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Monday, 29 May 2017

Rest Is So Important. A Weekend Exploring Yorkshire With My Loved Ones, Ingrid Flute. North Yorkshire Moors.

Most of you will know by now that I love to travel and see the world, going abroad is incredible. Nothing beats new cultures, new adventures and new experiences and this year, I look forward to ticking more countries, cities and experiences off my list. However, so many people forget that we live in a wonderful place too, and actually, I'm yet to explore many places in the UK and Europe. It's funny really, I've visited the Maldives, I've explored Mexico but I'm yet to explore the UK. If you've been keeping up to date with my personal posts or watched any of my vlogs, you'll know that things have been pretty tough since November. Okay, who am I kidding, not pretty tough, incredibly tough and none of us (still) know what's around the corner. Strength and positivity are definitely important here, having those small victories for yourself and it's definitely put my life into perspective. Something, somewhere along the lines happened towards the end of last year, making someone I truly adore go from fit as a fiddle, whole life ahead of them, to incredibly ill and it changed all of our lives forever. I decided enough is enough and wanted to get out of the house (I'm really not over exaggerating when I say some of my family have been unable to leave a house properly for at least 6 months) and thought, if I can't send my family for some rest abroad, I may as well send them somewhere close by. Today I wanted to show you the most stunning property in Yorkshire. We left feeling as if a weight had been lifted and finally, for the first time in what seems like forever, I saw my whole family giggling away and not feeling so glum about the future. Positivity and love wins. Always. 
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I did a tweet a long time ago asking where's best to book a beautiful cottage in England and a few people directed me to Ingrid Flute's Yorkshire Holiday Cottages. I instantly fell in love with Churchbeck House, in Scalby, North Yorkshire and luck was on our side, we managed to find a weekend with availability. My Grandma turns 80 in June so as well as getting the rest of my family out, it was nice to surprise her with a little early birthday present. Often, getting the family together, or doing activities mean way more than gifts and I know this was more sentimental to anyone than any gift could have been. We had memories that will last forever. To be able to give my Mum (who's been working tirelessly to support us) a break and some fresh air with all her loved ones really made me happy. 

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We managed to beat the rain and made it to Scalby and Churchbeck house on a beautiful, sunny Saturday morning. Yorkshire gets a bad rep, I have no idea why. Only a few weeks ago I was told by someone in London just how much they hate going to Yorkshire. I split my time equally between Leeds and London, and both have their positives, both have their negatives. I have no idea why some people choose to pick on Yorkshire, as a bad place. The people are great, we have Yorkshire puddings and the coast, it's truly stunning. I had no idea North Yorkshire was so perfect, (you'll see it on clips at the end of this vlog), sweeping coastlines, beautiful cliffs and crashing waves. There's a reason people fell in love with Yorkshire during the Tour De France. 

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church beck house

scalby churchbeck house

Have you ever seen such a wonderful house? I'd told my family I'd booked a small cottage, so imagine their eyes when they saw Churchbeck house. A truly stunning house with so much history. I adore everything modern, even our house at home is all white with so many modern touches but there's something fabulously British about places like Churchbeck house, something so different and opulent. 

mini countryman

white mini countryman

white countryman mini all 4
We certainly arrived in style. I'm in the process of buying a new car from Stratstone, I got my last 2 cars from there and the service has always been amazing so we decided to go back. Sadly, due to issues at the Mini making factory, my car isn't ready yet (I've been waiting for what seems like forever!) and I was desperate to take my new car for a spin on the coastal roads on this trip. I raised my concerns and instead, the lovely team at Stratstone let me borrow the Mini Countryman for the weekend to make up for it. Part of me is sad as I had to hand it back and go back to my tiny Mini. I guess it's like giving candy to a baby and then taking it off them haha, I realised I never want to hand this incredible car back! I've never felt comfort, smoothness and luxury like it. The Mini Countryman really is a grown-up Mini, with so much technology, luxury and style. I decided to upgrade from the Mini One to a Mini Countryman 4x4 as I desperately need space and comfort. I've always wanted a Range Rover and I think my next car will have to be one, but Stratstone make everything hassle free so it made sense to get my new car from them. They are taking my old Mini from me and then shortly, I'll get my new one. I really can't wait as after giving this a ride to North Yorkshire, I realised just how epic it is.
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Churchbeck house sleeps 8 people, it really is full of space and light. The furniture is comfortable and definitely within keeping with the traditional style of the house. It was quite a nice change to be somewhere truly British for once. My whole family said it felt so comfortable and homely. We were left with fresh towels, fresh coffee and even local cake. 

I claimed my bedroom whilst everyone else claimed theirs. This yellow sofa bed was like a cloud to sit on, I've never been so comfortable. For once in my life, it was nice to take a weekend off (I am a total workaholic) and sit, watching the world go by. 

The rest of the family got cosy, eating home-baked scones (my Mumma is such a domestic goddess) in the beautiful, cosy lounge. 

The boys, we couldn't drag them away from the full-sized snooker table in the games room. The only thing this house was missing? A pool and a gym, maybe next time haha!

fresh home baked scones

scones jam and cream
After a lovely little chat with my nearest and dearest, far too many scones and too many giggles, the family headed out to explore the local area. My Mum wanted to stay somewhere with good places to explore nearby and Scalby is great for that. Scalby is a tiny little village with a pub and a local store, but the coastal roads nearby are incredible, leading to great little beachy towns (watch my vlog at the end to see where we ended up). 

jo malone candle

I popped a Jo Malone candle in the bathtub (my favourite) and relaxed before we headed out for a lovely, local dinner. I love supporting independent, local restaurants and we certainly did that this trip. We spent our days eating fish and chips, ice cream and obviously seeing the beautiful North Yorkshire moors. Make sure you watch my vlog below for more. 

All in all, we had the most amazing trip, it was a total surprise for my grandparents, a great bit of rest for my family and a home away from home for the weekend. We felt comfortable, happy and massively soaked up that fresh, sea breeze. Nothing beats it. Next time you're wanting to get away, or wanting to do something special for someone special, don't underestimate the power of somewhere close to home. 

Find out more about Church Beck House of Ingrid Flute’s Yorkshire Holiday Cottages. I know so many people asked about it on my Instagram! A huge thank you to the Ingrid Flute team for looking after us so well. 

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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