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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Write A Letter!

When I was invited to write about 'writing', I could hardly say no. It sounds like a funny topic but actually, it's a pretty good one. I enjoy writing personal blog posts so I really wanted to get my teeth into this one. See, we're already talking about my love for writing. Many ways of communing are now digital, emails, Whatsapp, texting, social media and there's nothing wrong with this, it's great to see how the world is evolving but, I don't think you can beat putting pen to paper. I personally love receiving hand written notes, letters, postcards, you name it - it feels personal and nice. I'm that girl who will forever read novels rather than get a Kindle. I like tradition. It's crazy how quickly the digital world took over but I think with Valentine's day coming up, it's nice to think about the little things that matter. Today I'm going to talk about how nice a hand written note can be, rather than an expensive gift... let's get personal! 

I was asked to share my handwritten love letter and I decided to show you a letter I wrote for the best person in my life, my Mum. I haven't properly written for years (technology ey) so my handwriting is awful. My Mum is my rock, my hero and my best friend. Without going into detail, she is the bravest, strongest and most inspirational woman in the world and I do not tell her enough. I actually buy my Mum lovely little cards on trips sometimes and write cute little notes on the back - I sometimes think that's so much more meaningful than an expensive gift. 

So many of my favourite quotes come from famous writers. It's funny because I have always adored writing, I always adored English classes at school - I guess I have just evolved with the times and I write on an online blog now, rather than in a journal. It's the way the world kind of works now I guess.

I am such a big believer in 'it's the little things that count'. It's nice to stop and think about what will make someones day, it's quite true that 'money doesn't buy happiness' but free gestures can help brighten someones day. As most of you know, I did a lot of travelling at the end of last year and I made it my mission to buy my Grandparents a post card from each location and post them it - I think it's so much more personal and a great way to store memories. My Grandma said we should make it into a scrapbook of memories and I love the idea of storing memories like that for life. You can't beat looking through old letters, photobooks and more.

I love buying myself pretty new notebooks and organisers so I can make nice notes (Smythson's leather diaries are actually lovely for this) , as I've got older, my notes tend to be blog post ideas or boring lists. I actually had a diary for the whole of my teenage life which I used to squiggle embarrassing things in but it made me feel happy to get it all down on paper and splurge my emotions out, grabbing the pen in anger some days or gently writing on happy days - it's like I had a friend within my notebook, someone I could tell everything to and once I'd written down that page I felt like it was all okay. I remember my notebook to this day and I actually still have it. My notebook is hidden in my memories box which contains cards, cinema tickets and more from over the years - again, an example of it being the little things which count.

Before you go and spend hundreds this Valentines day, remember, sometimes, it's the little things that count and a random love note (not even just for another half, maybe just a letter to a friend) might just make someone's day. Go on, write a letter for someone! I dare you! 

How do you feel about writing letters? How do you feel about this the little things being the most important? 

Thanks to Smythson for asking me to write this blog post - as always this post is 100% my honest opinion. You can check out their diaries here

Lots of love, Em x

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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