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Friday, 21 August 2015

Fast Beauty; Speed Up Your Beauty Routine - Top Speedy Beauty Products!

best speedy beauty productsWhen a parcel arrived at my door from Vaseline with a special package designed for 'fast/speedy beauty' I was pretty excited. As much as I love to spend long days by the pool, or in a spa or even in the bath pampering myself, we just don't always have the time to do that. Ask anyone, I'm always looking for shortcuts when it comes to getting ready. I'm the girl who would rather have 10 minutes extra in bed. Oops, I know but I prefer my sleep so usually my appearance has to suffer. Today I wanted to show you what was in my parcel and talk to you about some of my favourite 'speedy beauty' products because hey, who doesn't want an extra few minutes in bed?

tresemme dry shampoo

Dry Shampoo - Yes yes yes to dry shampoo. I kind of went off dry shampoo a year ago because you can't beat freshly washed hair but in the past month dry shampoo truly has saved my life. I just sometimes don't have the time to fit in a full on wash and blow dry so that's where dry shampoo comes in! I usually reach for the CoLab dry shampoo or Toni & Guy but it was lovely to get the chance to try this one by TRESemme for a change too. Dry Shampoo not only refreshes the hair but it also can make bad hair days look good, sometimes my hair just looks too shiny, even if it isn't greasy but dry shampoo solves that too! 
nars multiple orgasm

nars multiple in orgasm
 Beauty Sticks - I've done so many blog posts about how much I adore beauty sticks (and how much I love Nars as a brand haha). The Nars Multiple is your best friend when it comes to fast beauty because you can literally grab it and swipe it wherever you need a glow or a bronze (eyes, lips, cheeks!) and then you're good to go. No faffing around with brushes, just swipe and blend with the fingers. This is the ultimate handbag and travel companion! 
barry m quick dry
Fast Nails - My pet peeve is having to sit and wait for my nails to dry. I am not patient enough and always end up smudging them at the last hurdle! I was excited to try out Barry M's Quick Dry polish which actually does dry much quicker! 
The Do Everything Brush - This brush was in my parcel and whilst it isn't really for me (it pretty much does everything, partings, volume, up-dos) I just prefer thicker brushes. It made me realise that a decent brush really will help speed up your beauty routine, whether it's this one (I'd say this is more for thin hair) or, the brush I'm using at the moment is Eco-Tools Speed Drying Blow Dry Brush which actually does speed up blow dry time by 30%. I think a good brush is a very good companion when it comes to fast beauty.  If you're armed with a good brush then you're ready to take on the world really. For me, my top 'quick hair' tip (or this works for me anyway) is to brush my hair, then tie it up with a hair tie (I use these ones from LVNDR) then do my make up, and by the time I've taken my hair out of the bun on top of my head, I always have nice waves. A perfect, easy, fix and it's saved my bad hair days so many times. 

Bright Eyes! - This Scandal Eyes liner was included in my little parcel and I imagine it was included as a way to give you quick, bright, bushy eyes! I love the colour and it made me realise that adding a white liner or a light coloured liner to your beauty routine is a great way to cheat a wide awake look if you put it on the lash line. Hello to always looking like you've had 8 hours sleep - I know I'll be using this trick more often! 
vaseline spray moisturiser
Moisturising - Moisturising my body is my favourite thing to do as well as being the bane of my life at the same time. I know I should moisturise my body daily but I don't always have the time. I would love to have the time to moisturise my body twice a day actually but sometimes it's quicker to just jump out of the shower and not bother at all. I was excited to see not one but 3 of Vaseline's Spray Moisturisers inside my package. If you've been reading EmTalks for a while you'll probably remember me featuring these on a beauty wishlist a long time ago! I've always wanted to try them and finally got the chance to speed up my beauty routine with them this month. I have to say that the cocoa radiant one is my absolute favourite as it smells amazing and gives my legs such a nice natural glow without any tan. I was talking to my friend the other day though and she is an aloe lover though! I actually used the aloe one the other day because my tan is peeling and it did have a nice soothing effect. These are great for fast beauty because you literally spray and go and they sink in quickly so you don't feel stick either! I know you can get these in Boots and most supermarkets.

Other Top Speedy Beauty Products;

- St Tropez In Shower Fake Tan - I recently wrote a full review of St Tropez new In Shower tan so make sure you read that here first! You basically put this on your skin for 3 minutes before popping in the shower and I guarantee you'll feel smooth and glowy as soon as you walk out of that shower. Easy and quick.

- Benefit Gimme Brow - This is one of my favourite products ever and it really does speed up your beauty routine! You literally swipe your brows on and you're ready for the day ahead! Available online here.

So there we have it, thanks so much for my speedy beauty parcel Vaseline and thanks for giving me a few more beauty shortcuts. I'd love to know what products you use to speed up your beauty routine and if you've used any of these?

*This was sponsored by Vaseline but as always it's 100% my honest opinion. 

Lots of love, Em x

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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