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Friday, 28 August 2015

A Secret, Movement Activated Ella Eyre Gig With Sure

I was invited to London by Sure to a pretty special gig to watch the amazing Ella Eyre perform last week. I absolutely adore Ella Eyre so couldn't turn this down. I've never been to an intimate gig before, I've only ever watched people perform to huge crowds so I was really excited for this. I bought my friend a train ticket and surprised her with it as I know she loves Ella too. Let's just say, this wasn't just any gig though, it was movement activated and the first in the world... let's talk...

We wandered around London for a little bit and I wore my favourite dress from Topshop - online here (currently in the sale for just £18!!!) and you may remember it from when I went and did personal shopping at Topshop. I paired it with some little boots, my Burberry bag, my trusty Ray-bans and my leather jacket.

Dress / Leather Jacket / Boots - Super old! 

We stopped off at the Ham Yard for afternoon tea 

Then it was finally time to head over to the event at the Century Club, a small hidden door on a busy street

The room was filled with Sure deodorant to keep everyone from sweating, as well as fitbits. The gig was motion powered, e.g., we would wear fitbits and Ella would track how fast we were moving and then change the beat of the song to our movements. Pretty cool huh? The idea behind the event was that this Summer, you need a deodorant that gives you protection to keep you moving - deodorants shouldn't be a taboo as everyone wears them every day and I personally have always used Sure. This event showed off Sure's new (and the worlds first) deodorant that is activated directly by movement!!!

We were armed with our Sure wrist bands

and even the cocktails were named after Ella

The venue was lit so romantically, it was small, cosy but the atmosphere was amazing. 

Ella came on and was even better than I imagined

Our bands lit up as we moved 

and the whole atmoshere was just electric. 

Thanks so much to Sure for inviting me to this amazing gig and massive thanks to my lovely friend Gabi for coming with me! I can't explain how amazing Ella was and it was so cool to be wearing fitbits, I apparently burnt over 1000 calories that evening (not sure how reliable the fitbit was) but it just goes to show that dancing the night away at a high tempo surely does you some good?! 

Do you like Ella Eyre? Have you ever been to an intimate gig before?

Lots of love, Em x

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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