now available nationwide for delivery! When I first posted these to Instagram I got SO many messages asking about them and I'm so happy they're now available for everyone in the UK to enjoy. Order them and then when your recipient receives them, make sure they pop them straight in the oven to wake them up... thank me later... gooey heaven. I'm telling you: these are the closest you'll get to the famous CHIP or Levain Bakery cookies. The white chocolate miso is my favourite FYI... followed by milk chocolate but they also just launched new raspberry and chocolate ones for the month of Feb! GO GO. 

The Savvy Baker Brownies Nationwide, Leeds based collection too - One of the hardest working girls I know - this business deserves all the orders in the world. My lovely friend and fellow Yorkshire girl / small business, Savvy Baker does postal orders and also collection in Leeds too. Want to send someone brownies that will literally blow their mind? This company is for you. Think slutty brownies and blondies, interlaced with your favourite things like Oreos, Kinder Bueno and whatever delights she fancies. I ate 4 in one sitting and I could have definitely gone for 8. The best brownies to exist. Sav re-stocks her website on a Saturday and sells out within minutes... baking over 3000 brownies in a week... if that doesn't tell you how good these are then wow, you need to try them. For slutty addictive brownies, you need to order from The Savvy Baker. Eat 4 and tell me they're not the best you've ever tasted? 

Personalised Cookies via Etsy - Nationwide - When it comes to personalisation, I love anything personalised: whether it's saying 'well done', 'good luck', 'I miss you' or HAPPY GALENTINES to my girls, I have been buying personalised goodies from small businesses to send this love. I discovered lovely business Biscuit Bunny Bakes and I just love the idea of sending people a little letterbox, personalised biscuit pick me up... basically a biscuit card! I've been sending these over the last year and think it would make a lovely Valentines treat or just an 'I miss you'. You can send this little pick me up nationwide. 

Premium Biscuit Delivery - Nationwide - My boyfriend loves biscuits too and I found these 'you're the milk to my cookie' specially for Valentine's Day which are cute, or this 'jolly ginger in love' little cutie. These 'love is all you need' biscuits are lovely too or this 'you send me flying' . Not gonna lie, I really want this Valentines DIY biscuit set

Macarons - Bring Paris, to you. Matt and I have tested some of the best macarons around the world and yep, we always say Ladurée are number 1. This Valentine's Day  Ladurée chefs have shaped the classic passion fruit macaron into a love heart - I'm a sucker for that... they also have an exclusive “Be mine” macaron, in rose flavour too... plus lots of gift sets. You can get this on the 14th of Feb in store or pre-order online. If you bought unlimited yearly shipping at Selfridges you can also get a range of macarons on postal shipping hereP.S: Ladurée have just partnered with dreamy florist, Neill Strain Floral Couture, offering a special deal when purchasing a bouquet of flowers with a macaron gift box ahead of Valentine’s Day. Perfect if you're looking for flowers too. 

Doughnuts - Famous, sell-out doughnut shop Doughnut Time (aka, the best doughnuts you can eat) now deliver nationwide, music to my ears. I can confirm the Nutella, heart shaped special is erm, pretty special but the DIY kits are pretty fun too, or anything with Oreos on top.... did I mention they also do Percy Pig doughnuts? To be honest, you can't go wrong with a classic with funfetti on, I love those sprinklings. P.S They do vegan doughnuts too! 

Radio Lamington - Nationwide 

Daisy Green Australian Care Boxes - Nationwide - If you're wanting to send some joyous Aussie sunshine to a loved one, look no further than Daisy Green x Radio Lamington and their lovely Aussie care boxes... it quite frankly made my year receiving one of these. You get a box of their famous Lamington cakes, one of my favourite restaurants Daisy Green launched Radio Lamington delivery during lockdown and for every lamington bought, they donate to our wonderful frontline staff. Daisy Green have already donated 10's of thousands of lamingtons to frontline workers. What's a Lamington? Well, imagine a luxury, Victoria sponge, squidgy and moist, so good you could eat the whole cake to yourself, the most beautiful cake to exist originating from Australia but available from the very good bakers at Daisy Green. I know SO many people who have messaged and said they are Aussies in the UK and have ordered these for themselves and loved ones, these beautiful cakes are now available nationwide via  Radio Lamington or, you can go the whole hog and get their Aussie care box, including specially handpicked Aussie wines, Aussie sweets, lamingtons and more. I drool over how good these are.  

Mindful Drinks - Want to inspire some lovely drinks / cocktails with your food? Let me introduce you to mindful drinking platform, La Maison Wellness - dedicated to expanding the conversation around mindful drinking and conscious consumption with delicious recipes for delicious, adult drinks and guidance on sober(ish) life - definitely use these recipes for any at-home date nights. Camille Vidal is a globally recognised bartender turned mindful, meditation and yoga expert, on a mission to show people that tasty drinks don’t always have to be boozy. She was named one of Forbes Women leading the drinks industry and is a pioneer of the No and Low drinking movement - it makes sense then that a recipe from La Maison Wellness is perfect for any No or Low drinker... Whether it's kombucha, tonics, low spirits or spirits (I highly recommend the mermaid gin) she's your lady to check out for recipe inspo. 

Percy Pig - I don't know many people who don't love Percy Pig, in fact, I don't know anyone who doesn't love this little cutie. I spotted that M&S are doing Percy Pig deliveries, including a letterbox set  and a lovely flower set including Percys! 

Luxury Hampers - Nationwide  I just love sending hampers, it's no secret as I am forever thinking of someone to send one to! You could go local or go luxe, any excuse for a food hamper to be honest! If going local, check out bakeries / delis in your area and email to see if they'll pop a hamper together of charcuterie / cheese / bread - it's what I usually do! If I'm doing postal, I tend to send mine from Harrods,  Selfridges (I paid for unlimited yearly delivery and it's been a godsend for sending friends / loved one food or wine last minute!!! hello wine) or Harvey Nichols as they are so special and always have good ones. Here are some of my top picks: The Breakfast Club gift hamper is a goodie for under £50 too. I know my boyfriend would love the Man's Best Friend hamper. I LOVE wine so The Red and Prossecco hamper massively appeals to me. If you're specifically wanting a wicker hamper - great because they last forever and look great for storing items in the home too... double whammy, this Thank You hamper from Harrods for £50 or their Chocolate Lovers hamper. These are great if you want to send something incredibly luxurious but are stuck for time too. I also LOVE the idea of these personalised bottles of Moet. I'll take three please. 

Lots of love, Em x

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.


This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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