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Thursday 27 August 2015

Girls In Ibiza! A Trip To Ibiza - Part 1!

When the opportunity arose for me to hop on a last-minute plane to Ibiza recently, I grabbed my passport, panic-shopped and then headed straight to the airport. I was invited by the lovely and talented Teresa Tarmey, an a-list skincare expert along with a group of some of my favourite blogger ladies. Let's see what we got up to on part 1 of my trip! 

After running around and checking our beautiful home for the next few days, I slipped into my favourite yellow swim-suit. It's actually a bodysuit but it works fine as a swimming costume (online here).

A swim-suit change later and I was watching the sea in the distance in my favourite ASOS plunge swim-suit. You may remember this one from my Instagram - I never take it off, it's so easy to wear, comfortable and it comes in so many colours. You can get it online here and here.

I did all of my work before I went to Ibiza so that I could actually have chill time. I took some new LVNDR pieces out with me - I fell in love with this slip dress which is in the sale now actually for just £10.99!

This view was just unbeatable.

Top - Ashanti Brazil and similar here / Swimsuit - here
This view was pretty epic too. I sat and watched the peace and quiet in front of me.

We ate at some incredible restaurants.

This gave me the opportunity to give my favourite lace and mesh dress another outing - I think this is honestly my favourite dress ever.

Dress online here and the sleeveless version here / Shoes online here /

uk bloggers
Now for the girls, I got to spend my week with VictoriaTeresa, Tamara, Sammi, Suzie and CarlyEasily the loveliest, most humble, genuine group of girls I've had the pleasure of spending time with. 


It was lovely to see the quaint, beautiful side of Ibiza.

I took in the sea breeze in my favourite plunge front maxi dress

We giggled, chatted and compared stories

all whilst drinking some beautiful cocktails.

I'm personally a mojito lover.

But if you read my blog, you'll already know that!

Victoria obviously said something hilarious at this point.

We watched the sunset

and I fell in love with Ibiza pretty much instantly.

I think my favourite outfit of the trip is this one, a mesh body with this comfortable yet gorgeous skirt! 

We were woken up on mornings with yoga classes in our villa with the loveliest instructor 

and then I caught more rays in my Motel swimsuit

My pool side essentials were made up of Oreos and Kiehl's Ultra Light Daily UV Defence in factor 50 after burning my face, oops. Teresa recommended it as her top SPF for the face (it's so creamy and nice) and also gave us all Clarisonics to use to thoroughly cleanse.

I don't think I'll get over this gorgeous view for a long time 

Dress - Online here

We went to explore the streets of Ibiza old town and they actually reminded me of Barcelona a little bit 

The old buildings screamed Barcelona and for a second I thought I was back there 

We ate like queens on the trip too that's for sure. I have a few more Ibiza posts coming up for you don't worry and then it's Barcelona time eek! Spain can't get rid of me this Summer! Thank you Teresa and the girls for the loveliest trip! 

Have you ever visited Ibiza? Do you like the sound of this trip? Are you going away before the end of Summer? If you are interested in going away but haven't got anything booked you can enter this competition here with Leisure Jobs to win a weekend trip to Paris and a luxury meal! Thank me later!*

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Lots of love, Em x

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