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Monday, 6 July 2015

St Tropez In Shower Tan Review; Staying At Shoreditch House In London with St Tropez

St Tropez Shower and Glow revie
Hello hello! So as you may know if you follow me on Twitter and Instagram (come say hello if you don't already! @emshelx yay!!!) I recently stayed over at the incredible Shoreditch House in London thanks to the lovely people at St Tropez (seriously a heavenly hangout!). They hosted the loveliest blogger evening at the most incredible hotel/private members club and I cannot wait to tell you about it. I landed in London straight from my trip to Mallorca  and headed straight to Shoreditch house... I can't wait for you to see what we got up to (and give you my verdict on St Tropez new In Shower Tan eek!!!)
Shoreditch House in London

Shoreditch House is a private members club in London and they have them all over the world (owned by Soho House) - they're quirky, usually hidden away and truly beautiful. I would absolutely love to stay in one again and actually, I would 100% become a member here if I lived in London. You know when a place is just so relaxing but it's modern, comfortable and just lovely? My kind of hotel.
shoreditch house london hotelI checked into my room and was told by St Tropez to just relax, blog, chill out, explore - do whatever really until we would meet for drinks at 7pm. New St Tropez products were dotted around the stunning little room I was staying in (it kind of reminded me of a cute beach hut) and I decided to smell, test and play with them all of course.

shoreditch house london
In true me style, I put a fluffy dressing gown on (the dressing gowns are seriously amazing in Shoreditch House - you could pay to take them home but I couldn't face spending over £100 on a dressing gown - maybe next time) and made myself a cup of peppermint tea - I may have eaten a fair few biscuits too but shhhh.

I had a read through all the little information sheets about the new In Shower Tan. I actually came up with an idea years ago to design an in shower tan so I am very happy to say a decent company (one of the best in the tanning business has done it haha! If only I pitched my idea to them!). I had heard about this new in shower tan quite some time ago and even though I've had a natural tan for probably the past year (I haven't really been in the UK much - oops) (you can catch up with all my recent travels here if you've missed them) I am always open to learning about new fake tans as I see myself as a little bit of a tan obsessive. I feel like I know a lot about fake tan, even though I haven't worn it for over a year, back in the day I have probably tried every single fake tan on the market. Seriously. When my natural tan does fade though, I swear by gradual moisturising tans to keep my colour but also, keep my limbs moisturised so this is perfect for me. I am all for things that are kind to my skin, moisturising and anything that's going to give me a glow and make my body look and feel great really. 
St Tropez In Shower Tan
St Tropez In Shower Gradual Tan

We sat down in the most stunning rooftop area (they don't allow photos in Shoreditch House unfortunately - which is a huge shame as I had the most amazing cocktails, pizza and everything was just stunning - oh and there was a rooftop pool which was oh-so Instagrammable!!!). A lovely tanning expert called Jules Heptonstall (probably the nicest guy ever! - absolute babe) told us basically everything we need to know about this genius new invention by St Tropez whilst we sipped away and listened intently. St Tropez new In Shower Tan is designed to be moisturising and it's designed to give you a nice, natural glow. Count me in. I personally would use a normal fake tan first if you like a really deep colour and then use this in the shower to give you a prolonged glow (more on that at the bottom of this post when I reveal my verdict).

kate moss colouring book

As most of you will know, Kate Moss is a big lover of St Tropez so it was a lovely surprise to have a Kate Moss colouring book in my room haha!

Shoreditch house london

After the most delicious dinner ever (I am seriously so sad that I can't show you a photo of my food) it was time to have a lovely pamper evening in my room with the help of Charles Worthington, Sanctuary Spa and of course (you may remember from my Get Summer Ready post that Sanctuary Spa are one of my fave brands for all things body!), St Tropez. As I'd just got back from Mallorca I had quite a vibrant tan,  instead, I just exfoliated with St Tropez Body Polish (which is so good for making the skin bright and glowy by itself anyway). I've now been back from Mallorca for quite some time so finally got the chance to give this a try at the weekend... eek!

St Tropez gradual tan in shower review

The Verdict?/How To Use In Shower Tan;

Quickly wash yourself then jump out of the shower and dry, cover your body in this and then time it for 3 minutes (I brush my teeth, wash my face etc in these three minutes - it actually passes surprisingly quick) then jump back in the shower and wash off with just water. You don't even need to moisturise because you'll feel so smooth - also give the tan time to develop so I wouldn't recommend moisturising after you've washed it off. I did this in the evening, just before bed, I woke up the next morning and my skin was glowing - I would't say it was super brown but more of a light olive colour, barely noticeable after just one use but my skin did look much brighter, smoother and it really was glowing, rather than looking orange and fake tanned. I continued to do this actually for the next 2 days purely because I really do like to have a deep colour and it did intensify a little over the next few days. It didn't intensify to a crazy level but because I already have a natural tan underneath (thanks British sun mixed with Mallorca!) it has enhanced it. I'd say the key with this is that it is a gradual tan, don't expect to wake up looking like you've been in the Bahamas for a month. It's certainly perfect as a tan maintainer, tan enhancer and actually a really really good moisturiser too - my skin has never looked so glowy and happy, even if I do say so myself! I just think it gives your skin such a gorgeous, natural glow, it isn't orange or anything whatsoever, it's just more of a light, gorgeous glow. If you are someone who likes to be very very dark, opt for a fake tan and then use this a few times a week to keep it glowing or to just make your skin look flawless! My main fake tanning tip anyway is to follow it up with a gradual tan to keep it glowing so this is perfect for that. One final thing, if you are a busy person, this is perfect because you can literally just get your tan done whilst in the shower. Easy and no mess at all either! 

Whilst we're on the subject of tans, I am hooked to face tans at the moment because I feel SO much more confident with a face tan and my face tan seems to disappear as soon as I step off the plane. I'm loving this one by St Tropez at the moment in Medium/Dark (I'm going to do a best fake tan round up posts very very soon so keep an eye out!!!) I have my eyes on this insane looking facial tanning oil at the moment though too so if any of you have used it do let me know! I need it in my life.

St Tropez In Shower Gradual Tan is currently available exclusively at Boots. 
You can shop some of my faves/my St Tropez wishlist below though;

Have you heard of St Tropez In Shower Tan? Do you like the idea of it? Are you more of a gradual tan kind of girl or a deep tan kind of girl? Do you also feel so much more confident with a tan and a glow? Have you heard of Shoreditch/Soho House or ever stayed at one of them?

Lots of love, Em x

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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