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Friday, 5 May 2017

Top Products For At Home Pampering - How To Save Money And Time With At Home Beauty

 Hey hey! Today I wanted to write a post about how to save money and time by pampering at home rather than going to the salon. For the first time in ages I've actually been at home with time to pamper. I tend to block out a few days a month to get all of my beauty treatments done in salons and it takes a little while plus it's costly. I'm an absolute salon addict, when it comes to nails you'll find me at my local Nails Inc every couple of weeks, blow dries - I pretty much spend my life at Sassoon and so on. For me, I love the salon experience but we don't always have the time which is why I'm always looking for beauty hacks and tricks. Today I want to show you how you can save time and money by having a pamper at home this Summer! This is really great for those busy ones amongst us! I love a blow dry more than the next person, but I read some research recently which says the average Brit spends £5,300 on salon hair removal alone in a lifetime, so I'm going to show you how to save money at home with this figure in my mind! 

Top products to pamper at home:
Panasonic IPL ES-WH90

The Best Hair Removal At Home - Panasonic IPL ES-WH90 - Let's start with hair removal at home. Panasonic Beauty recently commissioned research showing that we invest up to £9,000 in a lifetime on in salon hair removal. I only ever get my eye brows done in salon and always do hair removal at home, whether its with a razor or, from now on, I can't wait to try my new Panasonic IPL ES-WH90.  Cost per wear (Wear Wattage) means tools such as the Panasonic IPL ES-WH90 can save us at least ¼ of our annual salon expenditure, not forgetting it is all from the comfort of our own bathroom; or sofa! Panasonic UK products can save you 24% a year on hair removal costs which is pretty good if you look at it that way. I used to always think things like laser hair removal and epilators were expensive, but when you think, something like that is pretty much for life, it's much cheaper than going to a salon every month!

sassoon blow dry

Get The Best Blow Dry At Home - I'm a massive sucker for a blow dry and head to Sassoon sometimes once a week! I am trying to teach myself ways to blow dry my own hair, purely because when I'm abroad, the wonderful Sassoon team arent there to help me! I use a mixture of KMS, Redken and Keastaste religiously to protect my hair from heat, damage but also, to give it that bounce and hold too. For an at home treatment, if I'm not using Kiehl's, Nanogen or Kerastaste, you'll find me using Aveda. If you want to really feel like you're treating yourself to a pamper at home, whack a hair mask on, get in a steamy bath and leave it to really nourish your locks before you blow dry. Panasonic do Nanoe Hair Straighteners which are meant to be incredible too if it’s a straight style you’re after! Read about my hair journey here.

Get The Best Spray Tan At Home - I personally don't like going for spray tans as I hate the thought of getting my body out in front of a stranger, I recently filmed a video with all my top fake tanning tips so you can do it from the comfort of your own home. My top products for the best, flawless tan at home? Tan-Luxe, the most amazing tan I've used in a long time. It comes out clear so doesn't stain your bedsheets, just be careful on your hands as you cannot tell where it's applied. St Tropez Spray - This is so easy to apply and you're left with the most flawless colour. I then top my tan up for the rest of the week with either Vita Liberta or Palmers. Watch my top tanning tips video including all my favourite tans. More of my top tanning tips can be found here too. 

Get The Best Gel Nails At Home - Don't have time to sit and get your gels done? Lucky for us, Nails Inc, Essie, Sally Hansen, OPI all do amazing gel ranges at home. I find Sally Hansen's care range is incredible when it comes to oils. I also adore Essie and Nails Inc for their colour ranges. You can buy a gel kit called Red Carpet Manicure if you really do want to do proper long-lasting gels at home! 

Eye Lash Tint At Home - I've sworn by this eye lash tinting set for a long time. You can do your brows and your lashes from the comfort of your own home. The set costs around £5.00 and you get loads of uses out of it.

make up in mirror

False Lashes At Home - Similar to the above, you can also do your own eyelash extensions at home with a little bit of practice! 

Have A Pedicure At Home - For a make shift pedicure, fill something big enough full of hot, soapy water, or, use your bath, and then use Margaret Dabbs, definitely the most amazing pedicure range I've come across. You can then use their amazing products in your own home so you'll feel like you've visited their clinic! I visited their clinic and had the most amazing experience back in March and the fact that you can take all the amazing bits and bobs home makes it amazing.

Massage At Home - Liz Earle is one if the best massages I've ever had and for Christmas I got her massage set which is amazing. I also highly recommend using body oil by The Body Shop or Elemis for a really in spa feel. 

make up brush photo

Facial At Home - I’ve read about a lot of people who are obsessed with the Panasonic Enhancer, it uses micro-currents found in salons to provide ‘at-home facials’. It’s a 3-in-1 micro current enhancer which uses sonic vibrations, warm-to-cool technology and tiny charges to stimulate the movement of ions in the body, this basically helps to improve hydrations and cleanliness as well as lifts the skin to minimise wrinkles with daily use. For me, it’s the fact that it’s so cleansing. I do love anything that deeply cleanses my pores. 

Spa Treatment At Home - Light one of my favourite candles (Jo Malone or Diptyque), make sure the bath is hot and steamy, pamper with Laura Mercier, Molton Brown and then pop on a face mask too. I highly recommend Glam Glow and The Body Shop Charcoal as well as Origins when it comes to face masks. Afterwards, use the body oil and tada, I promise you'll feel like you've had a serious in salon treatment at home! Read about my top skincare products. 

Leave a comment and let me know what you do at home to keep the cost down with pampering! Do you dye your own brows? Do your own nails? Or have you mastered the perfect blow dry? 

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Lots of love, Em x

*I worked with Panasonic on this post but as always it's 100% my honest opinion.

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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