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Wednesday, 12 August 2015

ghd Curve Curling Wand Review!

I have been a proud ghd lover since ghd began. I'll never forget the day my Mum came home with a fresh pair of ghds and told me they were the next big thing. I told everyone at school about them. Back in the day, ghds used to be sold in local salons, my Mum was lucky enough to pick up one of the first pairs. She would sometimes let me use her ghds on special occasions but little did she know, I'd also use them when she was out. Sneaky. Let's just say, ghd has always been one of my favourite brands (in fact, one of the only straightening brands I use) and today I am really excited to be reviewing the all new ghd Curve. 
ghd curve review
ghd curve

The ghd curve is as sleek and simple as all ghds. I've trialled most ghds (the thin, the fat, the chunky) but never their curling range (this shocks me as I LOVE curly hair). I am a sucker for curly hair, even though I have naturally curly hair, when I had extensions I would curl them but, with my ghd straighteners rather than a wand. I then moved onto my Lee Stafford tongs and became hooked. I am a complete geek when it comes to hair curling, I've used so many tongs and wands but for some reason, never the ghd curly range. I stopped using heat for a long long time when trying to get my hair back into good condition and actually only really started using heat again on my hair this year. Back in the day, I taught myself how to get curls with normal ghds. Gone are the days that you have to teach yourself the art of curling with square straighteners though because the new ghd curve makes curling easy AND it's healthier for your hair (perfect for those of us who are trying to make our hair grow yes yes yes!!!). 

The curler comes with a gorgeous little handy booklet filled with simple tips and tricks.

ghd curling wand

The curler itself is simple, it is literally just a wand and you simply wrap the hair around it. That's it. I'd say it gets better with time and practice, it's a little bit slippy (I don't know why because it isn't a slippy surface I think it just needs to be used a little first to get it's grip/you need to get used to it not clipping to a tong at the top if you're not used to just plain wands). After using it a few times you'll get the hang of it (by the third curl I felt like a pro) - particularly if you're someone who likes using hair wands. I take a section of hair, wrap it around the barrel and I find with this wand you need to hold it quite tightly for about 5 seconds to get a nice tight curl - I always then run through the curls with my fingers to loosen them up and give more of a beachy effect (totally depends what look you're going for though). I always spray my hair with hair spray first too before curling, just to give each curl that extra hold and then obviously spray again afterwards.
ghd curling wand review
how to use a curling wand

 So why is the ghd Curve so special? It has a round to oval barrel which is designed to create a wide range of curls and waves (that's why I love curling wands, you can make the curls as big, as small or as tight as you wish! Totally depends what you fancy). It has a 'cool tip' to make the curling more comfortable, I do think it feels very comfortable whilst curling my hair with these, I didn't burn my fingers etc (although they do heat up so quickly so don't touch the barrel when it's on!!!). They have sleep mode which makes me happy as it means they turn themselves off after 30 minutes unattended, gone are the days of worrying that your house is burning down! They also have a safety stand so no burnt carpets. 

I found the curlers incredibly easy to use, after 15 minutes I had a full head of lose waves exactly the way I like them - natural. I woke up the next morning and my curls were still intact, in fact, I think they looked better the next morning as I had a bit of a bed head look going on with them too. I can't wait to play around more with my wand and make my curls even bigger and bouncier for a night out next time! I am such a lover of curling wands and really do feel like I've trialled most of them so I was so so excited to finally trial some ghd ones! You can buy them online here and I would highly recommend them. You can check out more ghd hair styles here

hair with ghd curling wand

Do you like curling wands? Have you heard of the ghd curve? Do you like ghds? Do you like curling your hair?

*These were sent to me to review by ghd but as always it's 100% my honest opinion!

Lots of love, Em x

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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